Thursday, February 14, 2013

Its Valentines day today

Good day one and all Today is valentines day, I hope you all have/had a lovely day and got spoiled by your Valentines, all I got was a load of Nagging from Pauline LOL. Oh well Thats life. On the local radio this morning they were asking people to send in a 2,3, or 4 line valentines Poem  on the theme of " Love Is ........" and here is mine.

Love is giving your heart,
Love is giving your life.
Love is years of Nagging,
Because you now have a wife.

A good nights sleep
So here we are then on Thursday, and after the last two confusing and hectic days things have settled back down to its normal pattern. I had a decent sleep last night and although I was woken at 3.30 this morning with the rain beating on the bedroom window I soon got back off to sleep until I woke again at 7.00, which is when I got up and made a coffee which I took back to bed and listened to the Local radio until 8.00.

Ready for my wash
At 8.00 I got up and made a coffee and took into the lounge to catch up on the morning breakfast news on the TV while waiting for the carer to arrive, As I said yesterday, Carol has a day off today as she is going to Bristol with her Partner so I will be interesting to see who my carer is today, However I do not have long to wait as The carer arrives at about 8.40, nice and early, She is a young lady who can,t be much older than 17 or 18 and she really has not got much of an idea what she is doing so I would think that she has not been in the job very long, anyway with Guidance and advice from me she gets me washed and groomed and gets the Diprobase cream on my legs and feet and is then on her way, The one comment that she did make that made me laugh was when I remarked that although she had washed my face and neck would she mind washing my ears as she had forgotten them and she replied that she did not think ears was part of my face. ( on reflection she was probably right LOL)

Well once the carer has left I get myself a bowl of  chocolate star Cereals (Gluten Free) for breakfast and a coffee and then I text Pauline to let her know all is OK, next I get the Laptop up and running and check out emails and facebook, Pauline phones about 9.50 to say that she is out on the common with Misty. It is not to bad a day out this morning, anyway she will book a taxi for 11.00 to come and collect me and then we will go down to the city centre to pay a bill and get some shopping, we were going to go to Morrisons today but I need to go to the civic offices and pay my Care Bill for January as it is due for payment by tomorrow.
Portsmouth civic offices
Thank you Pauline
So Once Pauline is off the phone I finish of checking out facebook and at 10.20 go and have a shave and get dressed read for when Pauline arrives with the taxi. Once I am ready it is almost 10.55 so get the wheelchair outside and then wait outside fro Pauline to arrive, It is a nice sunny day with blue skies but there is still a chill in the air, anyway Pauline arrives about 11.05 and she has brought my clean laundry back with her and all my shirts neatly Ironed, Thank you Pauline anyway I take the laundry indoors while the taxi driver gets the wheelchair into the car and then we are off down to the city centre.

I-pad or I-pad Mini ?
Once we are at the civic offices We go in to the cash office and pay my care bill and then we take the short walk up past the station to the precinct, I decide to have a look in Curry,s digital at the I-pad,s as I am toying with the idea of getting one but if I do do I get a I-pad or an I-pad mini, nothing in life is simple anymore. always have to make decisions LOL. anyway decide I won't buy one today, I will talk it over with Gervase and I can always get one on Sunday when we I go out shopping with Gervase.  

Once We are out of Curry,s we decide to have a coffee at the coffee bar in the precinct, it is pleasant sat there in the sun watching the world go by but I turn my back and Pauline has taken over the wheelchair, is nothing sacred these days.
Give me back my wheelchair Pauline
anyway once we have finished the coffee Pauline goes into her bank and then we make our way to the other end of the precinct. it is not that busy today
Not a busy day today
anyway we have a quick look around the market stalls before heading into tesco and  have some soup for lunch before getting the shopping that we need, once we are out of Tesco I phone for a taxi to take us home, once at home we get the shopping put away  and also the Laundry that Pauline brought back this morning, and then  I phone for a taxi to take pauline home as it is 3.00 and Gordon will be home soon.
Once Pauline has gone I get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner  and then settle down to get todays Journal started, The Phone rings and it is an advisor from Nationwide to apologise for me not being informed that my appointment for yesterday was cancelled due to illness and so we had a chat on the phone so that was all sorted, 

At 4.30 gervase phones to say he will be coming in tonight to see me on the way home from work, and he is pleased that he only has tomorrow to work and then he has next week as a holiday as it is half term and Leanne is on holiday as well as it is Half Term.

well that is about it for today, I hope every one had a happy Valentines day and so until tomorrow I will say Goodbye.

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