Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time is flying By.

I just cannot believe that it was last Thursday that I wrote my last "Daily ???" Journal it seems to be heading to a weekly Journal, still the good thing is that I have just about made up my mind what spec I need for my new larger screen computer so once that has been purchased I will hopefully be back writing Journals on a Daily Basis. so all I can say is thank you for being patient with me while I get my vision and computer sorted and welcome to................
Friday 20th September 2013

Much like any other Freaky Friday, Friday came and went I slept pretty well on Thursday night and was up about 8.30 on Friday morning. after sending the morning text to Pauline I got my breakfast and then settled down to catch up with the news on the local radio, Pauline phoned to say that all was ok with her, Gordon had spent the night over in Salisbury with his son, and he was due back after work this afternoon.
Talking to Pauline on the phone
Once I had finished talking to Pauline I got myself dressed and then took a stroll with the rollator around to the local co-op store to get some milk and the daily paper before having a stroll down to the eastney health centre to hand in my repeat prescription form and then headed back home it was a 3 mile round trip but I took it easy and enjoyed it. Once back home I settle down with the radio and to read the paper and get the crossword done.
Doing the Crossword in the daily paper
The rest of the day went by pretty much as it usually does, Gervase phoned about 1.30 to say he was at Leeds railway station ready to get his train home, he has been up in leeds since Tuesday with work , so is looking forward to getting back home to leanne.
I got dinner ready for 6.50 as usual and then after dinner settled down to watch the TV and to take my 15 mg of Methotrexate, and then was ready for bed at 10.30.
Its another Freaky Friday

Saturday 21st September 2013

and today dawned bright and sunny and also today is Myositis Awareness Day

So Saturday started like all my days with texts, phone call,s and breakfast. It was a decent nights sleep again last night, it is funny but since I have curtailed the amount of time spent on my laptop I am certainly sleeping better and am not having the headaches and vision problems that I was getting, so that is a positive for my Eye,s.....

Gervase Phoned at about 11.00 to say that he will be round to take me shopping at 12.00 he will be going to Fratton Park at 3.00 for the football as he is a Pompey season ticket holder and on the weekend that Pompey are playing home at Fratton Park we go shopping on the Saturday as I only live about a 5 minute walk away from the football stadium.
Frogmore road entrance to Fratton Park
Gervase arrives at about 11.50 so we decide that due to the  problems of the increase in traffic on match days around Portsmouth which is a city of mainly victorian terraced houses and narrow victorian roads that we would walk down to the Bridge centre at Fratton and go to Asda. It is about a mile away so I said that I will walk with the Wheelchair  and then when I have had enough Gervase could push me as it happens I walk all the way there, around Asda and all the way back home pushing the wheelchair so really pleased with that, it means that I walked 3 miles on Thursday with the Rollator and 2 miles Saturday with the wheelchair so am really feeling positive at the moment.

The Bridge Centre and Asda at Fratton.
Well once we were back home Gervase went off to meet his mates for Football and I made a coffee and then went for a lie down for an hour or So. Gervase came in on the way home from Football at 5.00 pm, Pompey lost 0-1 so not a happy chappy.
Framed print of the "Pompey" Sailor Mascot
Anyway he collects his shopping and then makes his way home to Leanne while I get my dinner cooked and then settle down to an evening of TV.

Sunday 22nd September 2013

And so we go into Sunday, legs are a bit achey after yesterday but I slept well so a couple of co-codamol to ease the pain and I am fit and ready for a busy Sunday. after all the usual bits and pieces I go round to Tesco express to get my daily paper and some milk and then back home to settle down with the paper and to catch up on saturdays recordings of Bonanza on the sky box.
well Pauline and Gordon are coming down later this morning at about 11.30, anyway at 11.00 I get a phone call from Pauline,s sister Fran to say that her, Colin and Stewie are down in Southsea and are going to come in and see me, so that is a nice surprise so they arrive about 11.40 and Pauline and Gordon arrive at about 11.50. so it s a flat full of visitors and it is a really great time to see them all here, however Fran, Colin and Stewie make a move at about 12.10, and them Pauline and Gordon are going to sort out my front forecourt and also the back yard to get everything trimmed back and tidied up for the winter. They are here for a good 4 hours and I help with what I can which really is not a lot but at least I can make the teas and coffee,s, me and gordon go over to B&Q to get a couple of shrubs to put in pots and also a rose bush to plant in the front.
The Front courtyard with new pots and rose planted

A Tidy and clean back yard
Once it is all done Pauline and Gordon head back home and I go and relax in the recliner before getting dinner at 6.30 and then watching TV until bed time at 11.00 pm.

Monday 23rd September 2013

Not much to say about Monday, It was a great nights sleep on Sunday night and Monday was a very warm and sunny day, I was up at 8.30 and after the normal bits and pieces took a walk around the block and along Devonshire square where I got my Paper and milk from the local co-op before heading back home to spend a little bit of time giving the front courtyard and back yard a sweep and a hose down before settling down with the paper and some TV.
Devonshire Avenue Portsmouth
At 2.00 I get some Sardines and Crispbread for lunch before settling down to watch a couple of old episodes of "Gunsmoke" which I recorded on Sunday afternoon.
Gunsmoke with James Arness 1955
at 6.00 I do myself some Chicken in White wine sauce with Brown rice for dinner and then settle down to watch emmerdale at 7.00 and then at 9.00 it is Doc Martin so that is a good relaxing evening and then off to bed at 10.30 after the 10.00 News.
Doc Martin starring Martin Clunes
Tuesday 24th September 2013

And so here we are at Tuesday and I have caught up with myself. well here we are on a very bright and sunny Tuesday in the middle of September. well it is going to be an interesting day today as I am going to a meeting of the " Health and Social Care overview Group" at the Frank Sorrell centre Southsea. it is at the rear of Eastney Health centre where my doctors surgery is, It is about 1.5 miles from my flat and I am going to take a slow stroll down with my rollator and see how I go, I walked it last week when I took my repeat prescription down.
This is the Rollator that I need
anyway after texting and speaking to Pauline and also having breakfast I get myself ready and then at about 9.55 I set of to take a gentle stroll down to the Frank Sorrell centre, I get there at about 10.20 so it has taken me about 30 minutes to walk the 1½ miles. anyway It was a good meeting and I really enjoyed it and will enjoy being involved in the community health and social care program. I have also been invite to take part in a meeting on Thursday which is the Portsmouth Disability Forum, Open Access Forum which focus,s on issues relating to physical access to services and transport for all disabled people. "What have I let myself in for ?"

Well at least it will get me out of the flat and get me meeting other people and also to get involved within the community, once the meeting had finished and I said my goodbye,s I went round to the health centre to pick up my prescription for prednisolone and Methotrexate which I will get made up tomorrow, and then as I have to go tomorrow for blood tests I also arranged to have my Flu vaccination tomorrow as well, so that will work out well, I then head back home collecting my paper and some milk on the way. once I am back home I make a coffee have a sandwich for lunch and then settle down to get this journal written.

Writing my daily Journal
well it has got warmer and sunnier as the day has gone on, it has been brilliant blue sky today and a temperature in Southsea of 24C/75F so a nice warm day. It has been a really great day today met some new people and walked 3 mile with the rollator so well pleased with myself, anyway it is now 4.45 so I will close this now and hopefully I will get the next journal written on Friday/Saturday so until then I will say ...............

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