Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another day when I am all behind.

A Nice Sunday lie in today

Well here we are "LATE" again, sorry about this, it seems to becoming a bit of a habit just lately, anyway I had a decent nights sleep last night, and woke up about 7.30 this morning and seeing as it is one or=f the only two days in the week when I do not have a carer, I decided to have a lie in so eventually got out of bed at 9.30.

A grand job Gordon
Once out of bed I get myself some gluten free Cereal for breakfast and then text Pauline to let her know all is Ok with me. Pauline phones back about 10.00 to say she is taking misty out for her morning walk and Gordon is going to start painting the bedroom today, that is a large job as Pauline,s flat has really big rooms.

Anyway once breakfast is finished I get the washing u done and then settle down with the laptop to check out my emails and also facebook to see who is around and also to play a few games of words with friends,
It is a nice day today very sunny and bright but still a chill breeze if you are in the shade but nice and bright just right to take a walk round to the paper shop to get the daily paper.
On the way to the paper shop half way there now
Anyway once I have got the paper I make my way back home and watch a couple of the politic shows on the TV.  at 12.00 Gervase phones to say that he will be round about 1.00 pm so that we can go shopping up at Sainsburys in Farlington as they have a large Gluten free section their, so I need to get my finger out and get myself Shaved and dressed ready for when Gervase arrives.
At last a shirt that I can wear a tie with.
Well at least out of all my shirts I have found one that I can wear a tie with, I do like wearing a tie but that has not been possible since I have been on Prednisolone, it was not to bad after I first got diagnosed in May 2011 as I had lost 5½ Stone but over the last 18 months I have put almost 4 stone back on and my shirts will not do up round my Neck as all my collar sizes are 15½ and I now need a 16½ inch collar, " Darn the Prednisolone"
This is me at my Nephew Arron,s wedding to Sarah shortly after I came out of hospital in May 2011 
As you can see my clothes just hung on me then and that shirt I am wearing there will not even fit across my chest now.

Anyway I have got dressed and ready just as Gervase arrives at 1.10. so into the car I get and off we go up to Sainsburys an Farlington
Sainsburys at Farlington, Portsmouth.
We have left the wheelchair at home today as they supply a good range of wheelchairs for customers at this store but I decide to walk pushing a trolley and Gervase can get a wheelchair if I need one. anyway we go and get the grocery shopping and I get some fresh sea bass fillets and also some fresh lamb cutlets, so that will give me main meals for Today, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we also have a look at the Gluten free range and I get some items from there as well, as you can see below.
Apple Pies

Korma Cooking Sauce


Whole grain Rice
So there we are, a successful shopping trip so now we get the shopping in the car and head of down to PC world to have a look around,before heading Home.
On the way back home via PC World.
once at PC world we have a look at the ipads and then we head back home to get the shopping indoors, once home Gervase gets the shopping in for me and then I make a coffee, it is getting on for 4.00 pm when gervase leaves to make his way back home to Leanne, so I make another coffee and then settle down to get this Journal written and Posted. Well it is now a;most 6.30 and I am going to get this Journal Posted and then get dinner started as I am feeling Peckish, so dinner will be ready at 7.00 and then a relaxing evening with the TV and Facebook. So until tomorrow I will say Cheerio............

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