Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Manic Tuesday

here we are then Tuesday has arrived (again) must say I was not sorry to see the clock get to 7.00 am this morning, Had a terrible night last night, didn't have my main meal until late yesterday and kept waking up through the night with Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Sore Shoulder, among other things so all in all thank goodness the morning has arrived, the one positive is that the weather is not so warm and sunny today so breathing is easier.

Have an early start today as I am at the Health Centre at 08.10 am for weekly blood test and to have my toe dressed, although that seems to be healing nicely. Pauline picked me up at 8.00 am so off we go.

The Nurse had problems getting the blood to flow out of my veins today ( I don,t think her parents were vampires) it is funny as some people have terrible trouble getting blood out of me, others have no problems at all, any way she looked at my toe and said that it was probably ok so she would not re-dress it but if I had any problems to phone in and I would be seen, so that is that over for another week.

Pauline took me back home, by now it was (9.00 am), so pauline went off home and will come back about 11.00 am to take me shopping, as I have the carer coming at 9.15 a

It is now 11.00 and pauline has arrived to take me shopping , so wheelchair into the car and off we go to Asda in Fratton.

Asda Fratton, Portsmouth.

So we arrive at asda and off we go into asda, me in the wheel chair and pauline pushing, now tell me this. Why are shoppers with trolleys so rude and uncaring about people in wheelchairs ? I had the same in 1993 when my wife was in a wheel chair, other people were so uncaring and rude it was unbelievable.

Trying to push a wheelchair around a store is never easy, and when you have a shopping trolly clipped to the front is is nigh impossible to control properly, but people don,t seem to understand the problems disabled people encounter trying to do everyday chores, unfortunately I have not got a lot of patience when it comes to dealing with idiots, ( must learn to be more tolerant)

Is this Me ?

Well we eventually got the shopping done, so that is good, got home about 1.30 pm, had a coffee with pauline, unpacked shopping, it was then time for medication. had main meal earlier today, so that is better and should mean I will have a better night tonight, pureed a piece of fish and had that in a white sauce with some mashed potato, so all ready now for an afternoon nap.

So until tomorrow folk go carefully.

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