Thursday, August 29, 2013

and welcome to another Thursday.

And has anyone seen Pauline ?????
yes folks it is Thursday again, Oh how the week flies by when we are having fun, what with a trip to the seaside on Monday, The vampire Tuesday, and yesterday the Doctors and now today the Lost "Pauline" life is full of Fun.

Wednesday 28th August 2013

Well Wednesday dawns bright and cheerful, and I have to get up earlier today as I have my appointment with Dr Tyrrell my long standing GP. I made an appointment to see him as I am finding that it is difficult to breath in this hot and humid weather we are having here in the UK this year and also Dr Tyrrell is retiring in September so I need to drop a thank you card in to him as well.
Happy Retirement Dr Tyrrell
 However I am up at 8.00 and into the lounge with a coffee where I text Pauline, She phones back to say her and gordon will be down at 9.30 and Gordon will take us to the Eastney health centre for my appointment at 10.00 and then he will go and start the weekly flat clean while Pauline and I go down to morrisons to get the shopping.

Once I have finished talking to Pauline I have a shower and then get ready for when Pauline and Gordon arrive/ They arrive about 9.30 so we have a coffee and then Gordon gets the wheelchair into the car and then we are off to the doctors, where Gordon Leaves us and heads back to the flat to start the cleaning.
Eastney Health centre (Stock Photo 2012)
We do not have to wait long to se Dr Tyrrell, he checks my temperature and also my chest and blood pressure and it is al Ok so agrees that it is the humidity that is causing me to find it harder to breath, anyway I will see Dr Gibb next Thursday and he will probably arrange for my yearly PFT the last twice it has been about 84% so not to mad for my age and as an ex smoker. anyway I wish him luck with his retirement and look forward to meeting his replacement, anyway as I thought he prescribes me a Ventolin  inhaler with a Aerochamber and so off we go to get that at the chemist across the road before phoning for a taxi to take us down to Morrisons at the City Centre.
Lloyds Pharmacy opposite Eastney Health Centre. (Stock Photo 2012)

Ventolin Inhaler with Aerochamber
Once we are down at Morrisons, we have a coffee and then get the shopping done before getting a Taxi back home, by this time it has just gone 12.00. Once home Gordon has got my flat nice and clean and tidy as usual and so we have a Sandwich for lunch and also a coffee and a good chat before Gordon and Pauline make there way home about 1.30.
You have done well Gordon. Thank you
At 2.00 I go for a cat nap for an hour and then at 3.00 I make a coffee and get the vegetable prepared for dinner before going into the lounge and getting some paperwork sorted out before dinner at 6.00 and settling down for the evening with the TV.

Here is the Wednesday Update on Tom Coleby,s Cycle ride by his mum Lesley Coleby

Tom's John O'Groats to Land's End cycle ride - Day 6. The boys have safely arrived tonight's destination. They are staying between Warrington and Chester with Sophie, a good friend from University. She (or her parents!) are kindly putting them up for the night. I hope they are prepared for 5 sweaty, very hungry tired boys. I also hope they can borrow the washing machine, as I don't like to think of the state of their two sets of cycling kit! It was a long day today, 100 miles, it went well although a slow first 50 miles as Ed had a couple of punctures and wheel issues which meant they didn't arrive until gone 6pm. I gather the roads have been busier, as they have cycled through/near several big northern towns - Lancaster, Preston, Wigan and Warrington. Warrington is not far from Liverpool (Beatles fame!). It will be great for them to see a friendly face and Sophie is a lovely bubbly girl so I'm sure she will boost their spirits. Tomorrow they will be cycling not far from the Welsh border all the way down from Chester to Hereford. James's parents, who live in Cardiff, Wales, are hoping to meet them tomorrow night, so another boost hopefully. Keep the boys in your prayers, an accident can happen at any time, especially in the busier routes. Until tomorrow ........

So Far Tom has raised over £3,600 through his just Giving Page. Well Done Tom

Tom and Friends crossing the border from Scotland to England.(Tuesday ?)

