Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A musical Twist.

♫♫♫ Oh what a beautiful Morning ♫♫♫
♫♫♫ Oh what a beautiful day ♫♫♫
♫♫♫ I have a wonderful feeling ♫♫♫
♫♫♫ Everything,s going my way ♫♫♫

I woke at 6.30 am this morning and thought " I think today is going to be a good day" There was no Carer today as I had to cancel her today as the Sky TV engineer phoned last night to say he would be round  just after 8.00 am to install the sky TV Dish and Box today, "Yipeeeeeeee"

Ah' Breakfast "Doh"
Anyway need to get up and have a coffee and then get some breakfast so that I have everything done and sorted by 8.00. so get the coffee made and some Toast and Marmalade for Breakfast and into the lounge by 8.45.

As I get ready to wait for the Sky Chap I decide to test the Phone line to see if that and the Broadband are activated yet, I switch on the Router and " YES " lo and behold the broadband service is activated as is the telephone so result, will not be offline today. So a quick check of Facebook and e-mails and at 8.20 the sky engineer arrives. It takes him just on the hour to install and set up the satellite  dish and install the box and set it up so away we go, " Hello Sky, Good bye Virgin Media "

Well that went off without a hitch, and it is only 9.30, so a nice cup off coffee and then to try and make sense of the new remote control and also how to set up the Sky + box to record programs, well that should keep me busy for a hour just looking to see what channels I have. I only have a basic package but certainly more choice than I had with Virgin Media.

Virgin Media Cancellation.
Well now to make a few Phone calls, the first is to Virgin Media to cancel the contract with them, I have been with them so long it seems strange to be changing but It had to be done as I was not prepared to be spoken to the way that there employee spoke to me the other day, The lady I spoke to on the phone was very pleasant and tried to persuade me to change my mind ( with no success) so the contract ends at the end of march after the 30 day notice period, and as we pay in Advance there is no more Payments to be made. in fact I get a small refund so a good result.

Lots of Phone Calls to make.
Next is to phone the Neurologist department at Southampton Hospital and let them Know my change of Phone Number also Adult Social care, The Care Agency, Doctors, and also text family and friends and let them know my new Phone number. once that is done I can now settle down to some chicken soup for lunch as it is now 12.30 and I had breakfast early today so feeling peckish.

Well had lunch so now to settle down with the Daily Journal. as I expected this Morning it has been a good day today, every thing is up and running ok, I have a better selection of TV Channels, Broadband speed seems OK and the phone is working great, so there we go. 
Weather-wise it is quite mild again today although it is still cloudy but brighter than yesterday. The weather today is 10.8⁰c (51.4⁰F) here in Portsmouth today. and you can see from the Photo from the live webcam at Langstone Harbour Marina that there is still some heavy cloud around. This was taken at 2.30 today.

Langstone Harbour Marina 29-02-12

Back to Bed for an hour or two.
So there we are then, I am posting the Journal earlier today as I was up early and now need to go for a lie down for an hour or so, that is the problem with getting up to early and also trying to do to much, it soon takes it out of you, anyway it has been a good day and my son will be phoning at 4.30 so will need to be awake for that so until tomorrow I will say Tatty bye.

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