Thursday, February 21, 2013

A different Direction today

My goodness me but it is freezing here today, I don't think the temperature has got any higher than one or two degrees Celsius today. Below is the 5 day weather forecast for Portsmouth and it does not look as if it is going to get warmer anytime soon.

Wakey, Wakey. Time for work,
Frank,s waiting
After the last few nights of interrupted sleep I finely gave in and took a couple of Herbal Nytol Tablets last night, so at least I got a good 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and feel a lot better for it as well. Anyway awake at 6.00 am and lazed in bed with a coffee until 8.00 when I got up and made my way to the lounge with a coffee to wait and see (If a Carer will turn up today, who it will be and at what time they arrive), This is like a NHS Version of the lottery.

Well the carer arrives at about 9.40 40 minutes late so not impressed, still no Carol and no one seems to know when or if she will be back, anyway the carer get,s me sorted and then is on her way, in the meantime Pauline has phoned to see if all is OK has I have not sent the morning text yet, and she is out with Misty and will book a Taxi to come and collect me at 11.15 as we are of down to the North End in Portsmouth today a totally different direction than we normally go.

Portsea Island
After I have spoken to Pauline I have a Banana and a Yoghurt for breakfast and then I do a quick check on my emails and Facebook before going and getting ready for when Pauline arrives. Pauline arrives at about 11.20 and we get the wheelchair into the Taxi and off we go to North End, first port of call is the Cornelius centre in New Road where I have a meeting at 11.30 and then we will go further down North end to get the Shopping.
Cornelius Centre, New Road, Portsmouth.
We are in there having a chat for about 30 minutes and then when we are out we make our way down the London road towards the main shop,s. It is very cold and the pavements are not best suited to wheelchairs along this area of Portsmouth.

Making our way down London Road
Further down London Road
we go into a couple of charity shops and a mobility shop along the way  until we get to the end of the shopping area at the junction of London Road and Stubbington Avenue, where we cross the road  to go to a larger mobility shop and then the Co-op Store to get the shopping.
The Junction  of London Road and Stubbington Avenue, North End, Portsmouth.
Aluminium Lightweight Wheelchair
we have a look into the mobility shop on the corner of London Road and Derby road and look at an Aluminium wheel chair which will be much lighter than the steel one I have, It will be so much better for pauline when she is pushing me and also easier for me to use when I self Propel and it is less than £250.00, also I look at a nice high back armchair and I will probably get a couple of those also, as it will give me so much better back support, and my recliner has seen better days, so time for a change.

Eden Mobility Store, North End Portsmouth
once we have finished looking and got the information that we needed from the shop assistant, I take a catalogue, to see what else there might be that will help me and then we make our way to the co-op store to get the shopping, it is not a large store but I don't need much today and neither does Pauline, so we get what we want  and then phone a Taxi ti take us home.
The co-op Store North End Portsmouth.
once we are back home we get my Shopping put away, Gordon is waiting there when we get home as he has just come back from Salisbury we have a coffee and a chat  and then Gordon and pauline make there way home and I settle down to get this journal written as it is nearly 4.00, at 6.15 I get dinner on coking for tonight and as it is nearly 6.30 I will get this journal posted so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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