Thursday, August 15, 2013

Too much cake eaten on Wednesday.

Good morning one and all and..................
Well here we are on another Thursday morning, well the weather here on the south coast has once again changed and last night was very close and humid as is this morning, the sky is very overcast and apparently there is rain and hight winds on the way the only problem is the weather people do not seem to be sure when it will reach us. anyway here is what I have been up to yesterday and today.

Wednesday 14th August 2013

Wednesday started like most other days here with me, I slept pretty well tuesday night after another evening of staying up late watching the Film "Inferno" a 1999 film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
"Inferno" 1999
well once the film had finished at 11.00 I made my way to bed and as I said, I slept pretty well and although I woke about 3.30 for the bathroom I slept through until about 7.45. At 8.00 I made my way into the lounge and sent the morning text to Pauline, who phones back at about 9.00 to say that all was Ok with them and they would be down today about 12.00 as we are going to go down to the Tenth hole tearoom at southsea where we will meet Gervase and leanne, for a coffee and a chat which will be nice.

Pauline Phones about 9.00 am
so once I have spoken to Pauline I get on the laptop and check out my email,s and facebook and then I go and have a shower and get ready for when Pauline and Gordon arrive just after 12.00.

We have a coffee and then Gervase Phones to say that they are running a bit late but will be there at about 12.40 so that is Ok  once we have had a coffee and a chat we make our way to the Tenth Hole where Gervase and Leanne have already arrived and secured a table. Once there we choose what we want to eat and drink and have a nice couple of hours chatting and enjoying the company, we then make our way back home about 2.30.
Entrance to the Tenth Hole Tea Room. (Stock Image)
I enjoyed my chocolate Cake "Yummy"
Gervase and Leanne

Gordon and Pauline
Gervase, Leanne and pauline outside the Tenth Hole tea rooms.
Once back home I make a coffee and after a chat Pauline and Gordon head back home and I go for a lie down until 4.30  when I get up and prepare the vegetable for dinner before settling down with a coffee to watch Pointless on TV, I get dinner at 6.30 and then settle down to an evening with the TV until 10.30 when I make my way to bed. The end of a very nice day with Family and friends.

Thursday 15th August 2013

So after a very enjoyable day yesterday, where I think I ate to much cake a had a bit of a restless night again, I think a lot of it is to do with the humidity at the moment, what we need is a good old rain storm to clear and freshen up the air, although I have read today in the paper that the weather is supposed to be getting very warm again for next weekend  the 24th /26th which is a 3 day bank holiday here in the UK
Another heat wave on the way
anyway I woke up about 7.30 ish this morning and got up, made a coffee and went back to bed until 8.30 when I got up and went into the lounge to send the morning text to Pauline.
Sending the morning text to Pauline.

Pauline phones back to say that all is Ok and that Gordon left at 7.30 this morning to go to Salisbury for two days. Once we have had a chat, I check out my emails and facebook and then get some porridge and a banana for breakfast and then watch "Heir Hunters" until 10.00 when I go and get washed and dressed before taking a walk with the rollator down to the local co-op to get my morning Paper and also a couple of Sausage rolls for lunch later on.
Local co-op store at Devonshire Square (Stock Photo)
Once I had my Paper I get back home and make a coffee and settle down in the recliner to read the paper and do the crossword, before listening to the local radio while sorting out some of my Local history archive material that I have on Fareham, where I was Born in 1943 and lived until moving into Portsmouth in the early 1970,s when I me my late wife Christine.
Some of my Archive photographs of Fareham

Fareham Railway station approach and Titchfield road 1906

Fareham railway station approach and titchfield road 2013
Fareham West street 1948
Fareham West street 2013

Trinity Church, West Street Fareham (mum and dad got Married here)
Trinity Church, West Street Fareham 2013

Fareham Cams Mill, 1915
The same area now, only thing remaining is the Viaduct 2013
I have my Sausage rolls for lunch at about 1.30 before going for a lie down for an hour. Once up I get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner and then get this Daily Journal finished and Published. I got quite a bit of sorting out of the archives today, but still so much to get done, anyway I am making progress, and not before time, anyway that is about it for today so until the next journal on Saturday I will say............

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