Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Busy Shopping Thursday.

In the Lounge waiting for Carol.
Oh Dear, Oh My, Oh Heck, Today I am all behind with the blog today, it is now 4.45 and I am just starting to write it, so I am afraid it is going to be short and sweet today, I will say though that today has been a really good day and I was out shopping with Pauline for over 4 hours, the longest I have been out shopping for a couple of years now, Basically since I was Diagnosed with DM in May 2011. anyway a Decent night last night thank goodness and was up and in the lounge by 8.15 ready for when Carol my Carer arrived at 8.45.

Diprobase Cream for Skin
Carol has a busy day today anyway she has a chat and then gets me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead , she puts the diprobase cream on my legs and feet and I have very cold toes again today due to the cold weather and the Raynaud's so must remember that I need two pairs of socks on when we go out shopping later this morning. However once Carol has finished and on her way I text Pauline and then get some Porridge for Breakfast with a Banana and it goes down very nicely, as I finish breakfast Pauline phones to say that she will be booking a taxi for 10.45 to come and collect me to go down to the city centre for the shopping, I have a few things that I need to do down town so am looking forward to that,

Anyway I have a little bit of time to just check out emails and facebook before going to get a shave and then get dressed before Pauline arrives, So I make a coffee and then get the laptop out and fired up, once I have checked it all out it is 10.15 so now to get ready otherwise I will be in trouble with Pauline and Believe me it is a brave man who upsets Pauline LOL. Anyway I have just got ready and got the wheelchair out of the Cupboard when Pauline texts to say she is on the way and at 10.55 Pauline arrives with the Taxi. and she has brought me half a dozen fresh free range eggs. which I need to put in the fridge before we make our way down town.

Pauline Arrives with my Eggs in the Taxi
Anyway once Pauline arrives in the Citywide Taxi I take the eggs indoors and then we are off down town The first stop will be the Nationwide Building society to check a payment has been received, and then we make our way down to the ban at the other end of the precinct, we have a coffee and then go into Wilkinsons to get a few bits and pieces.
Wilkinsons Store Arundel street Precinct. 
 Once we have got what we want there we go out the other end of the store and make our way to boots the chemist to get a couple of items, such as my "Stay dry Pants" they are certainly an embarrassment saver.  anyway I get what I need in Boots and then we make our way back out into the precinct as we need now to go to argos as Pauline wants a shower hose for her bathroom.
Hello Pauline, where is Frankie ?
I have had a decent walk today pushing the wheelchair, Pauline waits in the precinct while I go into Boots to get the bits I want and then once Out I get into the wheelchair as my leg muscles are starting to feel it now, but am pleased as I have been walking for almost an hour so that is good for me.

Here is Frankie coming out of Boots the chemist.
Anyway we now make our way down the precinct to Argos, walking through the market stalls as it is Market day here on a Thursday,Friday and Saturday, some good bargains to be had and also some tat.
Looking down the precinct from outside boots the chemist
Once we have been in the Argos store we then make our way to Morrisons in the Victory retail park to get the main grocery shopping, it is a bit of a walk through the northern quarter of the city there is a lot of empty land here waiting for the development of the northern quarter to start over the next year or So.!!! we go via Sainsburys and could not resist taking a photo of Pauline standing by a sign in Sainsburys Foyer.
I always Re-use my Bag,s.
Just to assure all my readers Pauline was in full agreement for me to use this Picture, we both thought it was funny, Pauline is the best friend anyone could wish for and she really is an Angel. anyway we make our way from here over to Morrisons.
On the way to Morrisons from Sainsburys

Graffiti art to brighton up the Boarding
And Into Morrisons Car park
Once we get to Morrisons we decide that as it is now 1.00 we would have lunch before we do the shopping so we go into the Cafe at Morrisons and we both have a latte, Pauline has a tuna and sweet corn Sandwich with salad and Crisps, and I have double egg and chips.

Now How tasty is that, at least I can now eat chips so progress is continuing.
I think Pauline was hungry
I think I was hungry as well.
Thank you Pauline.
Anyway once we had finished lunch we went and did the shopping and then once we had  got everything we [aid for it and then went out to phone for a taxi to take us home, Gordon is on his way back from Salisbury so he will pick pauline up from my place on the way home. anyway as the taxi pulls up outside my place so Gordon arrives , I can not believe how long we have been out today, it is now nearly 3.30 and we left home this morning at about 11.00  so just over 4 hours out today and I really enjoyed it. anyway once indoors we get the shopping put away and then  Pauline gather up my dirty laundry to take with her and then Pauline and Gordon make their way home and I make a coffee and start to get this Journal written as it is now 4.45.

Well that is about it for today I am now feeling very tired so a relaxing evening tonight so Until tomorrow and the dreaded Methotrexate I will say Bye Bye.

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