Sunday, January 3, 2016

And into 2016 we go.

Well 2015 has certainly been a wake up call as far as the Dermatomyositis is concerned  with appointments with Pulmonary Consultant,s Cardio Consultants and Ophthalmologist  and a persistent UTI , I have spent half the year up and down the hospital and visiting the doctors surgery.

What a year 2015 has been, 
Well at least we have got that year over with and we can now look forward to a more positive year ahead .

the new year has certainly started off on a very wet and windy first week, living in Portsmouth and Southsea  on the South Coast we have not had the severe flooding that they have experienced up in the North of England and Scotland, as my Name sake "Storm Frank" hit at the end of last week  but now we have got some very heavy rain and gale force winds coming down the English channel and has battered Southsea Seafront this weekend causing severe damage  to the sea wall and promenade.
High winds and heavy rain hitting the sea wall.
And the following Photograph shows the collapse of the promenade as the sea has penetrated under the foundations.
Damage to the promenade and sea wall
anyway enough of that, and back to the present. it was a decent christmas, I spent Christmas afternoon with my son Gervase and Daughter in Law Leanne at there house having a great christmas dinner, along with Leanne,s Mum and Dad and also a couple of there friends so really enjoyed that, apart from that it was a quiet Christmas and New Year, and I am really glad that is now all over and we can now get back to some kind of normality.

The one thing that I am looking forward to is to having the cataract removed from my right eye, I had the left eye done at the end of November and have received the appointment through to have the right eye done on the 12th February. I just cannot wait. it will be so good to have decent vision again as it was the 3.5 years of Prednisolone for the DM that induced the cataract,s
Getting ready for a cataract operation
Some time towards the end of January/February I will be getting the appointment for the follow up scans of my chest, prior to seeing my Pulmonary consultant, this will show if the early stage Emphysema has progressed  at all or if it is still stable this will dictate if I need further investigation of my Lung Function, I have not seen any marked difference in my breathing over the last 5 months s hopefully it has not changed much.

Another CT Scan
well that really is the catch up on what is in store for the next few weeks, I will hopefully get this Blog back as a weekly journal starting with Posting ever weekend starting with the coming weekend , anyway it is now time for me to get out my medtronic machine to download the data from my Reveal Heart Monitor to the Cardio department at the Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Medtronic machine to download the info from my Reveal Heart Monitor
I have to download this every 3 months, The Reveal monitor is like a USB stick and it is implanted in my Chest and records my heart beat and every 3 months I have to download the data with the Medtronic machine to the Hospital,s cardio dept over the Telephone line. the machine plugs into the Phone soccer and O ho;d the sensor shown in the photograph over the area of my chest and the machine downloads the data and then dials the phone number, and downloads to the hospital.

Well it is time for me to go and get this downloaded before Lunch and then a afternoon relaxing watching TV and listening to therein on the widows, Oh what a life I lead. I will be back with this Journal on Saturday\Sunday with what has happened during the week. So until The weekend I will say

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