Monday, August 5, 2013

It all happens in Southsea

Well it looks like summer is waving us goodbye now as the weather today is atrocious. here is a snap of the weather map for te area at 4.00 pm today.

mind you at least it stayed dry over the weekend for the Southsea show and I would think the yachtsmen will be pleased with the weather for Cowes week. However there we are so welcome to Monday and the start of another week.
It was a decent nights sleep last night after a very enjoyable day and afternoon out over at Waterlooville with Pauline, Gordon and Charlie, and then lunch in Poppins. but it was nice to be able to relax in front of the TV last night after a nice day. got to bed about 11.30 last night and then  slept through until about 7.00 this morning when I made a coffee and lazed in bed until 8.30 when I went into the lounge and sent the morning text to Pauline. Gordon Phoned at about 9.00 to say they were all up and waiting for the removal van to arrive so that they could get that loaded and then off over to their new home at Waterlooville.
Ready to load the removal van
Removal men Working
Charlie Helping

Pauline Helping
Gordon,s got the right idea LOL
Once I had spoken to Gordon I have some Porridge for breakfast and then when there is a break in the showers I go round to the Tesco express to get some milk and my Daily paper before getting back home just before the rain starts again, once indoors I get myself a cup of tea and then  settle down with the laptop to check out my emails and also  to check out facebook and to catch up on some facebook games.
Must check out Facebook.
For those of you who have been reading my daily Journal/blog for a few months will maybe remember that back at the beginning of the year I was talking about setting up a myositis hub site to incorporate a place where people could visit for reliable information on myositis with a forum and also where they could download all the relevant documents that have been published by various authorities. along with government departments where help and assistance can be obtained, in fact anything that be of help to people that have been diagnosed with myositis. Just to update on this project it has taken some planning but today the domain names have been registered and the hosting package purchased so it will not be long before I can make a start of designing the website and hopefully have it ready to go live towards the end of the year, It may seem very long winded but I need to get it working correctly from day one, but will keep you updated as it evolves.

well that really is the morning over and done with so at 1.30 I have a sandwich and a cup of tea for lunch and then check out what has been happening in Southsea over the weekend.
It was the start of Cowes week at the weekend, Cowes is a sea side town on the Isle of Wight in the Solent and every year hold a week long Yachting Regatta. so this windy weather will serve them very well.
Cowes on the Isle of Wight
one of the Races at Cowes Week 2013
and if that was not enough it was also the return of the Southsea show, The Southsea show used to be on every year for 3 days in August, but our city council decided in 2006 to stop it and after 7 years it has returned as a 2 day show on Saturday and Sunday this weekend gone.
The Southsea Show Poster
The opening of the Southsea Show
I used to love the southsea show and spend a whole day there, unfortunately those days have gone but it is nice to know that it has made a return, and last but not least is that a large crowd gathered on the Round Tower at Old Portsmouth today to wave goodbye to HMS Richmond leaves Portsmouth for a Seven month deployment with the Atlantic Task Force.
HMS Richmond leaving Portsmouth Naval Base.
Families Gathered on the Round Tower in Old Portsmouth
HMS Richmond Type 23 Frigate
well I have just looked at the time and it is nearly 5.30. I just do not know where the time has gone to today, but it has been a good day, anyway I am now going to get this Journal posted before going to get dinner prepared and then an evening of catching up on the recordings of 4 episodes of Bonanza, so until tomorrow I am.................

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