Thursday, August 7, 2014

Problems with Blogger on Wednesday Ok Today (Thursday)

Wednesday 6th August

Good Morning one and all, well today has been a good day, I had a really good nights sleepTuesday night, went to bed about 11.00 and must have dropped of to sleep about 11.30 and slept through until 6.15 this Wednesday morning. so woke up in a positive mood
Waking up in a positive mood
Well it would have been apart from when I tried to write Wednesdays Daily Journal "Blogger" was having all kinds of problems and I could not write it so I am doing it today (Thursday the 7th)

Anyway Wednesday is the day that Pauline takes me shopping, and while we are out shopping Gordon does my weekly flat cleaning, " I am so lucky to have true friends like Pauline and Gordon", anyway I stay in my dressing gown while I have breakfast and then get myself, washed, shaved, abluted and then get dressed ready for when they arrive, with misty the Labrador.
Do I need a shave ?
Pauline and Gordon arrive about 11.00 o'clock , so I have only just got myself ready anyway they have brought Misty, who comes bounding into the kitchen, and promptly rolls over on to her back to have her tummy rubbed, this seem sot have become a ritual, every time she sees me.
My Doggy Friend "Mist
Well we have a coffee and a chat and then I phone for a taxi, and me and Pauline head off down to Portsmouth city centre, to get the shopping done while Gordon stays at the flat with Misty and gets the weekly cleaning done for me.
Come on Gordon, no slacking now
Once we get down to the city centre, I drop a prescription into Boots the chemist to collect later and then WE go into WH Smith the book shop as Pauline needs to gat a couple of things including a game of Scrabble, and I buy a couple of Book,s about Portsmouth in the First and Second world wars, to compliment my collection of Local History and local military history.
Purchases from WH Smith.
once we had come out of WH Smith,s we made our way into the Cascades shopping arcade. it is not very busy today and we make our way round to Mark and Spencer to get the food shopping.
The Cascade,s shopping arcade.
not for the feint hearted
once we had got our shopping from M&S we went and had a coffee from the coffee bar in the Precinct before heading back into boots to get my Prescription and to get some more Tena for men., before heading up to Gregg,s the baker to get a couple of steak slices and sausage roll,s to take home for lunch with Gordon..

A well earned rest 
I phone for the Taxi and we head back home to have lunch with Gordon, once home we get the shopping put away and then have a coffee and lunch before Gordon, Pauline and Misty head home, and I settle down in the recliner in my nice clean tidy flat to get this Journal written which as you know did not happen so I watch some TV and listen to the radio instead before having a nice  M&S Potato and egg salad with some corned beef.

The other thing I noticed is that we had some heavy rain overnight on Tuesday and early hour os Wednesday, and I do not know what happened but the bushes in my back courtyard a growing like mad, Gordon only cut them back a few weeks ago, Oh well that was Wednesday and now to get Thursdays Journal started.
My Back courtyard and That bush reminds me of my hair on a good day 

Thursday 7th August

Well here we go with Thursday, it was not such a good start to the day today, i woke at about 3.30 this morning with a really painful right shoulder, I had to get up and rub some deep heat in to it and that seemed to settle it down, I should have used a wheat bag but was to grumpy to mess around with that anyway after about an hour the shoulder had settled down so got back to sleep, and woke again about 7.00 am.
Not the best of starts to the day.
Anyway ashen I woke at  7.00 I went and made a coffee and then sent the text to Pauline to let her know I was up, and then at 7.45 I made my Breakfast, I had wheatabix with honey and prunes today,as I needed something quick and easy as I have an appointment with "Debbie the friendly vampire today at 9.40" so need to get a move on and get the taxi booked and then get myself washed and dressed.
Phoning to book a taxi in my best telephone manner.
Well It is now getting on for 9.30 and i am all ready for when the taxi arrives, Now A question for you all.:
WHY when you I am  all dressed and ready to go on a tight time schedule do my Bowels decide to talk to the prunes and arrange an evacuation, Funny it is not, Well it is really for the timing , but I won't admit to that. Oh well what will be will be, good job it is one of my regular taxi driver today at least he understands.
Thats Better
Well once that little episode is over it is back to normal so into the taxi and off down to the Eastney health centre to see Debbie and give my blood for my 4 weekly blood tests. Debbie is quite good at taking the blood, well she should be as I have been having it taken every 4 weeks for the last 3 years , anyway after I see my Neurologist we will be having the blood tests every 8 weeks.
Debbie The Friendly Vampire nurse.
well once the blood taking has finished Debbie ask how Pauline is and how her surprise party went, and is pleased it went well, and so I make my way home, so that really is about it for today, once indoors I make a coffee and settle down to get yesterdays(Wednesdays) journal written, I then get a jacket potato with Tuna for lunch, read the paper and do the easy crossword and then settle down to write todays Journal.
Franks Daily Dermatomyositis Journal in its Prime.
So here we are at 3.20 in the afternoon and I amin need of a lie down so I am going for a lie down and a cat nap for an hour and then the Journal will be posted and then I can start thinking about dinner tonight, it will be  Sea bream fillet with a cheesy mash, Excellent
Enjoying a cat nap
Just heard on the weather that we are expected to get the tail end of Hurricane Bertha reaching us on Sunday, it is tracking across the atlantic from America, it is being downgraded as it nears the coast of Northern Europe and the UK. although it is not going to be as severe as first thought it is fiorecast to be very wet and extremely windy through Sunday and Monday,
Prepared for Sunday and Monday

so until tomorrow I will say........................


  1. Sorry you had a yucky start to your day Frank. Hope it ended better. What did your fish dinner taste like? I've never heard of that type of fish. And sorry for the tail end of our hurricane. We sure get 'em though. Just keep swimming!!!!

  2. Hi Beth. Sea bream is a nice tasty fish with a soft flesh, very easy to eat and digest for me as it is not so flakey as cod or haddock and not so soft as sole or plaice. The cheesy mash ( cheese and potato pie) was made for me by Pauline. Hopefully the. Tail end of hurricane Bertha will track just south of us so although we will have a couple of days of wet and stormy weather it should not be to bad . Thanks for reading my journal.