Friday, August 9, 2013

Whoo Hoo, Its another Freaky Friday

Good day one and all and welcome to another Freaky Friday.............
again it was another good nights sleep last night, although I was woken at about 6.00 am with the rain hitting the window, anyway got up and used the Bathroom and then back to bed and slept until 7.30 when I got up to make a coffee and took back to bed where I lazed listening to the radio until 8.30 when I went into the lounge to watch the breakfast news on the tV and send the morning text to Pauline.
BBC Breakfast "Stock Image"
However I send the text to Pauline and she phones back to say that all is OK, She has taken Misty out for her morning walk and she is now indoors waiting for her Sister Fran who is going over to see her today, once I had spoken to Pauline I get some cereal for Breakfast and then check out the emails and facebook before going round to tesco express to get the daily Paper.
Getting the Daily Newspaper
Once I have the Paper I get back home and settle down with a coffee and read the paper and get the crosswords done before Doing a bit of Local History research on "Old Portsmouth" the area that was the original naval town of Portsmouth. When my sister Eileen came down she brought me copy,s of a couple of old maps of Portsmouth from 1880. and as I am very interested in Local history "Coming from a long line of seafarers" I decided to spend a couple of hours today going through the archives that I have.
One of the Maps that my sister gave me yesterday

The Point Barracks have long since gone but Broad street remains as does the fortifications along with the round tower and the square tower ( which is where the first fleet sailed from to Australia on the 13th May 1787)

Broad street in Victorian times
The Same area of Broad street today
The Following are photographs of the Point battery and fortifications as they remain today.
The Round Tower
The Fortifications and gun emplacements
The Fortifications
The Ramparts and Fortifications
Looking along the top of the Ramparts to the Square Tower.
You can see the monuments to the first fleet to the left
The Fortifications from the sea with the round tower to the left 

The First Fleet Monument at the Square tower Old Portsmouth
The First Fleet Monument at Sydney Australia
So after a couple of enjoyable hours trawling through my archives I get my self a sandwich and a custard pot for lunch and then after taking my 15 mg of Methotrexate I go for my daily cat nap for an hour until 2.30. at 2,30 I get a text from Pauline with a Photograph of Misty half asleep in the sun with her ear dangling in her water bowl.
Ere what you doing Misty
so once I have text Pauline back I make a coffee and then settle down to get the daily journal written. it has been a good day today and I have kick started my interest in our local history. anyway as it is now almost 5.30 I need to get this journal posted and then get my dinner started. tonight it will be the Sainsburys "Rumbledethump" with a couple of roasted Chicken thigh,s so until tomorrow I will say.................


  1. nice old picture of broad street, that is where we stay in b&b when we come down. Glad you are doing well and eating i would love a sandwich but i am still on the soft stuff. Take care, Annette

  2. Thank you Annette. Hope you enjoy yourself when you come down to Portsmouth, A very historic city, I can manage a sandwich but it needs to be soft, filling and also with Gluten free bread so never very big sandwiches and lots of fluids to wash it down, it has taken me over two years to get to this stage so I am sure you will get there with time. hope you have a good weekend. Take care. Frank