Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So Far so Good this week

Well after a really crap weekend of Methotrexate and Constipation At last I can honestly say that I am not yet ready to "Roll over and let this Myositis take over my life". So In the words of the Frank Sinatra Song "I did it My Way"

As most of you know I had a pretty rough three days this weekend but I was determined not to miss meeting up with a Distant relative from Canada who was visiting the UK and who I had arranged to meet on Monday, so as the words from the 1936 song by Jerome Kern goes, it was a case of "Pick myself up, Dust myself down and Start all over again"

Quite a musical Journal today isn't it.....................

Following the chat with my GP on Friday I have increased the Lactulose Dose which is so much better for me and also since friday I have increased my prednisolone from 10 mg alternate days to 10 mg every day and feel like a new man so the first achievement  was to go with Pauline and Gordon to Meet Dean Hubbard and his Daughter Hayley who are over from Canada on Monday.

Monday 19th August 2013

We met them at Portsmouth harbour railway station at 11.00 am and spent the day in old portsmouth with them until the caught the Train back to London at 6.00 pm a very enjoyable 7 hours.
Me and Dean looking at Family photo,s in the Cafe at Portsmouth Dockyard
Dean, Hayley and me with HMS Victory in the background. Portsmouth Dockyard
Dean and Hayley at the top of the Spinnaker tower, Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth
Gordon in the stocks at Portsmouth Dockyard
Pauline and Hayley at the Historic dockyard with HMS Warrior in the background.
Lunch at the Slug and lettuce in Gunwharf Quays
Dean and Hayley on the shore at Old Portsmouth, Isle of Wight in the distance.

Dean and Hayley on the waterfront at Gunwharf Quays.
Memorial to the British and Canadian Royal Navy,s for Minesweepers and Escorts.
Quebec house, Bath Square, Old Portsmouth,
Bath Square was one of the earliest known sites for the recreational use of salt water, which took place in what is now Quebec House.
The bathing house was built in 1754, with the baths connected to the harbour by pipes.
The name Quebec House comes from the 19th century when the bathing house became part of the Quebec Hotel – so called because its weatherboarding was used chiefly in the North American colonies.
The building was saved from falling into the sea by John Henry Pounds.
So all in all Monday was a very enjoyable day but also very tiring so it was early to bed on Monday night.

Tuesday 20th August 2013

Well after a really great day yesterday , today it is another Tuesday shopping day, Pauline and gordon came down at about 11.00 o,clock and while gordon stayed at my flat to give it the weekly clean, Pauline and I went down to the city centre to get some shopping and pick up a prescription from boots, it was a decent couple of hours out in the sunshine and I got the shopping today to take me through until I go out shopping with Gervase on Sunday, I am still taking 10 mg of Prednisolone every day up until thursday as we are out shopping today and I have dentist on Thursday so I will go back to 10 mg on alternate days on Friday, but will have a chat with my Neurologist when I see him in a fortnight about going back to 10 mg Prednisolone every day, at least that way I can Function and have a decent quality of daily life.

Shopping in the Arundel Street Precinct, City Centre
Pauline,s Favourite Charity Shop in the Arundel Street Precinct
Once we had got all the shopping we wanted we get a Taxi back home where Gordon makes the coffee and then after a chat Pauline and Gordon head home, and I make a coffee and then settle down with the TV until dinner at 6.00 . One thing is that I kept getting told of by Pauline today as she was pushing me around Tesco in the wheelchair as I kept singing the chorus from the 1988 "Prefab Sprout song "King of Rock N Roll" but kept changing the words from " ♬♬♬Hot dog, Jumping Frog, Albuquerque♬♬♬" to "♬♬♬ Big bum,s, Wobbly tum,s, down at Tesco ♬♬♬". and if you shop in Tesco or Asda in Portsmouth, you will know what I mean.

Wednesday 21st August 2013

So here we are at Wednesday and still feeling Good so after a decent nights sleep and a chat to Pauline I decide to go for a stroll with the Rollator and went down to get my Paper and some Milk and ended up in Milton Market, so went into Bransbury park and had a coffee in the "Art Cafe" and sat in the garden for half an hour reading the Paper before strolling back home, where I had a coffee and a lie down. a most enjoyable Morning so thank you Prednisolone.
The Art Cafe, Bransbury Park, Milton, Portsmouth
The Garden in bloom at Bransbury Park
After I had my lie down I made a coffee and then my Brother Pat came in to see me for an hour, it is a couple of months since I last saw Pat , although we do speak on the phone, he was down in Portsmouth doing some work so came in for a chat and a cup of tea, once pat had left I had a spot of lunch and then got started on todays Journal.

It is now 4.20 so I am going to get this journal finished and posted and then settle down to watch some TV until dinner at 7.00 and an evening of TV. so all in all increasing my Prednisolone up to 10 mg a day is the way I need to go and also by increasing my Lactulose to 10 ml twice a day my digestion and bowel movement has improved and also I have not needed to take my Lansoprazole as I am not getting the acid reflux so probably the lactulose has helped in that. so I think that as I said at the beginning I will do what my body tells me to do and do it My Way.

So until the next journal on Freaky Friday I will say....................

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