Thursday 29th August 2013

Well after another decent nights sleep, waking once at 3.30 for the bathroom and also a glass of water I eventually woke at 7.30 where I got up and made a coffee which I took back to bed and lazed listening to the radio until 8.30.
Lazing in Bed
 At 8.30 I get up and make my way into the lounge where I text Pauline and then get some Porridge for breakfast, Pauline texts back to say she will phone me when she gets indoors as she is out with Misty on their morning walk. Once I have had breakfast I was up the breakfast things and then settle down to watch "Heir Hunters"  A Genealogy program on BBC 1. about 9.45 Pauline phones to say that all is Ok and that it is another hot day .
Walk don't Run !!
well once I have spoken to Pauline and The "Heir hunters has finished I get the Roland the Rollator out and take a walk round to the Tesco express to get the morning Paper and then have a wander into Milton Park where I sit in the fresh air to read the paper for 30 minutes before heading back home about 11.15.

Tesco Express (Stock photo 2012)
Milton Park (Stock Photo 2012)
Once back indoors I make a coffee and settle down to do the crossword in the paper and then watch an episode of "The Father Dowling Mystery,s" on the TV before going for a lie down until 2.00 when I get a Strawberry complan and a Banana for Lunch.
Father Dowling Mysteries 1987 - 1991
As I am washing up the lunch things, Gordon Phones to ask of I have spoken to Pauline this morning. as he has phoned her Mobile and Home phone and she is not answering. Gordon is up in Salisbury Today and Tomorrow , so I phone Pauline several times on both phones and I am thinking of getting a taxi over to their house in  waterlooville when my phone rings and it is Pauline, she went out to the local tesco and forgot to take her mobile, which is amazing as she is always telling me that I need to take my Mobile if I go out, anyway panic over and I tell her to phone Gordon as he is worried.
When you go out shopping take your Mobile with you
well after all that excitement LOL, I decide to make a coffee and get this journal written, so the rest of the day will be spent relaxing in front of the TV and having dinner at 6.00.tonight I am having a smoked loin of Cod cooked in butter with a jacket potato with grated cheddar cheese "Yummy, Yummy" Naughty but nice and then I can look forward to Freaky Friday tomorrow.
Smoked Cod loin half price from Morrisons
So there we are then folks so until the next Journal on Saturday I will say..............

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Humidity and heat = Hard to breath.

And so here we are again on a very hot and sunny Tuesday, Don't get me wrong it is so nice to see the sun and Cloudless blue skies but the only problem is with the heat, is that it makes it harder to breath, anyway enough of that so Welcome to Tuesday

well yesterday was a very enjoyable bank holiday Monday, Gordon and Pauline came down about 11.45 and we went down to Southsea for a couple of hours

Tuesday 26th August 2013

I slept pretty well on Sunday night although it was very humid and we do really need a decent Thunderstorm to clear the air, as when it is so hot and humid I find it affects by breathing, anyway I will be seeing my GP on Wednesday so will probably get a inhaler to help with the breathing as I did last year, but then I only used it about half a dozen times.
Aerochamber Plus with Inhaler
as usual when I was awake I made a coffee and took back to bed and just lazed around listening to the radio until 8.30 when I made another coffee and took into the lounge where I sent the morning text to Pauline and then got some Breakfast, Pauline phones to say that they will be down at about 11.30 and then we can go down to the seafront for a couple of hours, once I have finished speaking to Pauline I get on the laptop to check out my emails and facebook, and then I get a text from Gordon to say they are out in the woods with Misty for the morning walk , and he also sent a photo of the pond where they sit and Misty has a mooch around.
The pond where Misty likes to go for her morning walk
anyway at 10.30 I go and have a shower and then get dressed ready for when Pauline and Gordon arrive. They arrive about 11.40 so we head of in the car down to the seafront and are lucky as Gervase and leanne only live about a 3 minute walk from the common and sea front so we can park in there front Forecourt as they have space for two cars, so we see Gervase and leanne and then we are of for a walk on the common with the wheelchair, I can walk for about an hour now pushing the wheel chair and then Gordon or Pauline pushes me. Here are the photo,s from Yesterday.
The Common looking brown and parched, see Pauline had to get in the Picture.
Lots of fun things to do for the Children
looking Good Pauline and Gordon
Heading Towards the traveling fair ground
Don't look so worried Pauline, How much did you lose ???
The Fairground is starting to get busy
 Once we had wandered around the common and the fairground and had a coffee and ice cream we headed over to the seafront and had a walk down to clarence pier before heading back to Gervase and Leanne,s to get the car and head back home, Gervase and Leanne were out so we did not see them

