Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It Is the three W,s Today

Wednesday,s Weather. "Rain"
Good morning one and all as the title says it is the three W,s Today, Wet, Windy and Wednesday, woke this morning after a decent nights sleep to a very wet and windy morning, hopefully the weather will improve throughout the day but apparently is is going to get very wet and windy again overnight and some heavy rain for tomorrow, so will not be going out today if i can help it.

Strike rally Guildhall Square
So As is usual I go and get a coffee made and then go back to bed to watch the news on BBC1 it is no surprise that the news today is all about the Public Sector strikes in the United Kingdom. there is a rally going on in Portsmouth as there is in all parts of the UK today, whether the strike will achieve anything is another matter.

However I have my coffee and at 7.45 make my way into the lounge and text Pauline to let her know all is OK here, hopefully she will miss the rain showers when she takes Misty out for her morning walk. At 8.15 Amanda arrives looking very wet and bedraggled as she travels by Bicycle, and got caught in a sharp shower. anyway she is still in a happy mood and soon has me washed and groomed ready to face the day ahead, as it is a bit of a damp and cold day I decide to have some porridge for breakfast so get that and put the heating on for an hour to take the chill out of the air.

The Rain is clearing.
So the weather is starting to clear a bit now and the rain seems to have subsided but it is still a bit chilly anyway decide that I will not go round to the Tesco Express today as I have enough supplies indoors and hopefully tomorrow I will be going down to town with Pauline so I can get anything I need so decide that I will go on the laptop and see who is on facebook and then work on a little bit of family history,

Cousin Michael
As I am working on the computer the phone rings and it is my Cousin Michael, He has phoned to say that he will be coming in to see me today and he will be here about 1.00 pm, That will be excellent as I have not seen Michael since he visited me in Hospital at Southampton so it will be excellent to see him.
Michael arrive just after 1.00 pm and I make a coffee and we have a good old natter and the time passes very quickly, anyway before we know it, it is time for Michael to make a move, hopefully it wont be so long before I see him again, so now it is time to get some lunch so I decide to have some smoked Haddock with butter and that goes down a treat and so now to settle down with the laptop and the TV for a couple of hours and get todays edition of the Daily Journal written.

Well the time is now 4.30 so I need to get this page posted to my journal and then get a coffee made before the quiz show Pointless starts on BBC1 at 5.15, that finishes at 6.00 and then it will be time to get dinner started before settling down for the evening in front of the TV.  there are the soaps to watch at 7.00 and then Foyle's war on at 9.00 on ITV 3 so that will take me up to 11.00 and bedtime

It has been a brilliant day today, apart from the weather and the highlight of the day was seeing my Cousin Michael, so until tomorrow it is time to say Tatty Bye.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A visit to transylvania.

BBC 1 Breakfast Presenters
Well here we are again and another Tuesday dawns bright and early as well as wet and windy {thats the weather not me} had a decent nights sleep last night and slept through from 11.00 pm until 6.45 am, although I did wake at about 3.30 but went back off to sleep quite quickly. So Up and make a coffee and take it back to bed and watch the TV news until 7.45 when I go into the lounge to await Amanda the carer.

Rain along the south coast.
The Weather forecast for today is not so good, it looks like we have some heavy rain and gale force winds hitting the South Coast of the UK this afternoon, hopefully the weather will behave this morning as today is shopping day at Asda,

Amanda , Full of beans.
However it is now 8.15 and Amanda has arrived, she is her normal cheery self and is looking forward to her days off on Thursday and Friday this week, That means I will have new carers those two days and hopefully they will actually get here this time as last time Amanda was on her days of no one turned up. Anyway Amanda washes and grooms me and I am ready for the day ahead.

Castle Dracula
AKA Eastney health centre.
I text Pauline to let her know that all is done and dusted and at 9.00 am Pauline rings back to say she has booked a Taxi for 10.00 o-clock to come round and collect me as I have to go and see Debbie today to give blood for my regular blood test,s, Last time I had a low red blood cell count and after this weekend my GP has ordered a full blood test including checking my ck levels.

