Friday, July 22, 2011

Silly Friday

Hi all and here I am again, Friday is upon us once more, so its to the medicine cabinet for the Methotrexate.  this is the last week on 12.5 mg, next week we increase to 15.0 mg and so hopefully we will then stay at that dosage and let it stabilize.

It is a funny old day today as I have to go to the Eastney health centre for weekly blood test today and then have the infection on my toe dressed at the same time, also get the appointments for the next few weeks so we will see if they have got it right this time or not. well it looks like the infection on the toe has all but cleared now so will get it looked at next week but the practice nurse seems to think that, it will be ok after next week !!! Hooray !!!!. now the appointments.

No change there then, still a total cock-up, can't really see where the problem is, in getting these appointments correct, perhaps the receptionist was a comedian in a past life, oh well can,t be bothered to argue, will play it by ear and phone in myself on a weekly basis.

Have been busy this week in setting up a new website "Myositis in Focus". Since starting this blog I have been contacted by people that suffer from one of the myositis diseases, saying how they enjoy reading how I am coping with the disease and that they find it hard to get the information on the disease. There is a lot of info around on the web but a lot of it is correct but there is also a lot of mis-information so I am collating the correct info and links into a single site so that it is easier for people to follow.

Was listening to some Tom Jones songs on the radio this afternoon and they were playing Deilah, so being in one of my playful moods I decided to alter a few of the Lyrics so I put these words to the music.

My, My, My-oh-sigh-tis,.
Why ,Why,My-oh-sigh-tis
Remember before
We used to romp on the floor
I'm sorry Delilah
I just can't perform anymore.

Hope this has not offended anyone, its just me being silly, Sorry Tom.

Oh well all in all it has been a good day today, weather has been pretty good and swallowing has not been to bad so fingers crossed small positive progress is being achieved, which is all one can ask for in these early days, keep forgetting it has only been about 12 to 13 weeks since this was diagnosed.

For anyone interested the web address for my new site " Myositis in Focus" is in the links list on the left of this page
Until tomorrow then folks in the words of Ken Dodd "Tatty Bye"

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