Monday, February 4, 2013

Its Monday Again Folks YaHooo

Getting to know me episode 3

Carrying on from episode 2 which was on the journal for the 27th January. As I said then, after I was born I lived with Mum and her Parents, and sister in Western road Fareham until dad came home after the war in 1946 when we moved into a nissan hut that was in the grounds of a large house at the end of Redlands lane in Fareham. A Nissan hut was a large shack constructed of Corrugated iron sheets. It had no rooms inside but mum hung curtains up to make rooms and there was only one wood burning stove in the centre of the hut.
Examples of WWII Nissan Huts
   The Nissan hut we lived in was similar to the ones in the Photograph above, The one we lived in was put up to accommodate the Military personal who were billeted in fareham prior to the D-Day Invasion. in 1944 and were used as military accommodation until the end of the war when they were used to accommodate naval families waiting to be rehoused in a new estate of 50 council houses being built in Fareham, these were completed in 1949 when we moved in. My Brother Patrick was Born in January 1947 at a nursing home in Gosport while we were there and in 1948 we moved into a rented flat in Blackbrook road Fareham until moving into Hammond road in 1949.
Hammond Road as it is today it has hardly changed at al
Back to the Present day

Hello again folks and welcome to another Happy Monday. well although It was late getting off to sleep last night, I had a reasonable night,s sleep. The reason I did not get off to sleep until midnight last night was that I was listening to the local radio station "Solent" and it was playing music and songs by Gershwin and Cole Porter with a 6 song spot by "Noel Coward" it was an excellent program and I really enjoyed it. anyway I slept through until about 6.45 so am pleased about that, so made a coffee and lazed in bed until about 8.30 when I got up and into the lounge.

Come on Gordon, 
Once in the lounge I check out my emails and facebook and then watch the end of the Breakfast news on BBC1 before Texting Pauline and getting some toast and Marmalade for Breakfast. It is going to be a lazy day today as Gordon won't be round to do the 2 hours cleaning today as he and Pauline are decorating their bathroom today. at 10.00 Pauline phones to say that they are just going to start painting and that all is ok so I settle down to watch a little bit of daytime TV.

Same old boring News.
At 11.00 I decide that I will take a walk round to the local Newsagent,s to get the Daily paper. It is a nice day out today the sun is shining and there is a few fluffy white clouds in the sky but there is a very cold and strong wind blowing today, also there is a lot of seagulls flying around here today and that is usually a sign that we are in for some stormy weather later on this afternoon or evening. anyway once I have the paper I make my way back home and settle down with a coffee to read the paper.

The morning has passed by quite quickly, and at 12.30 I decide to have a cat nap for 30 minutes before getting some lunch at 1.00. I decide to have a couple of boiled eggs and a couple of crispbread so while I am waiting for the eggs to boil I take the recycling items out to the communal recycling bins, once the eggs are cooked I have lunch and then wash up before watching a couple of old episodes of "Only Fools and Horses" on the gold channel.
Only Fools and Horses
At the Doctors Tomorrow.
Once I have watched those I get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner  and then settle down to get todays Journal written. Tomorrow should be an interesting day As I am seeing my GP in the morning as I want to bring him up to speed with my "Gluten Free trial" and also to see if he will reduce the dosage of my Lansoprazole from 30 mg every evening to 15 mg Morning and 15 mg in the evening, I also want to see if he can check my blood pressure and also sugar levels as I have not had these checked for a few months now, and I also have to book my next appointment for my blood tests for 4 weeks time so that they are ready when I see my Neurologist in March.

well I am just about to finish todays Journal, Gervase has just phoned to see how I am, He is on his way home from Haywards heath where he works, and he was saying he is out of the office for the next two days, Tomorrow he is up in Abbingdon in Oxfordshire and on Wednesday he is up in Bristol. so he has a busy couple of days away from home, he is driving to Abbingdon tomorrow so he can come home tomorrow evening, and he will go to Bristol by Train on Wednesday. Gervase likes Bristol as he worked up there for two years and also My late wife came from Bristol. So I am about to post this journal so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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