Thursday, August 8, 2013

And another excellent Thursday ahead of Me.

Yes people it certainly looks like it is going to be another good day today, After a decent nights sleep after a very enjoyable wednesday out down Palmerston road with Leanne, I woke this morning to the sun streaming through the windows and a clear blue sky.
so welcome one and all to a very warm and Sunny Southsea. I slept through from about 11.30 last night until about 6.30 this morning when I got up to use the bathroom and then took a coffee back to bed where I lazed listening to the radio until going into the lounge at 8.30 to send the morning text to Pauline. Paulie phoned back almost immediately as  she had been up since 6.30 as gordon had to leave early for Salisbury. anyway she had eaten breakfast and was getting ready to take misty out for her morning walk.
Hurry Up I want a Pee
well once I had spoken to Pauline I get some Porridge for breakfast and then settle down with the laptop to check out the emails and facebook before getting ready for when my Sister and her friend Chris comes round to take me out for a couple of Hours.
Checking out Facebook and my E-Mails
Well once I had finished on the laptop, I get a wash and shave and get changed and was ready by 10.30 which was pretty good as Eileen and Chris arrive at about 10.45. They are going up to show me their Studio in Drayton as they own and run a art studio  "Decima Design" teaching people Fused Glass, Leaded glass and Copper Foiling they also do Pottery and Raku as well as Card making. anyway after that we are going to go to Sainsburys in Farlington, to get some shopping.

Outside the Studio
Inside the Studio
it is quite a large Studio and they share it with their landlord who is an artist and runs art classes in one half while Eileen and Chris run there classes in the other half.
This is the Half for the Art Studio that their landlord Alan Uses.
They are teaching Alan Leaded glass work and he is teaching them how to pauint and Draw.
Here is Chris with her work in Progress of a Toucan
Here is Eileen with her work in Progress of a painting of a Photograph taken by my Brother Pat while on holiday abroad
well that was a nice trip up to Drayton so after I have looked around we get back into the van and head down to Sainsburys to get some Shopping, I have not got a lot to get but i do get another one of there Rumbledethump, to have with some chicken tomorrow or Saturday.
Sainsburys Rumbledethumps "Yummy"
well we get the shopping and Eileen and Chris get what they need and then I treat them to lunch in the Sainsburys cafe, Eileen and Chris have a Sandwich and a cold drink and I have a bowl of chicken and mulligatawny soup with a Gluten free Roll and butter it was very tasty but there was to much for me as it was a large bowl but I enjoyed it although I had to leave some.
Sainsburys at Farlington.
once we had finished we head back home and once home get the shopping put away and then Eileen and chris make there way home and I Phone Pauline to let her know I am back home, and then I go for a lie down for an hour until 3.00 before getting up and making a coffee before settling down to get todays Journal written, Pauline has sent me a couple of Photo,s of Queens Inclosure where she took misty for her morning walk.
Queens Inclosure with Misty

Queens Inclosure with Misty
well there we are then another enjoyable day out and about for a nice 3 hours with My Sister Eileen and Chris, Well it looks like the weather is going to stay dry and warm for the next 4 days or so according to the Met office.
5 day weather Forecast for Portsmouth
 It is now 5.00 so I am going to get the daily Journal posted and then get dinner prepared for tonight which is going to be "Rainbow Trout fillet with Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese bake and Potato, and Gervase will be coming in to see me this evening on his way home from work, and then a nice dinner at 7.00 and a relaxing evening with the TV, so until tomorrow I will say ....................

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