At 10.10 Pauline arrives with the Taxi and off we go up to the Eastney Health Centre AKA Castle Dracula, I always say that we are taking a trip to Transylvania when I go for my blood test as I am sure Debbie is related to the Vampires.

I present myself to reception to collect my number and the receptionist says that My GP wants to do a follow up with me on Monday after my not feeling well over the weekend, just to check that all is OK. It is nice to think that I have this level of medical care.I get my Number and I am number 15, so there are two people in front of me, so it is not to long to wait before it is my turn to go in and see Debbie and give my blood, Debbie says that the results should be back with the Doctor on Thursday so that is OK as they will phone if there is any problem and I am seeing the Doctor on Monday.

On the way home.
 So all is done and we make our way outside and phone for a Taxi to take us home to collect the wheel chair and then off down to Asda to do the shopping. We arrive at Asda and Pauline has to go to the pet shop to get a couple of items for Misty and then we go for a coffee before heading into Asda to get the weekly shop, It is not so busy today so we make good progress around and get all that we want, pay for it and go outside to phone the Taxi to take us home,

Haddock Mornay Meal.
I do not know where the time goes these days it is now 1.00 pm so make a coffee and put away the shopping and then it is 1.30 and time for Pauline to head back home and for me to get some lunch and then settle down with the Laptop and the TV for what is left of the afternoon, Just have some Scotch Broth and a Crisp bread as I will be having an early dinner as I will be round to see leanne and her dad tonight. so I got myself a nice Asda  Haddock Mornay ready meal for tonight that will be quick and easy to do. so now all I need to do is get todays edition of the Daily Journal posted and then relax until 6.00 when I will get dinner ready, so until tomorrow I will say Good Bye.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Its another Monday.

A good nights sleep.
And so here we are again, after such a good afternoon with friends and family out at lunch yesterday and an evening at home, I get up this morning and do not feel 100%.  feel very tired and achey again, so will have to rest again today and make sure I make this week a more leisurely week and let myself recover from the last few days, so much has happened in such a short space of time that I need to just let my body and muscles settle down. But saying that I did have a decent nights sleep last night, went to bed about 11.00 and slept through until 6.30 and only woke once about 3.30. so not to bad.

A Happy Home Carer.
Anyway after waking at about 6.30 I go and get my coffee made and then get back into bed to watch the news on TV until 7.45 when I get up and make my way to the living room to wait for Amanda the carer to arrive. Amanda arrives at about 8.15 and we have a chat and then she gets me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead.

Phone Pauline and let her know that all is OK here and decide to go and get some Porridge for breakfast and then think I will go back to bed as I still feel under the weather, Hope I have not picked up an infection or something anyway Jump into bed and doze off for an hour. ( 50 minutes actually) however when I wake I feel 100% better and feel on top of the world so Rest is going to be the order of the day as I have to go and give blood for my monthly blood test tomorrow, so that will be OK hopefully it will be Debbi taking the blood as she is very good and always finds it first time.

Tonight,s Dinner
So now to take a slow gentle stroll round to Tesco Express as I fancy a spinach  cannelloni for dinner tonight, I am getting used to not having to puree everything I eat and the Cannelloni is moist enough to eat especially if I add extra cheese sauce.

Well i get the cannelloni so that is OK, did not buy anything else as hopefully we will be going down to do the weekly shop at Asda tomorrow with pauline after I have given blood.

It is now 1.00 pm and time to get some lunch I am having chicken soup with a couple of crisp breads today, but feeling hungry so having a whole tin of chicken soup, and then to take the afternoon tablets,

Enjoyed lunch so now to watch doctors on TV followed by Only fools and horses and then get this edition of the daily Journal up and posted. Tonight will be spent in front of the TV with my feet up I think as I need to rest and get ready for tomorrow.

Well so far so good today, still feel as if I have no energy but what can you do, these kind of days come and go with this disease so just have to go with the flow and rest on days like these and make the most of the good days,  and yesterday was a very good day,so until tomorrow I will say Adios.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lunch down the pub.

Another Good nights sleep.

