Friday, August 8, 2014

Another Friggin Freaky Friday

Well here we are again and another Freaky Friday is upon us, no sooner have you got over one Friday then another one arrives, Oh well thats the way the cookie crumbles I suppose.
A Crumbling Cookie
So How did my day start you may well ask, well seeing as you asked so nicely, It started to early, I was awake about 4.30 isn for a Bathroom Break and was so hot that I went and got a cold drink and sat in the lounge for 30 minutes checking Facebook on the Tablet computer, oh what an exciting life I lead. trouble is I do find sending messages on my Tablet slow work, I must get a more modern one soon.
Why is sending messages on my Tablet so slow ?
Anyway I went back to bed just after 5.00 and woke again about 8.00, a far better time to get up. although it was one of those mornings where you feel if you could do with a few more hours in bed, but Gordon will be coming down this morning about 10.30 to help me so I can have a bath, he will also put clean bedding on the bed so that he can take it with the other washing back so that Pauline can wash it over the Weekend.
Is it really time to get up ?
However, seeing as Gordon will not be here until about 10.30 there is no reason to get dressed as I can see no point in getting dressed and then getting undressed again to have a bath ( mind you if I had a bath with my clothes on it would reduce the Laundry for Pauline.) so I take my Lansoprazole so that I can have breakfast at 9.00.
No Point getting dressed until after my bath
At 9.00 I have my Breakfast , I am having toast and marmalade this morning followed by my daily 4 Prunes, after which I check on Facebook and do the Morning greetings on the Myositis support groups and the Ramblers Group, and then I go and have a shave and Brush my teeth before Gordon Arrives at 10.20
Getting a Shave and Cleaning Teeth
Gordon Arrives and we have a coffee, and Gordon goes to change my Bedding while I am having my Bath, It feels so good and after I have had my bath it is so nice to be able to walk around without being followed by funny smell !!!!!!!!
Good Job it is nearly Friday
well once I have had a bath, gordon puts the Diprobase cream on my legs and back, and I do my chest and arms, and then I get myself dressed as we need to go down to the Chemist to get my Medication and some milk and a daily paper, and then we go into a little cafe and have a coffee and sandwich each for lunch.
Once we are back home we have a coffee and then I take my Methotrexate and Gordon makes his way home to Pauline while I go for a lie down and then at 3.00 I go on to the computer and get todays daily journal written.
Taking My Methotrexate
Now that I have had the Methotrexate, it is time to rest for the afternoon, So once I have Posted this Journal to my blog to will be rest and relaxation for the rest of Friday.
Watching the News and weather it is likely that it will get quite bad here on the South Coast as the remnants of Hurricane Bertha tracks across the South coast of England so it will be a case of batten down the hatches on Sunday and Monday and possibly Tuesday. although not as severe as first predicted it could still cause major flooding and some damage especially as tree,s are in full leaf.

well that is it for today so until tomorrow I will say ................

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