Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oh Doctor I'm in Trouble..............

Oh goodness Gracious Me..............

Hello again one and all and welcome to Thursday 19th September.
it has been an interesting time since my last Journal on Monday, so I will start with the events of Tuesday.

Tuesday 17th September 2013

As most of you know I have scaled down on the frequency of my daily journals due to problems with my Vision using a 13" macbook pro. Although I can zoom in on the text it the constant staring at a small bright screen that has been giving me problems along with frequent head aches above the eye,s. If I do not spend extended time on the computer this problem does not arise, however I decided on Tuesday to Phone my GP in the Morning at 9.00 am, and spoke to Dr Lake who arranged an appointment with another GP Dr Eggin at 11.45 that Morning.
Speaking to Dr Lake
After I had spoken to Dr lake I spoke to Pauline on the phone and let her know and also had a chat with Gordon, before getting some cereal for breakfast and taking my morning dose of Laxido.
"Laxido" for all that is stubborn and refuses to move
after breakfast and doing the washing up I get a wash and shave and then get myself ready to go to the Eastney Health Centre to see Dr Eggin. Dr Eggin is the replacement Doctor for my long standing Family GP Dr Tyrrell, who retired last week, so I was a bit apprehensive about seeing Dr Eggin, but I should not have been, she turned out to be a very competent GP and had been fully versed on my Myositis by Dr Tyrrell and also by Dr,s Lake, Richbell and Proctor, in fact Dr Tyrrell had even passed the book on Myositis that I had brought for him 2 years ago.

The book I Brought for Dr Tyrrell
Anyway I got a Taxi down to the Eastney Health Centre at 11.30 and reported to Reception I was Number 11 so as number 10 was in with Dr Eggin, then I was next, I only had a short wait and was called in at 11.50. Dr Eggin listened to what I had to say about what was happening and then carried out a series of tests my blood Pressure sitting and standing was OK, My Blood sugar level was normal, My Blood tests from two weeks ago were all OK ( Or as Dr Tyrrell marked, "Normal for this Patient") She then checked my eyes and carried out several vision and balance tests and also checked my ears, and  came up with the diagnosis that she could see no major problem apart from the cataract that was probably causing problems with the vision ( which is what I suspected) but she also said that the headaches were probably a combination of the brightness of the screen on the laptop and the fact that the muscles in my neck were weakened and was not able to support my head properly while using the laptop in the recliner so she has prescribed 2 x co-codamol if I find my neck becoming painful ( which I had noticed over the last week or so.)
A Thorough examination
So that was a good and positive visit to the Doctors so back home in the taxi and the rest of the day was spent watching TV and having dinner and leaving the Computer alone. anyway look forward to November when I get my new computer and also a new office chair so that I can work from my desk, will start checking that out tomorrow.

Wednesday 18th September 2013

well a decent nights sleep last night and got up about 8.30, Pauline and Gordon will be down about 10.30 this morning and then it will be down to the city centre to get the shopping. Today is the anniversary of My Fathers Birthday and also my Uncle Fred ( Mums Brother) Dad was born on the 18th September 1914 so would have been 99 this year and Uncle fred was born on the 18th September 1918 and would have been 95 this year

well after texting and speaking to Pauline and Having Breakfast it was time to get myself ready for when Pauline and Gordon arrive. in fact they arrive about 10.20 and I am not quite ready but almost so that is not a problem anyway, one I am ready I get the Rollator ready and Phone citywide for a taxi to take Pauline and I down to Commercial road and then once we have left, Gordon can do the weekly clean on my flat.
Commercial road precinct.
 Once down town we go and do the shopping that we need to do and also have a coffee before doing the main grocery shopping in Tesco,s before getting a Taxi back home at 1.15. Once home we get the shopping put away and then have a coffee, a chat and a sandwich before Gordon and Pauline head home and I settle down to check out office chairs and maybe a new desk as well. Gordon had done a god job with the flat cleaning as usual so thank you Pauline and Gordon for all your Help.
Nice one Gordon
Thursday 19th September 2013

Another excellent night last night, well after listening to Dr Eggin on Tuesday I have not suffered any headaches or vision problems, I cannot wait until November to come around so that I can get my new Computer. Until then I will be spending less time on the Computer, although I have found a way to write these blogs and facebook posts by using the "Siri" facility on my iPad. this allows me to verbally dictate what I want to write I can then go into the blog on the computer and add the images and that is it,  It took a bit of getting used to the speed of dictating and I have to manually make a very few adjustments by hand but I am getting better at it and it means I am not staring at a screen for a long time.

So today I have also been looking at what Office chair to get and also looking at Desks to compliment the new iMac when I get it.
It looks like the desk and chair will be from Ikea. Just can't wait now.
Ikea Hemnes Desk with add on Unit

Ikea Malkolm swivel chair
Well that is about all my eyes will take today as far as the computer is concerned.
After my appointment with Dr Gibb my Neurologist on the 5th of this month and my Pulmonary Function test last Friday, I today received a letter from Dr Gibb,s Secretary to say that my next appointment is on the 5th March 2014 that is 6 months time the same as the last one so I would presume that my PFT was OK.
So until the next blog which I hope to write on Saturday " Myositis Awareness Day" I will say...................

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