Monday, February 11, 2013

Dry, Rain, Snow all in sixty minutes.

A Sleepless night
Well what can I say, here we are on Monday, "Again" I must say though that last night really was a waste of time, it took me ages to get off to sleep, and when I did It was very hit and miss and I was wide awake by 5.30 so made a coffee and just laid in bed dozing until 9.00, so Not a night to remember

Oh why I say, why can,t I sleep.
I do not cry, I do not weep.
I lay here in my bed at night
And sometimes I turn off the light,

The radio does play a tune,
And echos round my snug bedroom,
And when I do get off to sleep, you see,
I need to wake and have a wee.

Now thats what you call a bad night

On the phone to Pauline
However no Carer to day so I get up at 9.00 and get a coffee and some porridge to take into the lounge and put on the TV for the end of the breakfast news on BBC1. before I can have breakfast Pauline phones to ask if I am OK, she says that she has just got in from taking Misty out for her morning walk, and to say Gordon will be round about 11.00 to do the weekly flat clean, and that He will take me up to the Eastney Health Centre at 1.00 for my Podiatry Appointment and then I can get a Taxi home afterwards.

Once I am off the phone to Pauline I get dressed and then decide that I am going to have a piece of steak for dinner tonight, I got a nice fillet of steak from Asda Yesterday, I have researched it and am 100% it is not horse as you can see from the Photograph of the official research document below.

So as the lamb was so tasty being cooked in the slow cooker for several hours I thought I will try the same with the steak. So I put it into the slow cooker with some diced fresh Carrot and Swede and some sliced red Onion, added 500 ml of water. now as I normally put Photographs of my meals on here I thought I would make a change today and put o a couple of Photo,s showing where my Culinary skills are carried out LOL.
Here are the Ingredients the steak is well and truly beaten to tenderize.
In the slow cooker ready to start cooking.
This is where it all happens
Putting the clean laundry away "Ooop,s
Once the slow cooker is on cooking and I have tidied the kitchen  and done the washing up, I make a coffee and go into the lounge to check out my emails and Facebook. it is soon 11.00 and Gordon arrives, so I make a coffee while he is bringing in the cleaning gear and He has also brought my clean Laundry back with him, so we have a coffee and a chat and then I go and put my Laundry away, while Gordon starts his cleaning.

The weather today has been really weird, It was dry but dull when I got up this morning at 9.00, by 10.15 it was raining and by the time Gordon arrived it was Snowing, not what was forecast today at all.
Todays Weather map at 10.00 am this morning.

Doing a grand job Gordon
anyway I decide that I need some fresh air and the snow is not to heavy and the ground is to wet for it to lay, so I wrap up warm and while Gordon is getting the cleaning done I walk round to Tesco express to get a paper and then get back home as it is to cold to be out in it long. Once in doors gordon has completed all the dusting and Vacuuming, so I make a coffee and we have a chat before he starts on the washing of the Bathroom and Kitchen floors.

Oh dear
well once Gordon has finished he puts the cleaning gear back in the car and then we have our weekly Monday weigh in, well it looks like Gordon has lost a couple of pounds and I seem to have put on a couple of Pounds, Oh well perhaps I will loose a little bit when the weather gets better and I can take a longer walk or hopefully when I see My Neurologist in March He will sort out Physio for me.

At 12.45 Gordon takes me up to the Eastney Health Centre for my appointment with the Podiatrist, He drops me off outside and then he makes his way home to pauline while I go in to see the Podiatrist, It is 12.50 so I wait in the waiting rooms as my appointment is for 1.00 and I get called in at 1.10. MY feet are not to bad but as I he is cutting my toenails and sorting out a couple of Corns on my left foot so my toes on both feet turn a very dark purple colour as the Raynauds kicks in.

 anyway we have a chat and a discussion and I am going to look for sole cushions for my shoes tomorrow when we are down town shopping with Pauline., anyway once out of the Podiatry (I have another appointment for 8 weeks time), I phone for a taxi to take me home and once indoors I make a coffee, and then prepare the vegetable for dinner tonight, I had a late breakfast so will have dinner at 6.00 tonight so just have a couple of crispbread with some Shiitake mushroom Pate for lunch.

Once I have had lunch I check out a couple of Websites and then make a quick check on facebook and then start to get todays Journal written, well it is almost time for dinner as it is 5.20 and I need to put the vegetable on to cook for 20 minutes and then I will see if I can eat steak yet, will let you know tomorrow so Until Tomorrow I will get this Journal posted and say Bye Bye.

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