Well after the trals and tribulations of the last couple of days, things seem to be settling down, Had a bit of a scare yesterday evening as I took a fall in the front room, didn't do any damage but called emergency services to be on the safe side, also Pauline and Gordon came round as did Gervase, the outcome was that no damage done and I just took a trip, anyway as a precaution Gervase stayed the night with me and went home this morning so all back on course again, Had a decent nights sleep so that was OK and woke really feeling fine this morning so Lunch down the Goose in Albert road is all systems go.

Claire the new carer.

Well I get a coffee and go into the lounge and Gervase makes his way home at about 8.30 so I settle in front of the TV with the laptop and see who is around on Facebook, and also catch up with the latest News on BBC. Decide to get some Wheatabix for breakfast and that goes down a treat so now just wait for the Carer who arrives at 9.50, It is a new carer today, a young lady called claire, who has only been doing the job for 3 weeks, she told me her job before this was as a croupier.

Anyway I tell her that I am a easy patient to deal with. Just need my face and neck washed and my hair combed, so that was okay, a very pleasant young lady , however she is soon on her way and I settle in front of the TV.

I go to make a coffee about 11.15 and see that I am running short of milk so get dressed and take a short stroll round to Tesco, I take the wheelchair and push it round just in case I have a problem, but I make it there and back with no problem so that is OK , I phone Pauline and let her know all is OK and to let her know that it will be 1.00 pm down the Goose for lunch, Gervase phones to say he will be coming to collect me at 12.45 so at 12.15 I go into the bedroom to have a shave and get dressed ready for when gervase comes.

Albert Road looking south from the Goose.
Gervase arrives at about 12.50 to collect me and off we go, we get there fairly easily but the trouble is trying to find somewhere to park, as Albert road is a busy road even on a sunday, lots of Antique shops and takeaway,s up this road so it is always busy.

Anyway find somewhere to park, just behind the Kings Theatre, ( Shown in the Photograph on the right) and walk the short distance to the Goose. once inside we see that Pauline and Gordon are already here so that is good as they have found a big table so we get me ann Orange Juice and Gervase a Lemonade and then we sit and have a chat and it is not long before Dave, Elaine and Leanne arrive so we are now all here so that is nice to be around close friends and family. Anyway we decide to order and Gordon has Bacon burger and chips, Elaine has Fish and chips, Pauline has roast beef, Leanne has the Vegetarian roast and Gervase has the Vegetarian Burger and Chips while me and Dave have the Lasagna. I decided to try the Lasagna as it is quite moist and in fact it goes down a treat so it just shows how far I have come with the Dysphagia.

The Goose Public house.
Anyway it is a brilliant afternoon and we have a good chat and as I said it is nice to be among friends and family and out of the house, It is very good in the Goose and Gervase, Pauline and I also have desert and then Pauline, Dave, Gordon and I have coffee so that rounded of the meal a treat.

It is now 3.30 so I decide it is time to make a move back home so gervase brings me home and comes in for 15 minuets and then makes his way back home.

So there we go another excellent day with family and friends so thank you Pauline, Gordon, Elaine, Dave, Leanne and Gervase for  a brilliant lunch, Time now to settle in front of the TV  with the laptop for the evening, and get this edition of the Daily Journal Posted on to the blog and to have a relaxing evening, so until tomorrow I will say Adios.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bright Eyed and Bushy tailed.

Onwards and Upwards.
Well here we are again, another day dawns and what will it bring, after the last 48 hours I would not be surprised whatever happens anyway I had a slightly better night last night, went to bed about 10.00 and although I woke 3 or 4 times during the night I did not get out of bed until 8.30 today so at least things are starting to calm down now, Hands and Knees not so red and although I have still got a lot of aches in my legs/thighs/hips area it is not as bad as yesterday and I have managed to stay upright today so that is a bonus, so hopefully things will settle down over the next day or two and I can pick up making progress as I was on Thursday last. as they say "These things are meant to try us" and try me they have over the last 48 hours but in hind sight I am still in a far better condition than I was 6 months ago.

