Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Here we are with the combined Monday and Tuesday Journal.

Well here we are on another Tuesday. so today it will be a shopping Tuesday as Gordon and Pauline will be down this morning about 10.30. While Me and Pauline go down to the city centre and Morrisons, Gordon will do the weekly flat clean for me and then he will come and collect me and Pauline when we have finished the shopping.

Monday 12th August 2013

So after staying up late Sunday night watching Die Hard 4 on the TV I got to bed at 11.30, it was an indifferent nights sleep and did not sleep very well as it was very close and humid anyway kept waking up every two hours or so until about 5.00 and then slept through until about 8.30 when I went to make my morning coffee and then into the lounge to text Pauline.
Pauline Phones back to say that all is Ok with them and that they are waiting in this Morning as they have BT Coming to connect their land line telephone and also their Broadband, and then they will be off to see her Sister Fran as it is her Birthday today and after that they will have some shopping to do, Poor gordon is going to be exhausted today LOL.
Very Smart Gordon
Once I had spoken to Pauline I check out emails and Facebook and then have some Gluten Free "Chocolate star Cereals for breakfast before going up to the new spar shop that has opened in Devonshire square to get my morning Paper, It is a longer walk than to the tesco express so that will probably do me more good and hopefully keep what muscles I have mobile, It is not to bad with the Rollator so that was good.
This is what I Really need  a Elderly member of the myositis Rollator Chapter "Rock on"
Once back home I read the paper and get the crosswords done and then spend a little bit of time researching "Fort Cumberland" at Eastney as this is where our ancestry in England starts when "John Michael Smith (Schmid) Born Prussia 1764 and came over to Portsmouth after the Napoleonic wars and was a Sergeant in the 60th Foot Regiment and was discharged on Monday 27th January 1817 from Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth.
Ariel View of Fort Cumberland, Eastney, Portsmouth as it is today

Fort Cumberland today
Fort Cumberland is a Pentagonal Artillery Fortification built to guard the entrance to Langston Harbour. It was sited to protect the Royal naval dockyard from enemy forces landing from Langston Harbour and attacking from the landward side. Fort Cumberland is recognised as the finest example of a bastion trace fort in England.
It was first constructed in 1747 - 1785 by the duke of Wellington and rebuilt 1785 - 1812 and it was rearmed in the 1850,s and again in the 1890,s

One of the many reference books about Fort Cumberland
I spent a couple of hours on research and then had some toast with some sardines for lunch before going for a cat nap at 2.00. At 3.00 I get up and make a coffee and then watch two episodes of Bonanza that I recorded yesterday before preparing dinner for tonight.
I have dinner at 6.45 and watch emmerdale and then fake britain before watching two old black and white episodes of Gunsmoke until 10.00 when I go to bed and listen to Radio solent and the radio quiz until 11.00 when I get of to sleep.

Gunsmoke starring James Arness

Tuesday 13th August 2013

And so we go into Tuesday, I got to bed slightly earlier last night at about 10.30 and listened to the radio for an hour before turning it off and getting of to sleep at about 11.45. It would have been a decent nights sleep apart from the fact that I was awaken about 2.30 in the morning by the local "Cat Mafia" who thought it would be good fun to sit around on the rear wall and cause chaos, mind you it could have been the local Urban fox out looking for his breakfast that started them off, but they were certainly making a racket.
Pesky Noisy Cat,s
But to top it all off after I had got back to sleep, and woke at 7.45 I got up and made a coffee and took back to bed with me to listen to the radio, I opened the bedroom window and next doors cat decided to come and visit me, He was lucky I was in a good mood, but what a cheek after last night, he was probably one of the ring leaders
Pesky Cat,s got a cheek !!!
well at about 8.30 I got up and into the lounge to text Pauline and then check out my emails and facebook, Pauline phones back about 9.00 to say that her and Gordon will be down about 11.00 and then we can go down town to get the shopping etc. so I then get some breakfast before watching "Heir Hunters" A genealogy program on BBC1 before getting washed and dressed ready for when Pauline and Gordon arrive.

Heir hunters BBC 1 Genealogy program
Gordon and Pauline arrive at about 11.30 and we have a cup of coffee and a chat before I phone for a taxi to take me and Pauline down to Commercial road to get some shopping and other bits and pieces sorted out and Gordon starts the two hour weekly cleaning of my flat.
Don't think about it to hard Gordie
Well once we get down town Pauline takes my prescription into boots the chemist for my Lansoprazole and methotrexate while I go into the nationwide Building society to get a couple of things sorted.

Pauline goes to the Pharmacy department in Boots the chemist

Frank goes into the bank to carry out some business
Once I have finished I meet Pauline outside of Boots and we go into Wilkinsons as Pauline needs to get some cat food and a Harness for Charley Cat, and then once we have those we go back to Boots to pick up my medication. They have all of my Lansoprazole but only have half of my Methotrexate so I have to collect the rest anytime after tomorrow, so I will have to go and collect them next Tuesday when we are back down town shopping.
Methotrexate 2.5 mg Tablets
Once we have finished down on the city centre we make our way over to morrisons, I walk part way and then Pauline pushes me the rest of the way in the wheelchair.
Market Way Portsmouth On the way to Morrisons
Flat house quay road on the way to Morrisons
Morrisons at Victory Retail Park, Portsmouth
Once at Morrisons we have a coffee and then get the shopping done, once we have completed the shopping, we Phone Gordon and he comes to collect us and we head home. Once indoors I make the coffee and get the shopping put away and then after coffee and a chat, Pauline and gordon head off home and I make another coffee and then go and get the vegetable prepared for dinner before settling down to complete this daily journal.
Getting the vegetable ready for tonight,s dinner.
So it is now 4.30 and it has been a good day today, so looking forward to a nice piece of Plaice for my dinner tonight with Potato, Cauliflower and Broccoli, so I am going to get this journal finished and Posted before settling down to an early dinner and an evening of TV. so until Thursday I will say...................

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