Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Decent sunday after a mediocre saturday evening.

And so we go into .....................
well after an indifferent,s nights sleep last night, I eventually got to sleep just after 3.00 am I slept through until 7.00. I had dinner last night and then promptly fell asleep in the recliner watching TV and did not wake up until later, so did not sleep well at all last night.
Missed another program on the TV
anyway once I was awake it was coffee and into the lounge to text Pauline before getting Toast and Marmalade for breakfast. Pauline phones and Her, Gordon and their friends son Charlie, are going over to Pauline and Gordon,s house that they are moving into tomorrow to sort out some of the bits they took over yesterday, ready for the removal men tomorrow, so I am going over with them, it will only be for a couple of hours but it will make a change. They are going to pick me up at 11.30 so once I have finished talking to Pauline , I make another coffee and then check out facebook and emails, before going for a shower and shave and getting dressed before they come.
Done and Dusted ready for Pauline, Gordon and Charlie
Once i have got ready, I make another coffee and watch some TV until Pauline come to collect me at 11.30. Pauline is selling her flat in Southsea and her and Gordon are renting a house in Waterlooville, a small area about 10 miles north of Southsea, It is a nice area just about a mile away from Waterlooville town centre in a country area.

The area Pauline and Gordon are Moving to
I think Misty will enjoy having her morning walks in the copses and country side around waterlooville. Anyway it does not take long to get there as it is motorway most of the way there and also a good bus service into Portsmouth and Waterlooville shopping area is nice as well. it is a large precinct area.
Waterlooville Precinct
Once Pauline and Gordon had spent a couple of hours sorting bits and pieces out and getting the house ready for the Removal men tomorrow bringing the furniture, we all go down to Waterlooville shopping precinct to have a late lunch at Poppins Cafe. I have Bacon , egg, and chips, Gordon and Charlie have Sausage beans and chips and Puline has a full english all day breakfast we also have a coffee each apart from Charlie who has a coke.
Poppins Waterlooville
My lunch, Bacon Egg and Chips, Excellent (Stock Photo)
well once we had finished Pauline went into Wilkinsons to get a couple of Bits while Me, Gordon and Charlie went back to the car, and when pauline had finished we came back home and they dropped me off at my flat before heading home. it was now 3.15 si I made a coffee and then settled down to get todays Journal Written.
Leaving Waterlooville onto the Motorway to Portsmouth
Well thats about as exciting as it gets today, it has been a very good day for me so now looking for a nice evening in front of the TV. It is now 5.30 and I will not need a large meal tonight as I had a nice late lunch so will have some soup later on this evening so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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