Todays breakfast.
Anyway back to today, still not that mobile today but am working on it so most of today will be spent in the recliner in front of the TV with the laptop, so the carer today is Guy, he arrives about 9.30 so that is ok and gets me washed and groomed, we have a chat about the trials and tribulations of Portsmouth Football club and then he is on his way, while I go and get a coffee made and a dish of Honey Hoops for Breakfast, I am starting to eat a wider range of food now, so that is a good sign as the swallowing is getting better every week. ( Roll on Christmas Dinner ).

Is this Gervase at the Gym ?
Well the Honey Hoops went down a treat, as I am sitting contemplating what to watch on the TV, the phone rings and it is my son Gervase phoning to see how I am today, he says that he is down the Gym with his mate but he will be round to see me about lunchtime and will pick up a prescription for me at the chemist on the way round. so that is ok it will be nice to see him. Then pauline phones to see how I am, and did I want to go down with her and Gordon today, but I declined the kind offer as I want to rest today so that I am ready to go out with them and my son etc for lunch tomorrow, anyway Gordon is putting up wallpaper in the dining room today, so they don,t want me there being in the way LOL.

The goose at Albert Road.
It is now 12.30 and I think I will get some vegetable soup for lunch today with a crisp bread and then I can have either a pork loin pureed with Mash potato and veg or a Spaghetti Carbonara for dinner tonight. so I have the soup and crispbread and just as i finish it Gervase comes round so that was good timing, he left the car at home and walked round, He must be on a fitness drive at the moment, anyway he stays about an hour and then he is off to go and see Elaine ( Leanne,s Mum) and then back home. so I enjoyed seeing him and Made sure lunch at the Goose is still on for tomorrow.
Well settle back down with the laptop now that gervase has gone, I must say at this point that I feel a lot better now than I did yesterday and certainly the aches and pains from the leg muscle,s and joint have all most  subsided just the occasional twinge so hopefully it is starting to settle down nicely, I must learn not to stress out so much when these things happen.

Fratton Park.
So not a lot happened today really, just a nice relaxing ( for relaxing read boring) day at home doing nothing.
Well pompey are playing Leicester at Fratton Park today, the match started at 3.00 pm so they have just come out from the half time break and at the half time  the score was Pompey 0 Leicester 0 so not a great score line at half time but at least we are not losing (Yet). so anyway I will let you know the final score tomorrow, as I am of to make a coffee after I get this posted on the blog so until tomorrow i will say Tatty Bye.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Panic Over. Phew!!!!!!

Emergency Plumber.
Well what a night bloody horrible 24 hours this has been. It all started last night about 8.00 pm when I discovered a leak in my toilet, this is when you realize just how much this horrible disease affects you. I could see the water on the floor and hear the dripping but could not get down to see under the cistern to pinpoint the problem, and this is where panic sets in, I phoned Gordon and Pauline and they came round and gordon had a look and saw the problem so we phoned an emergency plumber, he got here quite quickly and replace some pipe work and fixed the problem and his fee was quite reasonable at £65.00. so that was OK but I had got so stressed out over it all that I did not get a decent nights sleep kept dozing and waking and was up at 4.30 am and had my Methotrexate. 

Ah Coffee.
I stayed in the front room watching TV and dozing until Amanda the carer came at 8.20. After she had washed and groomed me I got some breakfast and just sat around watching TV and going on facebook, Just could not settle and the Methotrexate was doing me no favors today. 

Anyway took a slow stroll around to Tesco express to get some milk and Fruit drink but didn't really feel like going but it had to be done, however the weather was quite pleasant today, made my way back home and just lounged around until 1.00 pm when I decided to get some lunch, After the McDonalds yesterday I decided to have a small M&S Roast Chicken ready meal on a plate with a Knife and Fork, No Pureeing for me today. so had the meal and really enjoyed eating it like a proper human being, anyway went out to make a coffee and for some reason my legs just gave way and down I went, This happened another twice during the afternoon, and I had no idea what was happening, although I had not felt right all day long.

I phoned Pauline and told her and Also Phoned Gervase and Leanne as well and then phoned the Doctors surgery, this was at about 3.30 . The doctor phoned me back about 4.30 and said he would be round to see me at 5.30 ish after he had seen his other patients at the surgery.

