Friday, August 1, 2014

A visit to the Doctors.

Although it is now Friday I promised that I would post Thursdays post this morning so here we are

Thursday as it happened seemed to be a day that came and went I slept reasonably well on Wednesday night and got up about 8.00 am as Thursday is the day the household refuse is collected so I need to put out the black bin bag ready for the collection.

Time for breakfast.
Once I have done that I phone Pauline and She and Gordon are Ok, I then go on the laptop to check out Facebook and get up to date with the Postings, before getting some toast and Marmalade for breakfast followed by the obligatory five Prunes. after which I get myself washed and dressed, before heading out with the Rollator to go and get my daily paper at the local Tesco Express.

On Facebook again
Once I had got my paper I went back home, my knee is playing up again today so the less I walk the better it is anyway take a co-codomol for it and then go for a lie down.  after about an hour I go and get back on the laptop for an hour until it is time to get some lunch ready as it is 12.30 and I need to have lunch at 1.00.

See my Doctor
I am having a Jacket potato for lunch today with cheese and some mince that Gordon and pauline brought down for me yesterday. Once that has been cooked and eaten it is time for a mint tea before getting the vegetable prepared ready for dinner tonight, as I have to start getting ready about 2,30 as I have a taxi booked for 3.30 to take me to Eastney health centre for my appointment with Dr Lake at 3.50, Dr Lake is a very attentive Doctor and listens to what I say.

Once I have got myself shaved and dressed the Taxi arrives and Off I go up to the Health Centre. I arrive about 3.40 and report to reception I am number 1 to see Dr Lake so I have not got long to wait and am in spot on 3.50.

First of all  she understands that I am having problems with the tapering of the steroids but what she was concerned about was that i was having problems and pains in my Knee and hands, she looked at my notes and prescriptions and could not understand why I was not on Calcium, as I have been on the Prednisolone for so long, I said that is something that I had wondered about as my dietician stopped my Calcium and Vit D tablets in October 2012 after I had come of the Puree and soft lumps diet, anyway she is going to look into my notes and then write to me and is also going to write to the dietician and also my Neurologist as she feels I need to go back on them, but need to find out the exact reason it was stopped. she is also going to arrange tests to see if I may have Adrenal insufficiency

The pains in the knee and hand she thinks could be Arthritis as my monthly blood works for the bone comes back normal so she wants me to go to the St Mary,s walk in treatment centre tomorrow for an x-Ray on the Knee, just to see if anything is amiss with the Knee Joint. I had a x-ray on it about 18 months ago when I was having knee pain and it came back all clear.

St Marys walk in Treatment centre .
Eastney Health Centre and Doctors Surgery,s
So all in all a good appointment so now back home at 4.40 so time for a coffee and relax until Gervase comes in to see me at 6.30 and then dinner for 7.30 and then an evening relaxing listening to the radio and an Facebook so until Fridays Journal I will say Adios..................

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