Friday, February 15, 2013

And so we go into freaky Friday.

And so Freaky friday is upon us once again. but at least it is a Sunny day today, according to the Met office 5 day forecast we a a respite from the rain and snow for at least the next 5 days and although the temperature today is about average for the time of the year at about 10C, it looks like it will be getting colder as the week goes on.
5 day weather forecast for Portsmouth UK
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Anyway I had a decent nights sleep last night, I actually did not go to bed until about 11.30 as I was in the lounge listening to the local radio "Radio Solent" It was a really great evening actually yesterday, Gervase came in and saw me on the way home from work, he got here about 6.20 and stayed for 30 minutes before carrying on home to Leanne, I had dinner and watched emmerdale until 7.30 and then turned off the TV for the rest of the evening. It was a pleasure to be able to sit here and catch up on some reading. so I think the Tv will be used less from now on.

Hello Carol
However as I said a decent nights sleep as I slept through until 6.30 so a good 6½ hours of uninterrupted sleep anyway went into the kitchen to make a coffee and took that back to bed and listened to the radio until 8.00 when I went into the lounge to await Carol my carer. While I am waiting for Carol I put the radio on to listen to the news and check out Facebook and also check my emails. Carol arrives at 9.20, she has a busy day today and is running a bit late which is ok as being Methotrexate day I do not have much planned for a Friday.

Doing a Grand job you two.
Anyhow Carol enjoyed her trip up to Bristol yesterday with her Partner so that was good, she gets me washed and groomed ready for the rest of the day so off she goes to her next client, while I go and get dressed and then have some chocolate star cereals for breakfast, before texting Pauline to let her know all is OK here. Once I have done that I settle down to catch up with the "Words with Friends" Game on facebook, and then Pauline phones to say that they are up in Salisbury and all is OK.

New Scientist
The Economist
well Once I have spoken to Pauline, I start to get ready to go round and get my Paper when I have a phone call from my Landlords. It is Vanessa to say her husband Ken will be round to replace some sealer in the front door frame, and also to put a new lightbulb in the bathroom light for me, so that is Ok he will between 12.00 to 12.15 so once I have had a chat with Vanessa, I go and get my Paper and also a couple of Magazines as I am determined to leave the TV off every morning until the 1.00 O'Clock News and then try and have a couple of TV free evenings every week as well, Sounds like a good plan but how long it will last is anybody,s  guess, Anyway I get the " New Scientist" and the "Economist" two magazines that I always used to read regularly, so will get back to it again. 

Once I have these I take a slow walk back home, in the Sunshine and then once indoors go into the kitchen to make a coffee and drink that in the rear courtyard before settling down with the radio and the daily paper to wait for Ken to arrive.
A nice day in the Rear Courtyard.
Ken arrives at 12.15  and gets the bits and pieces done and he is finished by 12.50 so we had a nice chat as I have known them for 20 + years anyway once Ken has gone I put on the 1.00 BBC 1 News on TV and then after watching that I get some lunch at 1.30. When I cooked my Lamb in the slow cooker on wednesday I had the natural stock and  little bits lamb and bacon left along with some Carrot, Swede, and Onion, so I pureed it down into a thick soup and kept it in the fridge for lunch today. It was really great a nice thick soup and I had it with a couple of slices of Toasted Warburtons Gluten free Bread. so a truly gluten free lunch with no additives or thickeners added  and made with 100% fresh and Organic produce. Ideal for people who are on a Puree or  Soft lumps diet, and very filling as well.

Todays Tasty lunch.
Chicken breast quarter on the bone roasted with Skin on.
Once I had finished lunch about 2.15 I go for a lie down for an hour as I took the Methotrexate after lunch and then at 3.30 I go and prepare the Vegetable for dinner tonight, I am having roast chicken with Potato, Broccoli, and Sprouts, I roast the chicken breast on the bone so once I cut it off the bone the bone will go into the slow cooker with some Carrot, Swede, Onion and Potato to make a soup for lunch on Sunday. "Waste not Want Not" again all fresh organic products so I know what goes in it.

Anyway that is about it for today, Pauline had sent a text earlier to say they were back home OK so as it is now 5.40 I am going to finish todays Journal and get it Posted before getting dinner started  and then another evening of Emmerdale on the TV and then the Radio and and a relaxing evening on the laptop working on the "Myositis Hub" website to get it ready to launch early in march as I am running behind the schedule I set for myself. so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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