The Doctor.
Pauline phones at 5.00 pm to say she is on the way round and arrives at about 5.10 and the doctor arrives at 5.35. He takes my Blood pressure, Heart rate, Pulse etc and asks a few questions and arrives at the conclusion that I had stressed out over last night, that coupled with a lack of sleep had brought on a flare, my knuckles on my hands and also my Knees were very red, and also the affects of the Methotrexate also did not help matters, He said that he was not concerned as everything else was OK and that I needed to "Chill Out" and make sure I used my stick around the house just in case, he said that I needed to get an early night tonight and take it easy over the weekend.

Anyway he makes his move and Gervase phones to say has just got off the train and that he will be in to see me on the way home, he arrives at about 6.30 so pauline makes her way home, by this time I am feeling a lot calmer and can see what the doctor was saying, but it is so hard not to stress out when you can't do the normal things that you used to be able to do, anyway Gervase stays for an hour chatting and by this time I am feeling a lot calmer, I phoned Leanne and let her know as she was worried about me, she offered to come round but I said I would be OK, anyway gervase makes his way home about 7.15 and I get myself some soup and will now settle down with the laptop for a couple of hours before getting an early night, so until tomorrow I will say Good bye and !!! Don't Panic !!!.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another day of Progress.

A good nights sleep.
And so here we are again, full of the joys of spring ( or Autumn as the case may be). Another really good nights sleep last night, went to bed about 11.00 and woke this morning about 6.30 so well pleased with that, anyway I have another interesting day ahead as Pauline is coming down today and we may be going down to Lidl, depending on the weather, anyway time to get a coffee and watch a bit of the news on the TV before getting ready for Amanda the carer.

Not a lot of interest in the news this morning so at 7.45 I make my way into the front room, and get out the laptop and see who is on facebook while I wait for the carer. Amanda arrives as usual about 8.15 and it is not long before I am washed and groomed ready for the day ahead.

What tie to wear ?
After Amanda leaves at about 8.35 I text Pauline to let her know all is ok here and go and get a couple of wheatabix for breakfast and then settle down to watch the TV for a while, as pauline phoned to say she will be round at about 10.30. anyway watch a bit of TV until 10.00 and then go and get ready for when pauline gets here. Think I will wear a collar and tie today as I am fed up with Jumpers and Joggers

The Pompey Centre.
So get myself shaved and dressed and then get sat back down just as Pauline arrives, It is quite a nice day outside today so we decide that as pauline needs a couple of paint tester pots and I need some light bulbs and bleach we will go over to B&Q at the pompey centre today, so off we go Pauline, the Wheelchair and Me. I decide that I will walk and push the wheelchair part of the way as the last time I walked over and back with my cane I spent the next two days recovering and don,t want to overdo it again this time, so I walk part way pushing the wheelchair and then Pauline pushes me the rest of the way.

B&Q Pompey Centre.
Well we get to the B&Q store and we have a look round and I see a few of the people I used to work with ( I worked at B&Q for almost 6 years) there are not many of the old crowd left there now, anyway I see Judy on Gardening and Terry on Decor and then I see Bett at the front end, Last time I came over to B&Q Bett was off sick so I go and see Bett to find out how she is and apparently she had a problem with her eyesight but that is now sorted for the time being ( Bett is a good friend who has been in a wheelchair for many years) anyway it was nice to see her back at work also saw Donna and Jane on the front end.

McDonalds at the Pompey Centre.
Anyway we pay for our purchases and it is now 12.15 so I said to Pauline that I was tempted to try a McDonalds Cheeseburger for lunch, with the Dysphagia I may be pushing my luck but unless you try you just don't know, anyway if I could not swallow it I would take it home and Puree it (LOL) but I am making progress with the Dysphagia so we decide to have a go, Pauline fancy,s a McDonalds anyway so off we go to McDonalds which is just down the road from B&Q.

Eating a Burger.
We go in and I get a 99p Cheeseburger with Fries and a coffee and pauline has the same, and although it took a little time I ate it ( YES!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO !!!!!!) did not eat many chips but the burger, some of the chips and the coffee was enjoyed very much, what pleased me that the last time I tried a McDonalds down town with Pauline and Gordon was 3 months ago and I could not eat a single bite so definitely making slow but steady progress.

