Sunday, February 10, 2013

Its Sunday today and Guess What ?

Yep It,s still raining, that means we have had continuous rain since friday evening and it looks like it is going to carry on until at least 9.00 tonight.

And back to bed
So at least the ducks will be happy down on Baffins pond. anyhow it was a good nights sleep last night once I eventually got to sleep. Went to bed about 11.30 and got to sleep about 12.30 woke once about 3.30 to use the bathroom then slept until 7.00 when I got up and made a coffee to take back to bed and then slept through until 9.30 when I eventually made it into the lounge. Its a good job I do not have a carer on a Sunday or Monday as these are my two days of the week that I have a lie in.

A Busy week ahead
Well its a good job that I had that lie in and hopefully get another lie in tomorrow as I have a busy week ahead of me this week. I have gordon coming to see me tomorrow morning to do the weekly clean of my flat, and then in the afternoon I have an appointment at the Podiatrist. On Tuesday it is down town shopping with Pauline, Wednesday I am going with Gervase down to the city centre to an appointment, and then to go and get an i-phone, Thursday is shopping with Pauline down the city centre and Friday is Methotrexate day so what a week I have to look forward to

Time to go Walkies
however at the moment I am going to get some breakfast and today I am having a bowl of Chocolate star cereal and also a Banana, after that I send the morning text to Pauline and then get on the laptop to check the emails and also to see who is around on Facebook. Pauline phones back about 10.15 to say that she and gordon have also had a lie in until 10.00 this morning and to say that it is very wet today "Well she is not wrong there" but the question is "Who will take out misty in this rain for her morning walk" anyway they are both OK,

A Bright Spark
So I make a coffee and settle down to carry on sorting out the box of photo,s that I started to sort out last week, while doing that I am listening to the politic shows own TV, while I am sorting out the Photo,s Ken my landlord rings to say he will be down next week to fix the light in the bathroom for me, It is not a problem as it is a 3 bulb light but one of the blew a couple of weeks ago and although gordon has tried we can not get it out to put in a new bulb. anyway the only time he can make it will be Wednesday Morning or Friday so that will be OK

Cheese on Toast
Anyway I am now fed up with sorting through the Photographs, there are so many of them so I go back on facebook for a while, at 1.00 Gervase phones to say he will be down about 1.30 to 2.00 to take me out shopping, so I think I had better get a bite of Lunch so see what is easy and quick to do and decide to have a couple of slices of Cheese on Toast so get that done and have that with a nice cup of Tea, and it went down a treat, anyway just as I had finished  Gervase arrives at about 1.45. but I am all dressed and ready to go so we decide that as the weather is really bad we will just go to asda at Fratton.

Good old Portsmouth and Southern Water Boards
Well we get down to Asda and we Park under cover, anyway we do not need a lot of shopping today, I get myself a couple of fresh sea bass fillets and also a piece of steak to try tomorrow, "at least it is Fresh from the butcher and not Horse". Once we have got the shopping we drive back home along the sea front, the amount of water lying on the road surface is quite deep in places as the old victorian drainage system in Portsmouth cannot cope with the amount of rain that has fallen over the last few weeks. anyway once home, we put the shopping away and me and Gervase have a chat before he heads back home to Leanne.

A Fresh Sea Bass Fillet from Asda.
Once Gervase has left, I go and make a coffee and settle down to get todays journal written, It is Now approaching 5.30 so I need to get this journal posted on my blog and then think about getting the sea bass cooked  for dinner tonight, I think I will have it with some nice Mashed Potato. so Until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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