Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Trip to Palmerston Road today

Yes today although the weather was dull it was dry and warm so I will welcome you all to a overcast but warm Wednesday.
well here we are again after another decent nights sleep. I slept through from about 11.45 until about 6.15 this morning when I made a coffee and then back to bed until 8.30 when I took a cup of tea into the lounge and sent the morning text to Pauline.
The Morning text to Pauline
Pauline Phones back to say everything is OK and no Problem with wayward squirrels today, anyway once I have spoken to Pauline I get some toast and marmalade for breakfast and then settle down to check emails and facebook.
well the day is going along quite nicely I get some work done on the Myositis Hub website and also watch some TV, including an episode of Bonanza, and also get a Phone call from Leanne to say she will be coming round to see me about 1.30 so that will be nice, anyway at 12.00 I get a shave and also changed and then get a sandwich for lunch before Leanne arrives at 1.40.
Ready for when Leanne arrives.
When Leanne arrives we have a coffee and then decide that we will take a trip down to Palmerston road for an hour, so that is what we do. It is a nice day out there although a lot of cloud it is warm so off we go in the taxi, once there leanne goes into new look and then we have a coffee and then have a wander into waitrose before getting a taxi back home, We drop leanne off at her Mums house and then once I am back home I make a coffee and settle down to read the paper. It was enjoyable down at Palmerson road and made a nice change.
Palmerston Road precinct

Leanne with my Wheelchair
Well that was a very enjoyable day and I enjoyed it but it is now 6.30 so I need to get my dinner so I will post this Journal and so until tomorrow I will say...............

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