Thursday, July 28, 2011

Visitor Invasion.

Hello again, here we are Thursday already and so far it has been a good day after a really sleepless night, no explanation really, just could not sleep, went to bed about 11.30 pm  and was ok until I woke up about 2.30 am, dozed back off until about 4.30 am and then that was it, just could not get back to sleep, no idea why and have no explanation for it.

Decided to get out of bed about 7.00 am and got some breakfast !!! Hooray managed to have a dish of Cocoa pops !!!!!! No Puree food at breakfast for me today , now is that an Improvement or not ?, took the medication and got ready for the carer, she came early today at 8.30 so now washed, Shaved, Groomed and ready for the day ahead.

Had a phone call from Pauline to say she will be round about 11.30 just going in the chemist for me so she is on the way here, also had a phone call from my sisters friend to say Eileen and She would be coming into day about lunchtime so lots of visitors to look forward to today, which will be nice. anyway true to her word Pauline arrives about 11.40 am.

We decided to have a clear out of some of the junk I have amassed over the years, and hidden away in the cupboards in the upstair bedrooms, God the stuff we found, why did I ever keep it we binned several bags of stuff.

Well Had a nice chat with Pauline, and the my sister Eileen and her friend Chris turn up, nice to see them, and they have brought their lunch with them.

So back into the Kitchen and make some more tea and coffee, my god I am being over worked and bullied today by the female population, !! Only Joking !! its nice to have some company, and also to catch up with what is happening with the rest of the family, so a nice afternoon, Eileen and Chris make their way home about 2.00 pm and Pauline goes about 2.30 pm, and  I see they have left all the washing up for me to do, still never mind it was worth it. So now a bit of a sit down and a rest , as my Son Gervase will be in on his way home from work this evening.

So all in all a brilliant day, no muscle aches, but feeling tired, have decided to cut down on the coffee intake and try Green tea, hopefully that may let me sleep better at night, well you never know, Need to get a decent sleep tonight as tomorrow is Methotrexate day and we increase to 15 mg tomorrow, also going for a haircut as well so a busy friday coming up.

So will leave you all to it and have a good day.

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  1. Whooo Hooo, my name and picture in print. It was good to see you today Bro, and you're looking pretty damn good for an old un!!!!!!!