Sunday, August 11, 2013

here we are on a wet and windy Sunday.

And the weather is not much better either...............

For those of you that know me on Facebook then you will know that I have decided to spend less time on there and also to publish this daily journal, every other day for a few weeks while I catch up on other things that need doing. For those of you who are not on facebook then this journal will for a short period of time be written every other day and not everyday as it has been for the last two years.

Saturday 10th August 2013

Saturday started off bright and sunny, I had a decent nights sleep after a freaky Methotrexate Friday, but had a decent nights sleep and woke up at about 3.30 to use the bathroom but apart from that slept through from about 11.30 until 7.30,
Wakey, Wakey, Frankie
when as usual I went to get a coffee and took back to bed and just dozed until getting up and going into the lounge with a coffee at about 8.45, where I Text Pauline to let her know that all is Ok.
I need my morning Coffee
 well after I have sent the text to Pauline I get some breakfast and then settle down to check out the emails and is then that I realize that I need to cut down the amount of time that I spend on facebook and the daily journal as It has become a large part of my day and I have got way behind on my family history research and also have neglected my other websites " Myositis in Focus" and " The Myositis Hub" so I have made the decision to limit the amount of time I spend on facebook and spend more time on my other projects as although I have written six books on my family history there are still 7 more to write and I have done nothing in the last two years, mainly because this Dermatomyositis has taken over all of my time.

Well once I have checked emails and facebook I have a wash and shave and then wander round to Tesco Express to get the morning paper and then get back home and settle down to read the paper and listen to the local radio. Pauline phones to say that Her and Gordon will be coming down to the their flat in Southsea later on to collect a couple of bits and pieces so will come in and see me for an hour or so as Pauline has a couple of shirts of mine to bring back and also she wants to take my dirty laundry back so she can get it washed and bring back on Tuesday when her and gordon come down to take me shopping. Once I have spoken to Pauline I then get on the computer to get started on the Family History research.

I take a break from Ancestry at 1.00 to get some chicken soup for lunch and then continue again at 2.00. At 3.00 I get a text from Pauline to say "Get the kettle on" so her and Gordon are on the way round so they arrive and we have a coffee and a chat for an hour, and then Pauline collects the washing and they are then back on there way to Waterlooville. They have settled in to their new home and Misty seems to like it there as does charley the cat so everybody has settled in OK.
Misty enjoying the Sun on the Patio
Charley pinching his food out of the storage tub.
Once Pauline and Gordon have left I watch a couple of old episodes of Gunsmoke and then a couple of old episodes of "Walker' Texas Ranger"
Gunsmoke 1955 - 1975
Walker "Texas Ranger" 1993 - 2001 
After I had watched those I get some dinner and then settle down to watch a movie on TV. and then I watch an episode of Bonanza that I recorded earlier today before going of to bed at 11.00 so that was a very enjoyable Saturday today.

Sunday 11th August 2013

Well it is a very different start to the day today than it was yesterday, yesterday I woke to blue sky and sunshine, today I woke to Torrential rain, although it is still very humid. Not so good a night last night, I woke about 3.00 this morning to use the bathroom and had a splitting headache, I was soaking in perspiration and it was so warm and humid, took a paracetamol and drank a bottle of water, and within 20 minutes the headache was gone, I hate it when I de-hydrate at night, so I put the fan on to circulate some air and went back off to sleep and woke again at 8.00 am.
Time to Rise and Shine
Made a coffee and took back to bed where I lazed listening to the radio until 9.00 when I got up and made my way into the lounge and sent the morning text to Pauline.

Pauline phones back to say that all is Ok, so we have a chat and then I get some porridge for breakfast and then get washed and dressed before putting on the TV and watching the morning news debates on the TV. One of the subjects is about the amount of money being paid to the people who run the large charities in this country, that is why I will only give to local charities where I know they are run only by volunteers and I know where my donation goes.

Once that Program finishes a do a quick check on Facebook and then an hour on my f=daily journal before having a look at some of the old maps of Portsmouth and trying to locate the paperwork and books on the hilsea lines

Part of the Hilsea Lines fortifications. Hilsea, Portsmouth
The Hilsea lines are a line of 18th and 19th century fortifications built to protect the Northern approach to Portsea Island, I have in my archives the work that I produced for a walk through animation that I did for my computer 3D Animation course at Portsmouth University, as I want to spend some more time researching the whole of the fortifications of Portsmouth to run parallel and in conjunction with My Family History books that i want to complete over the next 2 years, as there are a lot of involvement with our ancestors with the Navy and Marines in Portsmouth stretching back to the Napoleonic wars.

Hilsea lines over london road c1903
The Photo above as it is today c2013
It has been an enjoyable and relaxing morning but have to check facebook as I am having withdrawal symptoms, however Gervase Phones to say he will be round about 1.30 to take me up to sainsburys to get some shopping so as it is 12.00 I go and get washed shaved and dressed ready for when Gervase arrives and then get myself a Strawberry Flavour Complan and a Banana for a light lunch. Gervase arrives at 1.40 so we head off to Sainsburys at Farlington.
Sainsburys at Farlington
We stop here to get the shopping and then we head of down towards home taking a slight detour to Burfield,s shopping Park as Gervase wants to go into Pets at home to get a couple of items for Leanne,s Mums Doggies. on the way from Sainsburys at Farlington towards home we cross "Port creek" which separates Portsea Island from the Mainland, the Photograph below shows the view looking east to west down port creak with the area to the left where the Hilsea lines were to protect the northern approach to Portsea Island.
Port Creek looking East to west, hilsea lines were to the shoreline on the left 
Burfield,s Road retail Park and "Pets at Home"
Once Gervase has got his shopping from "Pets at Home" we head back home and get the shopping put away, we both have an ice cream each and then I make a coffee, we have a chat and then at 3.45, Gervase makes his way back home to Leanne and I make a coffee and settle down to finish the two day Journal.
It is now 5.10 so I am going to get this finished and Posted and then get my dinner on, then after dinner it will be an evening of Watching two episodes of Bonanza that I recorded earlier this afternoon and then to watch a movie " Wall street: Money never sleeps, a 2010 drama with Michael Douglas Carey Mulligan.
Wall Street: money never Sleeps 2010
so that is it for today so until the next Journal on Tuesday I will say........

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