Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Laptop connected to the TV.

Well here we are sitting in my recliner with my laptop but connected to my a 39" TV. not the best solution but it may get me through writing my journal until I get my new desktop computer.
Samsung smart TV with Facebook App
As I have said earlier this week, I am having problems with my vision, mainly when spending time on the laptop, I have been diagnosed with a Prednisolone induced cataract in my right eye but at this time it is not severe enough to warrant an operation, but I will be discussing this with my Neurologist when I see him on Thursday, anyway after speaking to my optician and also the GP, it looks like although my vision is not to bad under normal conditions it is not that great for reading and looking at small text on computer screens for any length of time so It is decided that I need to get a larger computer to work on. so I have decided to purchase a imac with a 27" screen, also means that I will need to get a nice comfy office chair so I can work from my desk.

27" Imac
 However after reading the posts on facebook I have taken some of the advice and connected my laptop to my smart TV, that way I can still spend a little longer on the computer but not an ideal situation but will allow me to produce my journal although not on a daily basis.

One of the problems with having  impaired vision is that I can never see if my coffee cup is up the right way LOL.
Ooop,s must clean my Spectacles again
As a lot of you know I had my monthly blood tests at the Eastney Health Centre last tuesday. Well all the blood tests were Ok from last week, and after seeing Doctor Tyrrell on Wednesday I have upped the Lactulose dose to 10 ml twice daily as I have developed "Minor Anal Fissures" through a  combination of Constipation and the Prednisolone causing my skin to thin. anyway I have some cream for that (Life really is a Pain in the butt at the moment)

Perhaps I should eat less fish ???
At least I have also found out from the cartoon above why I walk Funny "LOL" anyway just hope we do not have a lot of snow this winter otherwise I will have to go out wearing a Tuxedo.

Anyway that is about it for today, I am out shopping with Pauline tomorrow and then I will be seeing my Neurologist Dr Gibb at the Queen Alexander Hospital on Thursday so will get another journal posted on Friday to keep you all up to date on my exciting life, at least it will be turkey mince tonight not Fish so who Knows what that will bring tomorrow ???.

I am not coming to your house for dinner tonight
so I am now going to get this posted and just to say that I will get back to getting the journal written daily as soon as I have my larger computer anyway thanks for all your facebook messages and so until Fridays edition I will say..........

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