Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A walk in the Park

Well here we are again absolutely Knackered but happy, so welcome on this sunny day in Portsmouth  on the South coast of the UK, so open the door and walk right in.
early morning Bathroom Break
Last night was not a good night,s sleep I think that this hot and humid weather is taking it out of a lot of us at the moment here in the UK, we are not used to this type of weather here, well not in recent years anyway, you could always rely on the rain coming when the Schools closed for the 6 week summer break, and this has not happened this year.
Anyway I was very restless, and was up and wide awake at 3.00 in the morning , well it was time for the bathroom break anyway.
 Well after I had abluted I returned to bed and then just dozed on and off until I went back off to sleep until I woke at 8.30 feeling like I was ready to go back to bed.

An Australian Beauty
Well Once I was eventually up I made a coffee and went into the lounge where I got on the computer and logged on to Facebook to see what had  been happening in the Myositis support groups overnight, "Especially the Australian bunch" because when we are in the land of nod they are awake and creating havoc.

My Rollator
Well Once I had finished on Facebook and posting in the
Myositis Friends Support Group.
Myositis Support Australasia
The Myositis Ramblers "KIT" Group
I then go and get another coffee and have my Breakfast before washing up and getting ready to go out round with my Rollator/Walker  to the local Tesco express store to get my daily paper and then as it is a nice day a trip around the park where I can sit in the shade and do the crossword in the paper and watch the world go by.

It amazes me that in a very congested city we still have so many parks and open Spaces. Milton park is surrounded by 3 busy roads but has been here for centuries, it used to be a farm in 1722 and was purchased as a Park by Portsmouth corporation in 1912. It is a very well used park in Milton/Eastney which is on the eastern side of Portsea Island. Following are some Photographs that I took today.
Looking towards the Entrance to Milton Park from The Crossroads at Goldsmith Avenue.

Dog Walkers ?
Once I get into the Park i found a nice seat in the shade of one of the many trees that are in the Park and it is nice as although it is surrounded by busy roads it is still a fairly quiet place with lots of people out walking the dogs and as it is school holidays there are mothers with there children in the Play Park area having picnics etc, a nice family environment.

However I read my paper and do the easy crossword, the harder one can be done this afternoon or evening, as for some reason I am not watching that much TV at the moment, I prefer to listen to the local radio or to Classical FM. (must be getting old) after about 45 minutes I start to make my way back home.  It is only about a 20 minute walk with the rollator for me, about 8 minutes of anyone else, but today I seem to be having more problems with my legs not wanting to work, it is the upper leg and thigh muscles that seem to be the problem an both the left and right hand side, I have noticed a slow deterioration over the last 3 or 4 weeks, but today it just seems to be that little bit harder.
A Sandwich for lunch

Once I am home I get myself a coffee and then go for a lie down to rest the legs, after which i notice that it is nearly 2.00 pm so time to make a corned beef and tomato sandwich for lunch and also a yoghurt

well that is really about exciting as today got, I now need to get todays journal started and then I can think about what to have for tea, and get myself rested for Shopping tomorrow with Pauline, I have a feeling the wheelchair will be needed tomorrow as we will be going down to the city centre.
Frank is Old and Cranky
 I Have an appointment with my GP on Thursday so I will have a word with her, I am not one to start to try and analyse what the problem may be but knowing my body and after 3 years of Myositis the  likely causes are Either the tapering of the Prednisolone, "Adrenal deficiency" from being on the Prednisolone for over 3 years and taking my age into account,  or progressive weakening of the muscles. it is not a problem with the bone as it is certainly a muscle ache and weakness. either way I will get it sorted, my GP will probably contact my Neurologist and bring my appointment with him forward as I my next appointment is on September the 18th and they will probably up the Prednisolone in the meantime, AS I am now on 2.5 mg a day and I have been struggling ever since started to taper from 10 mg daily. Oh the Joys of Dermatomyositis

Well that is about it for today so a nice beef casserole for dinner tonight and then a relaxing evening listening to the radio, with a brief interlude to watch Emmerdale on the TV, it is the only "soap"I watch so all thats left is to say is..............
See Ya Tomorrow


  1. What a pleasure to read a description of your "average" day and have a window into your life, Frank :) I'm wondering where I sign up for "driving school" lessons as I figured perhaps with your past career experience you could begin the Portsmouth Driving School for Mobility Aids ... imagine the fun ... we could all make up our own "rules" and send an en-masse message to the Public and the Council hee hee!

  2. Morning Frankie ;;; welcome back to your Blog ..... looking forward to reading it again. See you later this morning for our weekly shopping trip ( you must behave yourself xxx Pauline

  3. Now stop giving me ideas Amber. Thanks for reading the Journal.