Saturday, August 3, 2013

The First Saturday of August

And the sun is shining brightly so welcome to..............
well it was another really great nights sleep last night, I had a good evening yesterday and made my own version of a "Rumbledethump" that I had with a roast chicken quarter for dinner last night, and it was very tasty although it did need some seasoning as it was a tad bland so suggestion shave been made that I need to reed the list of ingredients on the "Sainsburys" version when I am next in sainsburys, so that sounds like a plan.

Rumbledethump with a roast chicken breast quarter.
well after dinner last night at about 8.00 I took my Methotrexate and then went to bed at about 11.00, I slept well until waking at 7.00 am this morning so looks like I slept through most of the "Yucky" feeling I get from the Methotrexate, anyway once I was awake I get a coffee and laze around in bed until 8.45 when I go into the lounge and send the morning text to Pauline.
Sending the Mobile text to Pauline
Pauline phones back to say that all is Ok with them today, Gordon has picked up the hire van as they are moving some of the smaller stuff up to there new home at waterlooville today and then will have a removal van take the furniture over on monday when they move into there new home anyway all is Ok so I finish talking to Pauline and then get some breakfast.
Keep on Trucking Gordon
well once I have finished breakfast I get a wash and shave then get dressed ready for when Gervase comes round, It is the first day of the new Football season and Pompey are playing at home at Fratton Park today against Oxford United. So gervase is coming in to see me today about 11.30 and then we will go down to Lidl to get some shopping before he heads off round to his mates and then off to fratton park, and he will be in to see me after the match.
Lidl in Goldsmith Avenue
once Gervase is here we have a chat and then we head of down to Lidl, but they have not really got what I want there so we Head back to the tesco express and get the shopping there.
Tesco Express
well once we have the shopping we head back home and at 1.30 Gervase heads off to go to meet his mate Paul and then they will head off to Fratton Park for the Football. once Gervase has left I get a spot of lunch and then at 1.30 I go for a lie down until 2.00 when I make a coffee and go into the lounge to watch Bonanza on the TV there are two episode this afternoon at 2.00 and at 3.00 and then two episodes of Gunsmoke at 4.00 and 5.00 so an afternoon of nostalgic TV westerns on the CBS Action channel.
Well gervase sends me a text at 3.50 to say that portsmouth are losing 1 - 2 to oxford and he said it was not a good first half and then I get another text at 4.20 to say we are down to 10 men so not looking like a good start to the new season for us. anyway Play up Pompey. when you think we have a crowd of over 18,000 today just hope Pompey can get it together for the fans.
Pompey against Oxford at Fratton Park.
Well just checked the website and Portsmouth are now losing by 3 goals so not a good start to the season and only 15 minutes left to play, so anyway I am going to get todays Journal finished and go an watch the rest of Gunsmoke until 6.00 when I will get dinner so until tomorrow I will say.....................

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