Anyway that was enjoyable so now we make our way back home, we get indoors and put the wheelchair away and now we take a short stroll round to the Tesco express to get a few thing which we both need and also so Pauline can post a couple of letters, we cant take the wheelchair as it is difficult to negotiate the pavements around here and also there is not a lot of space inside the Tesco to get around in a wheelchair, anyway get what we want and then go back home, I put away my shopping and make the coffee and pauline very kindly changes the bedding for me, ( don,t know what I would do without all the help she gives me). anyway it is now 2.00 pm, so phone for a Taxi for Pauline and then after Pauline has gone home just settle down to rest and watch some TV and go on the laptop.

Well that has been a very good positive day today, and my son Gervase will be in to see me on his way home from work this evening, he won't be staying long as He and Leanne are of out tonight, so I will now relax and enjoy the rest of the evening so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

After Tuesday comes Wednesday.

And a very good Morning /Afternoon/Evening to you all depending where you are on the globe. Well after yesterdays shopping down at the Shopping precinct in Commercial road, today will be a fairly quiet day, the weather is not that cold at the moment bit it is very cloudy and damp so won't be getting up too much today.
My New glasses
Had a really good evening round with Leanne and Gervase last night and Leanne,s dad dave was there and gave me a lift home, so that was nice as I get on well with Dave, and looking forward to sunday as we are going for lunch at the Goose in Albert road so hopefully Leanne,s Mum  Elaine will be there  so that will be nice as I get on well with Elaine. Gordon And Pauline are also coming as well so it should be a good get together.
Had a decent nights sleep last night and slept through from 11.00 pm until 6.30 am this morning so pleased with that, It is a pleasure to have these new Glasses as it makes so much difference to my vision, you don't realize how your eyesight deteriorates over time until you have an eye test, and get new glasses, I have also gone back to vari-focal,s rather than Bi-focal,s and that makes a big difference as well, especially when on the laptop.

Adult social Care Report.
Anyway It is Now 7.00 am so time to get some coffee and get back into bed and watch the BBC News for an hour before dragging myself out of bed. it looks like the government is going to have to carry out a review of the way that Adult Social Care is being carried out in the UK, as the report has been published about the way the Elderly are being treated by some of the Home carer,s, I have said for a long time now that since a lot of the the health service here in the UK has been farmed out to private company,s that it is now a case of putting profit before people. anyway rant over, it is just that Adult social care seems to be the main News Story on the BBC today.
However I now need to get my butt out of bed and into the other room ready for my Carer Amanda when she arrives at 8.15

Amanda in a rush today.
So Amanda arrives at 8.20 and gets my face and neck washed and combs my hair for me so I am now all freshly groomed for a day of sitting in front of the TV, anyway when Amanda was putting the ointment on my legs and feet she mentioned that my left foot was quite red an suggested I phone the doctor and let them  know so that is what I will do after 9.00 am.
Amanda goes on her way and I go and finish getting dressed and then get myself some porridge for breakfast before Phoning Eastney health centre to speak to a doctor.

One of my doctors.
so that is breakfast over so make another coffee and then phone Eastney health centre to speak to a doctor. I get through and ask for a telephone consultation and as is normal they say a doctor will phone me back, so while I wait for the return call I get on the laptop and see who is on facebook,

At 11.00 am the phone rings and it is the Doctor phoning back, it is one of the practice doctors who I have dealt with before and knows my case history, anyway explain that the district nurses had looked at it on the 14th Oct and although it was red it was not showing any sign of infection and that they were referring me to the  podiatry clinic, but I had not heard anything, anyway the doctor said to leave it with her and she would chase it up. so that is OK as the doctors I have are really on the ball.

