Friday, August 23, 2013

Well here we are at another Methotrexate day

 So Welcome to "Freaky Friday"
Well it has been a decent week this week as you could see by Wednesdays Journal.

Thursday 22nd August 2013

Thursday went pretty well, I sent a text to Pauline as usual in the morning but had no reply for a bit so phoned her mobile and she was still out walking Misty, and had got lost in the wooded area, so I think she needs to get a Sat Nav, still they have only been at there new home for two weeks so it will take time for her to get to know her way around the area.
You are going the wrong way Pauline
anyway once I had spoken to Pauline I have porridge for breakfast and then go round to the co-op with the Rollator to get a daily paper and some milk, It is good having the rollator as it means I can walk further than with a walking cane.
"Roland the Rollator"
Once back home I settle down to read the paper before Leanne arrives at 12.30 to come down to the dentist with me for my appointment, the appointment was at 12.50 and by 1.15 we were back out and I had a upper plate with 3 new teeth. Whoo Hoo, mind you will take some getting used to,

anyway we head back home and then Leanne goes of to meet a friend for lunch and I have a tin of soup and a banana before going for a lie down.

Once I have had my lie down I spend the rest of the evening Watching TV. My son Gervase comes in to see me at 6.30 on his way home from work, and at 7.30 I have my Dinner a nice Liver and Bacon with Mash Potato and Gravy, and then I watch the TV until bedtime at 10.30 where I listen to the local radio before getting off to sleep about 12.00 . I am tired after a very enjoyable day.

Friday 23rd August 2013

So here we are back to Friday, where has the week gone to, I have actually got very little done this week, out for 7 hours on Monday with a canadian Relative, Shopping Tuesday, Milton park and the art cafe Wednesday, and Dentist Thursday, so today t will be a quiet day at home with some research into world war one. I have had Canadian and American relatives who fought and also 2 died in france in World war 1 so that is my aim for today. The Canadians from Toronto and also Quebec, and the American Smith from Trenton New Jersey.

Western Front world war 1
However before I start that I text Pauline and then get some Breakfast before going round to get my morning Paper, once back home I read the Paper and do the cross word before settling down to the History Research.

Joseph James smith from Canada, Died in Action France 1916 along
with his Brother who was from Jersey in the Channel Islands UK

Arthur Hubbard who fought in France in World War 1 he returned home in 1917
Arthur lived in Delson, Canada. and was my Grandfathers Brother.
My Maternal and Paternal Grandfathers fought in WW1 with the Royal Navy but today I am researching the war in France and Belgium along the western Front and concentrating on the Canadian and American Relatives/ancestors.

I have got 8 bound volumes of the "Illustrated War News" Published by the "London Illustrated News" covering the period 14th June 1916 through to April 10th 1918 in 96 Parts.
Here are a few of the pages that show photographs of Canadian and American troops on the western Front.
one of the 8 Volumes
The memorial at Vimy Ridge in Memory of the 3,598 Canadians who  died
at the battle of Vimy Ridge. in all there were over 10,000 canadian casualties
In memory of the first U.S Officer struck down in France.
Canadian troops at the front.
American Nurses tend the wounded in France (Paris)
canadians on the western front
The American U-Boat Blockade
The Canadian Capture of Vimy ridge
Stars and Stripes in the City of london
Well that was an interesting few of hours of research into WW1, I will do a bit more tonight, but now it is time to get todays journal completed and posted before Pointless on TV and then dinner at 6.00 so until tomorrow I will say tatty bye,


  1. Frank, I find your writings to be enjoyable and amusing. Thank you very much for sharing. I live in the US. I am dealing with UCTD and have been for a decade or so. I just turned 50 this month but some days feel 80!

    I look forward to your next blog post.

    Nancy in Colorado

  2. Hi Nancy, my mum was known by the name Nancy, although her name was Edith, glad you like my blog, and thank you for reading it as I enjoy writing it. As you know I live in the UK. And was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis in May 2011. I am 70 years of age in October, but sometimes feel 90 and most days act like a teenager ( I wish). Anyway once again, thank you for reading my journal and take care. Frank Portsmouth UK.