Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rest, Rest and More Rest, That is the answer.

And those are very wise words my friends and fellow myositis warriors. Welcome to my Saturday of rest, today I am reporting from my Recliner in front of the TV

It has been one of those days today after a very busy friday, not only did  Gordon come down to help me to have a bath ,  a visit to the chemist, a trip for an x-ray, a trip to the seafront for a snack and a trip to show Gordon where the old canal used to enter Portsea Island BUT I also had to take my Methotrexate. so as you can see after all that there was only one thing to do today and that was to rest. BUT Did I ??????????

Freaky Friday 
Getting Breakfast
However the day started badly, or Good depending on what way you look at it, I overslept and did not get up until 9.30 am, that is what happens when you have an enjoyable day , anyway I made my coffee, although still in a bit of a daze and made my way to the lounge to log on to Facebook and catch up on the posts from Friday night and this morning and then got carried away exchanging posts on the Australian  Myositis support group, and before I knew it, it was 11.00 and I had not had breakfast, so got some toast and Marmalade and the obligatory Prunes and sat and had breakfast followed by a mint tea.

Once I had finished Breakfast Gordon phoned to say that Pauline and he  were back from the vets with Misty, They had taken her down to have her booster shots (Misty that is not Pauline) and also Misty had a sore patch on her back at the base of her tail, the vet checked it out and there was not a problem with her glands, and it is an infection that she has picked up when she has been taken down to the sandy beach at Hayling Island, apparently it is an infection from Sand Mites in this hot weather and the salt water, so the vet shaved the area, and they have some ointment and antibiotics to clear it up.
Misty and the Vet

Wash and Shave.
Once I had finished on the phone speaking with Gordon it was time to get myself sorted and to get to grips with the day.
The trouble was I was still in my Pyjamas and it was heading towards midday, so I thought If I have another Coffee, that will wake me up so I took todays 5 mg Prednisolone tablet and then had a coffee and then decided I had better go and get  washed, shaved and dressed before the day is over.

Once I had got that all done and I was dressed I thought it was best to get the washing up done from breakfast before settling down to get some  pictures and information from the family tree emailed to my Cousin,s son Grant.He asked yesterday evening if I had any details of any of our Smith Family that were involved in ww1, as he had been watching the programs on the TV about the first world war, on the build up to the 100th anniversary on Monday the 4th of August. I had a little bit about 2 of my Great Grandfathers nephews , who were both killed in action in France in 1916 so sent details of where they were laid to rest in the war grave cemeteries in France and some other bits and pieces so hopefully he will find them of interest,
A Cat Nap
Once that was doneI decided that it was time for a lie down for an hour as I was feeling in need of a cat nap.

Well that was a nice 45 minute sleep and I feel so much better, anyway it is now getting on for 2.00 pm so decide That I would have a Jacket potato and cheese for lunch, it will take 30 minutes to cook so that goes in the oven and I settle down to get yesterdays crosswords done in the paper before lunch is ready at 2.20. I have lunch and then decide I had better get started on todays Journal so that is what I do.

So that was my day of Rest, well as they say "nothing goes to plan", so perhaps tomorrow will be a day of rest, who knows, on reflection, i should have stayed in bed this morning. !!!!!!!.

Anyway It is now 5.10, so I have just about covered today so I am now going to get this published on my blog and then listen to some classical music for a couple of hours before I start to get dinner at 7.00 ish, tonight it will be steak pie with cheesy  mash that Pauline made for me, so until tomorrow i will say a ...........................

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