A podiatrist.
So now it is time to have a quick walk round to Tesco Express to get some milk and a tin of soup ready for lunch and then to get back indoors in the warm as it is quite chilly and damp out today, anyway at 1.00 pm I get myself some chicken soup and a couple of Crisp breads and butter for my lunch followed by a strawberry custard pot and a toffee custard pot, no wonder I am putting on weight. anyway that went down a treat and I settle down to watch a re-run of the old episodes of Only Fools and Horses on BBC1 when the phone rings and it is the Eastney Health Centre, to book an appointment to see a podiatrist, I cant do next week so am going in the first week of December, So Thank You to my Doctors for their fast response

So that was a quick response by the Doctors and Eastney Health centre so it just goes to show how efficient the NHS can be when it wants to.

BBC 1 Pointless quiz show.
Oh well that is about it for today, it is now 4.30, it is getting dark outside, so lights on, Heating on, curtains drawn and a nice cosy evening in front of the TV tonight, The quiz show " Pointless is on at 5.15 and then at 6.00 I will get dinner started ( Puree pork loin tonight with Broccoli, Cauliflower and mashed Potato) so dinner at 7.00 watching Emmerdale, and then Poirot  and Midsummer Murders on ITV3

So while I go and get a coffee and post this edition of the daily journal I will say Cheerio until tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Spectacles Today YaHooooo.

Up Bright and early today, as a busy day ahead for me today, I have the carer coming at 8.15 to get me washed and groomed and then Pauline is coming this morning about 10.30 to take me down to Portsmouth City Centre for shopping and to get my new glasses.
Amanda the Carer.

So while I am waiting for Amanda the carer I make a coffee and go on to facebook to see who is around, Amanda comes at 8.15 and so I am all washed and groomed so now to text Pauline to let her know I am all  ready for the day ahead, Pauline phones back to say she will book a Taxi for 10.30 from her place to come and get me and the wheelchair and then down to town.

So i get myself some cornflakes for Breakfast and then have a shave and get dressed ready for when Pauline arrive,s.

Specsaver Portsmouth.
Pauline arrives with the taxi at about 10.40 so they get the wheelchair into the taxi and off we go down to commercial road Precinct at Portsmouth City Centre. The Taxi drops us there and we make our way over to specsaver,s to get my new Glasses,  The chap I see is very good and I get the glasses fitted and it is so much better I can see a lot clearer now and also read smaller print so very happy with these.

Argos Portsmouth.
Pauline now decides that she needs to look in Argos as she needs a new kettle, so we go into the Argos Store, which is right next door to specsaver, so not to far to go and we have a look at what kettles they have, but Pauline decides that she will leave it and see what they have over at Tesco, so we leave Argos and then Have a look in Boots the chemist as I need some toothpick, s but I am not paying the prices they are charging, I cannot believe how prices have risen over the last few months, it seems everything is going up in price on a weekly basis.

Marks & Spencer
After we leave Boots the Chemist we make our way over to the food section of Marks and Spencer where I get myself 3 ready meals so that will suit me for a couple of days as I do like Marks and Spencer food, It may be a little pricey but it is so tasty. Pauline gets a couple of bits and pieces and then we make our way over to the big Tesco store to get a few bits and pieces.

Tesco Portsmouth City Centre.
 I need a couple of Pork Chops to puree down and also some Kitchen towel and Coffee and Pauline looks at the kettle,s and gets her new kettle here, and also a few other bits and pieces and the we decide to get a bit of lunch as it is now just turned 12.00. I fancy some soup like we had last week but they only had a beef stew and I did not fancy that so I thought I would try a Jacket Potato with lots of Butter and pauline had a toastie and salad. I was surprised that I managed to eat the jacket Potato with very little problem so another item to add to my growing Menu.

Well that was a nice snack so now we go and pay for our purchases and make our way outside where we phone for a Taxi to take us back home.
Gervase and Leanne.
It is not long before the taxi arrive,s so get everything loaded and off we go "Homeward Bound",  once indoors I get some coffee made while Pauline unpacks the shopping and we get that put away, it is now turned 1.30 so Pauline has her coffee and then makes her way home, while I settle down with the laptop and the TV for the Afternoon. A nice relaxing afternoon before getting dinner at 6.00 and then down to see my Gervase and Leanne at there house tonight for a couple of hours, so there we are another good day, but took it easy today just as it should be.