looking out to sea towards the Isle of Wight.
Looking along the sea wall
People enjoying the sunshine and the sea.
Once we got home, I made a coffee and then after a chat Pauline and Gordon head Home and I go for a lie down for an hour before settling down to an evening of TV and a nice dinner of Rainbow Trout stuffed with Ricotta and Spinach and Mashed Potato.
At 10.00 I was ready for bed,
and it did not take me long to get off to sleep where I slept right through until 6.30 this Morning.

Tuesday 27th August 2013

So here we are on a hot and sunny Tuesday, woke at 6.30 where after going to the bathroom I made a coffee and took back to bed where I dozed listening to the local radio until 8.30 where I made another coffee and took into the lounge.
well once I had got into the lounge I text Pauline to let her know all is Ok, we are going shopping on Wednesday this week due to the bank holiday etc and so Pauline text back to say that all is OK and that Gordon is out with Misty. I have an appointment with the local vampire today for the monthly blood ritual so I have to get my breakfast and then get ready for when the taxi comes at 10.15.
Getting Ready to meet the Vampire.
well I am washed. shaved and dressed by 9.45 so time for a quick coffee before the taxi from Citywide Taxis turn up at 10.10, it is not one of the regular drivers, but anyway I get my shoes on , grab the walking stick and am out of the door by 10.15 and into the cab and off we go to the "Castle of Blood" AKA Eastney Health Centre.
Is this Eastney Health Centre ????
Or is This Eastney Health Centre ???
And could this be Debbie who takes my Blood ???
So Many questions and so few answers, Oh well thats life. anyway once into the health centre I am soon in to see debbie and then back out and a taxi home., Once I am home I get the rollator and off round to get my morning paper and some milk and then back home to spend the day relaxing at home with the TV and the laptop, as it is to hot to be out in this weather today and I have a day of a GP appointment tomorrow and also down town shopping with Pauline. Once indoors I make a coffee and then settle down to read the Newspaper and do the Crossword.
well it has been a decent day today, a nice relaxing day and staying indoors has certainly helped with the breathing, anyway I will see Doctor Tyrrell My GP tomorrow and get an inhaler to help through this hot and Humid weather, also It will give me a chance to wish him well in his retirement at the end of the Month. He has been our family doctor since 1979 and saw my wife through the birth of our son "Gervase"in 1981 and also cared for Chris through her Breast cancer and from 1985 through until her death in 1993, and now with me with the DM over the last 2 years so 34 years of care and compassion,
Thank you Doctor Tyrrell.
I also had a couple of Photographs sent to me today by Pauline and Gordon of their rear garden in their new home, they have been out in the garden in the sun starting to get it into order so well done Pauline and Gordon.
Gordon working hard watched by Charley cat under the bush in the shade.
looking Good and is that my laundry on the washing line ?
So that is about it for today, I have had a lie down for an hour after lunch and also got the vegetable prepared for dinner tonight, so as it is now 5.00 pm I am going to get this Journal posted and then have a coffee before watching the quiz show "Pointless" at 5.15 on BBC 1 so until the next journal on Thursday I will say.................

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The August bank Holiday and the sun goes away

All that super weather we have been having, heat waves and sunshine and what happens when the August bank holiday arrives, the sun goes away "Typical"

However welcome to...................................

Saturday 24th August 2013.

