Monday, August 4, 2014

A Day of Rememberance

Well Here we are again on Monday the 4th August 2014. 100 years ago today on the 4th August 1914 Britain became involved in World War One. Today is a day to reflect and remember all those who took part in this conflict Those who never made it home and those who returned.

Well after a busy day yesterday I saw my Son and we went out shopping and I was absolutely whacked, went for a cat nap and the next thing I know the phone rings and it is Pauline and it is 6.00 o'clock  that is why there was no Journal yesterday, the day just left me behind. so it just shows how much the Methotrexate and this humid weather has taken out of me, but the good news is that I am a lot livelier today, which is a good thing as there is a lot going on in Portsmouth today, and it is a day to remember and reflect on our family members who were involved in the First world War from the UK and Canada.

The Hubbard,s

My Maternal Grandfather Frederick Hubbard was serving in The Royal Navy and was serving on HMS Vindictive assigned to the 9th cruiser squadron.  and His Brother Richard was serving as a Trooper  in the Lancers, and was serving in France,
Frederick Hubbard and Brother Richard.
There was another Brother Arthur that was also in World war one, he was part of my Grandfathers Family that emigrated to Canada in 1912, In fact the whole family Emigrated apart from my Grandfather and his younger broth Richard.
Arthur was serving with the Canadian overseas expeditionary force. It is the only Canadian member of the Hubbard family that fought in world war one.
Arthur Hubbard Canadian Forces

I went down to the local football stadium today as they were having the official unvieling of a memorial at Fratton Park To Commemorate the "Pompey Pal's" Portsmouth area men of the 14th and 15th Battalions of the Hampshire Regiment who gave their lives in World war one.

Unveiling the memorial to the "Pompey Pal's"

The Smith,s

My Paternal Grandfather John Michael Smith was serving in the Royal Navy during the first world war , he was serving as a coast guard at Roches Point in Ireland, in 1914 and that is where my dad was born in September 1914.
John Michael and Caroline Valentine Smith
Roches Point Lighthouse and coastguard station.
One of John Michaels Brothers emigrated to Toronto in Canada, in the early 1900,s and one went to live in London. both of these boys fought and lost there lives in France in 1916. The Eldest Joseph Smith was in the 75th Battalion Canadian infantry and was killed in Action in December 1916 at the age of 25. he is Buried in the Canadian war cemetery in St Sever , Rouen.

Sgt Joseph Smith 75th Battalion Canadian Infantry.
From the War Graves Commision 

The Younger Brother Ernest Duhamel Smith was with the 8th Battalion London Regiment (Post office Rifles) and was killed in action in October 1916 2 months before his elder brother. he is buried in the Warlencourt British Cemetery in France.
From War Graves Commission
so as you can see it has been a busy but interesting and also in some respects a sad day to think that after 100 years politicians have still not learnt anything. anyway tonight we are having a candle light vigil in the UK where everyone is being asked to turn off there lights in doors and to light a single candle in Memory of all those that  lost their lives not only in WW1 but all other conflicts around the world.
and there is also a memorial service held at the monument in the Guild hall square at 11.00 so it is now time to think about dinner so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

We Will Remember We Will Not Forget

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