Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thanks a lot Myositis,................

You really know how to make a person feel like crap.
That this is such a short and negative Journal, but I thought that I would just write and post it for all my regular readers so that I will not be so complaining when I write the the proper one on Tuesday.

What a really Rubbish weekend this has been

It all really started on Thursday when I had to phone the GP to let her know that I was still having problems with my constipation, which is something I have had problems with since I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis over 2 years ago. so anyway it appears that I have been taking the wrong dose of Lactulose I should have been taking 2 x 5 ml twice daily. once in the morning and once in the evening and I was prescribed 2 x 5 ml once daily in the evenings, Oh well it has only taken them 2 years to get it right,

Ah Thats Better
And then on Friday it was time for the daily dose of Methotrexate, and that really did a job on me this weekend, so what with the constipation, the Methotrexate and the fatigue and muscle ache from the tapering of the Prednisolone I have really not been 100% this weekend, hence the lack of interest in facebook and the daily Journal. 

Oh Woe is me.
 The ironic thing about this stupid disease is I spent over 12 months trying to get food down my throat starting with a Nasal feeding tube, then a puree diet and then a soft lumps diet and 2 years down the line I can now get it down but have trouble getting it back out the other end.
Oh Well that is how my weekend has panned out, one other thing that I have done is to increase my Prednisolone from the 10 mg on alternate days to 10 mg every day, this has certainly helped and made me feel so much better, so I will tell my Neurologist when I see him in two weeks that I have given 10 mg on alternate days a fair chance and it has just made me incapable of doing things that I could manage to do when I was on 10 mg a day. I have talked it through with my GP and he agree,s that I need to do what is best for me and he agrees with my assumption that I probably need the 10 mg Daily to give me the quality of life that I need on a daily basis, and to be quite honest I will be 70 years old in October so I do not think that the benefits of the Prednisolone will outweigh the negative impact of any side effects.

Well there we go then I feel a lot better today than I have since Thursday so must be getting there slowly so I will shut up now and leave you all in peace until Tuesdays edition so I will leave you all with one thought.............
And always have...................................

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