Saturday started pretty well really considering I did not take my Methotrexate until later on Friday evening, had a decent nights sleep on friday and had a lie in until 9.00 this morning. once I was up and in the lounge with a coffee I sent the morning text to Pauline and then settled down to have some Porridge for breakfast.

well once I have had breakfast I take a stroll with the rollator round to the tEsco Express to get my morning paper and also some milk before going back home and settling down to read the paper  and get the crosswords done. It has been a quiet morning so far and have been messing around on facebook and then the front door bell rings and it is Gordon and their friends son Charlie. Gordon had hired a van for the morning and They have been down to Pauline,s flat to move the last bits and pieces over to te Garage at their new home, and popped in for a coffee on the way back.
Charlie helping Gordon
After Gordon and Charlie have gone I get some lunch and then go for a lie down for an hour before taking a coffee into the lounge and going on to the computer to do some more world war one research.  Next Year is the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 and Portsmouth is bidding to become 2014 National Armed Forces city as 2014 is the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines, the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WW1 and the 70th anniversary of D-Day

HMS Illustrious leaving Portsmouth in Aug 2013

D-Day Museum Portsmouth
Royal Marine Museum Portsmouth
Royal Navy museum Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
All in all it was a very enjoyable afternoon and it was soon 6.00 pm and time to give the research a rest, I had recorded two episodes of Bonanza which I will watch tomorrow morning and now there are two episodes of "Walker Texas Ranger"on the CBS channel which I can watch, but first I need to get my dinner prepared and on to cook ready for 7.00 and while that is cooking I watch the Tv and have dinner at 7.00. it is salmon with fresh vegetables and a parsley sauce tonight and it was very tasty as well.

well I had just finished Dinner at 7.30, made a coffee and had settled down to an evening of watching TV when Pauline, Gordon and Charlie arrive. They had decided to come and visit for the evening and brought a deck of playing cards and some bags of Pennies so we spent the evening playing Cards for Pennies (Newmarket) and guess who won the most money (41p) "ME" we played until 10.30 and then they left to go home at 11.00 so y the time I sorted myself out I got to bed about 11.45, but what a super and enjoyable evening after a good day.
Its Mine all Mine

Sunday 25th August 2013

"Early to Bed, Early to Rise"
"Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise"

or so the Poem Goes, well last night that did not apply to me and today I had a lie in until 9.30, well that was a brilliant evening last night, and I slept really well, but will probably have to rest a bit today, but well worth it.
Time to get up
Once I was up and in the lounge I had a coffee and sent the text to Pauline before getting some breakfast. Pauline phones back to say that all is ok with them , her and Gordon got up about 9.30 but young charlie was still fast asleep, still he is only 15 so no surprise there. and Gordon is out with misty for her morning walk so that is OK
Don't get lost in the woods Gordon
once I had spoken to Pauline I had my Breakfast and then got on the laptop to check out the emails and facebook. before I have a phone call from Gervase to say that he will be round about 2.00 to go out to get some shopping. so I spend the morning just relaxing with the local radio and the laptop.
As it is a bank holiday there is the yearly kite festival taking place on southsea common along with other events so it is probably busy down the seafront today
The kite Festival this weekend on Southsea Common.
There are several other things going on in Southsea this weekend, There is the "Gerry Cottle Circus" on the common until Tuesday,
Gerry Cottle,s Circus
There is also a Tribute band concert on at the Bandstand this evening ending with a firework display at 9.30 pm.
The bandstand at Southsea Castle fields.
Gervase arrives at 2.15 and we head off down to Asda at Fratton to get some shopping, it is not worth going to far as the roads are chock a block with traffic, anyway we get the shopping and head back home where we put the shopping away and then have a nice chat before Gervase heads back home.
Asda at Fratton (Stock photo)
well that is about it for today then, Gervase has headed back home to Leanne, and I am now going to settle down with a coffee and get this journal finished but before I do I would like to mention that There is a young man named Tom Coleby who is cycling with 4 of his friends from John O,Groats at the top of  Scotland to Lands End on the south western tip of England, a Total of 1000 miles over 10 days.  They are cycling in aid of Cancer Research but Tom is cycling in aid of the Myositis Support Group as his Mother Lesley Coleby has Myositis, some of you may Know her through the "Myositis Ramblers" group on Facebook.
Tom and Friends at John O'Groats
So Far through his Just Giving page tom has raised in excess of £3,160.00 so well done Tom . Here is the link to Tom,s "Just Giving Page"

Well Tom and his friends are now on Day 3 of their ten day journey and I am sure that we wish them well and to say a big thank you to Tom .
Lands End, Cornwall

Well that is about it for today so until Tuesday I will say.........................