Monday, September 16, 2013

The Days are going by far to quickly.

So here we are again and it is Monday already,  I wish someone could explain to me where the days are going, Because I have not got a clue.

It is almost a week since I last wrote my "Daily Journal", Not so much a daily journal now I am afraid though, although it will change back to being written and posted daily once I have got the new computer .
When Frank gets his new computer
Wednesday 11th September 2013

Not a great deal happened last week it was really much like any other week, on Wednesday Pauline and Gordon came down and while gordon spent a couple of hours cleaning the flat, Pauline took me down to Morrisons to get the shopping.
Morrisons Portsmouth City Centre.
Once we had got the shopping done we got a taxi back home, and after getting the shopping put away we had a coffee and a chat before Pauline and Gordon made their way back home, as usual gordon had done a good job on the flat cleaning as usual.
Got that one wrong Gordon
 Thursday 12th September 2013

Thursday was a normal day as far as normal goes for me spent most of the day as usual listening to the radio or watching TV in between cooking and washing up and then an early night on Thursday ready for my trip to the Queen Alexandra Hospital for my Pulmonary Function Test on Friday.

Friday 13th September 2013

Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth.

The appointment for my Pulmonary function test went pretty well. there was a young trainee along with a physiotherapist that did the tests and the results will be sent to Dr Gibb my consultant. then what he said at our meeting on the 5th, is that when he gets the results of the PFT we will then look at the treatment going forward,

so that was about it for Friday except once I had got home it was time for the ............................. Methotrexate. because Fridays is know by me as Freaky Friday.

Anyway I leave it until after Dinner before I take the Methotrexate so that about the time the Methotrexate kicks in I am off to bed that way I sleep through most of the affects, as it always makes me feel yucky for a day or so.

Saturday 14th September 2013

Saturday started as usual with me having a lie in and then going through the usual daily routine, and I was looking forward to Saturday evening as I am going with Gordon and Pauline up to my Nephew Arron,s House in Fareham to a house warming get together, Arron and Sarah have been married for two years and have just moved into their second house as they are expecting their first Baby in October, so we are all looking forward to that.

One baby on the way 
Gervase and leanne unfortunately can not make it as they have a prior arrangement and I heard on Friday that my Brother Pat and his family cannot make it as Pat and also his daughter Melanie both have glandular fever but there was still a good turnout and we all had a good time.
A good evening at Arron and Sarah,s house warming
One thing I did do was although it was not my day for Prednisolone I did take 10 mg on Friday as well just to make sure that I was able to go . anyway it was a great evening and did not get back home until 11.00 pm so to bed at midnight and a lie in sunday morning.

Sunday 15th September 2013

Sunday was a day of resting and recovering from saturday evening. Gervase came and took me to Asda at fratton to get the shopping, it was nice to see him and he and Leanne had a good night last night.

Gervase has a busy week ahead with work as he is in London on Monday, Leeds on Tuesday, Edinburgh on Wednesday and back to leeds on Thursday and Friday so he has a lot of sorting out to do at home so once we are back home after shopping we have a chat and then he heads back home.

Monday 16th September 2013

And so to today another restful day of TV listening to the radio, Pauline and Gordon were down in Southsea today so came in for a coffee with Misty the Labrador, it was nice to see them all, we had a nice chat and a coffee and then headed back home. I have just caught up with the journal but will now get it posted on my blog as my vision is telling me it has had enough, just to say that there is now only 5 days to Myositis Awareness Day on Saturday the 21st

So until my next Journal I will say...............

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