Monday, July 25, 2011

Funday Monday

Hello again and here we are another Monday, Weather over here in the UK is very Sunny with a temperature of 23 c and a humidity of 36%. woke about 6.15 this morning, with a sore and painful shoulder, but that subsided after about 40 mins so probably laid awkward on it last night, anyway time to get Meds done this morning and Breakfast before the carer comes as I need to Phone the Surgery to see a doctor about my breathing difficulties and the possible re-occurrence of Oral thrush, ( As opposed to a Song Thrush)
Song Thrush 

Anyway let us not detour  away from the visit to the doctors. Phoned the doctor about 9.30 and got an appointment for 11.20, so not to bad , just time to get changed and order a taxi. anyway lets cut to the chase . I go in to see the Doctor , he check,s my chest and no problems there, so it is down to the muscles on the lungs making breathing difficult, anyway he decides that he will try me with an inhaler to see if that may help. so he gives me a prescription for a Ventolin Evohaler (100mg Salbutamol sulphate) and a Aerochamber Plus.
Aerochamber plus

However I then proceeded to ask about the possibility that the oral thrush was re-appearing again , true to form he said, " That,s probably a side effects of the steroids, so don't worry about it, as they reduce the steroid's, the thrush will go .

♫♬ Don't Blame it on the Sunshine ♬♫
♫♬ Don't Blame it on the Moonlight ♬♫
♫♬ Don't Blame it on the Good times ♬♫
♫♬ Blame it on the Steroids ♬♫

Didn't have the heart to tell him the thrush first started before I was on the Steroids
bless his little cotton sock,s. I think this disease has really confused him, good job my consultant is on the job.

So there we are, job done, Pauline and Gordon picked me up from the surgery, and went and got the inhaler, and ""joy oh joy"" it works, fingers crossed, but I took a couple of puffs about 12.30 pm and am breathing easier than I have done for several weeks and it is now 3.15pm. The other positives that came out of the doctors today was that my blood test results from friday shows that my white blood cell count is starting to come back down (it was high), and other results of blood are satisfactory.

Well that is the excitement for the day over and done with, now to rest for the rest of the day and let the muscle inflammation, settle back down ( After being out in the sun). Tomorrow will be an early start as I have Blood test at the Health centre at 08.10 am, so will need to get up early to get ready, thank goodness pauline is picking me up, and also we will be shopping at asda (Walmart) tomorrow so a busy day ahead. 
see you all again tomorrow so bye for now.

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