Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where do the days go to ??????

Welcome to..................

It just seems like no sooner does the day start than it is soon time for bed again, They do say that as you get older that the days seem to go quicker.

So seeing as the days going by so quickly must be a sign of getting older perhaps I should buy myself a book on getting Older ..................

After my positive appointment with my Consultant Neurologist on Friday and then the taking of the Methotrexate, the week end went pretty much like every weekend does after freaky Friday.

Saturday 7th September 2013

Friday night was a decent nights sleep and saturday was a bit of a nondescript day really, so did not do an awful lot on Saturday, I did go for a bit of a walk round to co-op in winter road to get my morning paper but most of the day was spent watching old repeats of Bonanza and Gunsmoke on the CBS action channel, so that is one of the good things to taking the Methotrexate it wipes me out for a day or two so I can catch up on some nostalgic TV series from my Youth
Those were the Day,s
Bonanza 1959 - 1973
Saturday evening was a good evening as I spent a good 4 hours watching the last night of the Proms live on BBC 1 and 2  from the "Royal albert Hall"
The Royal Albert Hall, London.

Last night of the Proms BBC 1 and 2
Sunday 8th September 2013

Sunday was much the same although my Son Gervase came round to see me for a few hours in the afternoon and took me down to Asda in Fratton to get some shopping so that was a nice change, by Sunday afternoon the Methotrexate "Yucky" feeling is wearing off.
Asda at Fratton (Stock Photo).
anyway once we had done the shopping we head home and after putting the shopping away we sit and have a chat and put the world to rights before Gervase heads back home to Leanne.

Monday 9th September 2013

well come Monday and it is time for the slow cooker to come out of the cupboard as Autumn is approaching, so it is time to get out the Slow cooker recipe book. when I was shopping with Gervase Sunday I got a nice chicken breast quarter and a nice pork cutlet along with a nice pack of fresh casserole vegetables so after breakfast I get the casserole pack into the slow cooker with the Chicken breast Quarter and add the water and stock cubes and set the slow cooker on its low setting so that it will be all cooked ready for dinner at 6.30 this evening.
Casserole Vegetable pack
Fresh chicken breast Quarters
Pauline and Gordon were down at there Flat this morning and popped in to see me for a coffee about lunch time so we had a coffee and a chat an I gave Gordon his Birthday Card and Present as it is his birthday on Tuesday. Pauline and Gordon stayed about an hour and then headed back home to Waterlooville, so I settled down to catch up with some Tv and also to get another "Myo Man Dreams" Cartoon strip done, I did one on Sunday as well It is nearly a year since I did the last one so decided I had better start getting creative again.
Sundays Cartoon strip

Mondays Cartoon Strip
well monday was a pretty good day all round and I was ready for my Dinner from the slow cooker so at 6.30 it was a nice Chicken Casserole followed by fruit in Jelly and It was very tasty, and there is enough vegetable left in the slow cooker to have with the slow cooked Pork cutlet on Tuesday.
A Tasty slow cooked Chicken Casserole home made with fresh ingredients 
 Monday night was spent watching the TV before heading off to bed at 10.30 to listen to the local radio quiz before getting off to sleep at 11.30.

Tuesday 10th September 2013

as Usual Like any other morning it starts with a trip to the bathroom before a coffee which gets taken back to bed.
The morning Ritual
Once I have had my Coffee and lie in I then make another coffee and take into the lounge, where I send the text to Pauline and then have breakfast, Pauline phones back and says that Gordon is having a birthday lie in today and then they are going into the town later on this morning so ......................
So another day of watching TV, and relaxing until tomorrow when it will be shopping with Pauline down the city centre and also Morrisons. anyway at 10.00 I get the Pork cutlet into the slow cooker and also the remainder of the vegetable from yesterday, I add a rasher of Bacon and some extra stock and then put it on to the slow setting so it will be ready for dinner tonight.
A tasty fresh organic Pork Cutlet
Once that is all ready I get the washing up done and then settle down to get this journal written. I will be so glad when I get my new computer, which hopefully will be the second or third week of October if all goes to plan, anyway after a little while I take a break and  go and get a paper and some milk and then have another spell at the Journal, at 1.00 I make a nice Toasted Bacon and Egg sandwich for lunch and also a Banana, before getting back to the Journal.
Toasted Egg and Bacon Sandwich for lunch
So it is now 2.40 and the vision has just about had it with the computer for the day so I am going to end todays Journal and to remind you all that it is only 11 days to Myositis Awareness day on Saturday 21st September. so do what you can to raise awareness of Myositis in your community.

so until the next Journal I will say.................

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