So until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

Monday, November 21, 2011

An ode to Dermatomyositis.

Ode to Dermatomyositis.

With a kind of a hop, and a kind of a skip.
Now you are having a laugh
I throw myself out of bed.
If i"m lucky I know , I will land on my toe.
But if not I will land on my head

It does not surprise me, the way it all goes.
Some days I just ache, From my head to my toes.
But other days come, And  can be so much fun
Then all of a sudden, I land on my bum.

But of one thing I,m sure,  When my muscles are sore
Its because I have over done it.
So I must learn to rest, when put to the test
For  this Disease, I will overcome it.

A Good nights sleep.
Don't know what made me write that, just seemed like a good idea at the time, well another decent nights sleep last night. bed at 11.00, woke about 2.30 for bathroom and then slept through until 6.45 so a decent sleep again, still got the ache,s in my legs today but not as bad as yesterday so starting to settle back down again ready for shopping down Commercial road tomorrow with Pauline, but at least I will take the wheelchair.

Amanda my happy carer.
Got up and into the front room by 8.00 ready for Amanda the carer who arrives at 8.15. I tell her about then canceling the carer yesterday and she is not pleased but I tell her that I will be phoning Adult Social care at Portsmouth City Council (PCC) this morning and letting them know my feelings on the matter, anyway get my face and neck washed and hair combed and then I am ready for the day ahead.

So amanda goes on her way so I go and get a shave, Text pauline to let her know all is OK and get myself a couple of wheatabix for breakfast. once breakfast is over I go and have a shave and get myself dressed, check the weather and although it is mild today it looks like it is going to be a damp day today so get myself round to Tesco express to get Milk, Sugar, and something for dinner tonight and then back home to Phone PPC.

Misty on the common.
Back home and it is now 10.00 o-clock, Pauline phones to say she and gordon are OK. Gordon went for Blood Test at 9.05 this morning and has now gone off to work and Pauline is about to take Misty out for her morning walk.

I now phone Adult social care and explain the situation to them and the lady I spoke to said she would pass it on to my case worker and someone would phone me back to discuss it with me and see how we move forward from here.

Me and Pat c 1947 Pat is the younger one.
So that is OK so I settle down with the TV and the laptop, see who is on facebook and a couple of the other forums I use like Ebid, when all of a sudden there is a knock on the front door, Expecting to find someone trying to sell something I open the door and it is my brother Pat come to see me.
Pat is on the way to Selsey to do a job and decided to come and pay me a visit for an hour which is nice, I make the coffee and we sit and chat for an hour or so and then pat makes a move to get on with his work and I get back to the laptop,

It is now 1.00 o-clock so decide to get some chicken soup and a couple of crisp bread with butter for lunch so get that done and sit to eat that, halfway through lunch the phone rings and it is the chap from Adult Social care on the phone to talk about my problem with my home care at the weekend,s.
He suggest that maybe the way to go would be with direct payment where I receive the cost of the care that PCC pay direct to my bank and I then arrange my care and make the payment direct to the carer. this may be the way to go, but I am not sure, anyway I have asked him to arrange for someone to come round and explain the pro,s and con,s to me  and then we can see where we go from there, in the meantime I will carry on with the same company, he Is also going to phone them and ask them to ensure that they provide the service to me that meets my needs, so we will see how it goes over the next week when my carer Amanda is not here on the Thursday and Friday

So There we have it I have phoned PCC but will not hold my breath as I have not got a lot of confidence in their ability to sort out the care company, anyway time will tell and also it will be interesting to find out about the direct payment scheme.

Tonight,s dinner
It is now 4.40 and nearly time for Pointless on BBC 1. and then to think about dinner at 6.00 when that ends, (I am having a Tesco chicken and bacon Pasta ready meal tonight, these are easy to do and puree down very well and I will make extra cheese sauce to go with it "Yum Yum") so that I can get ready for an evening of Emmerdale and Coronation Street on the TV tonight, don't I lead an exciting life. anyway time to get myself comfortable ready for pointless so until tomorrow and the shopping trip and New Glasses I will say Adios.