Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Last Day Of February
So here we are on the last day of February, and another excellent nights sleep, although I did not get to bed until about 11.30 I did sleep right the way through the night until about 6.45 this morning. The reason I did not get to bed until late last night is that I was up downloading some  Parish records for Hampshire onto my Ipad as I can use them for my Family History research.

Anyway as I said I slept through until about 6.45 and at 7.00 I went and made a coffee and then took that back to bed and listened to the radio until 8.00 when I made another coffee and took into the lounge to wait for the carer, while waiting for the carer I checked my emails and Facebook on the laptop, while listening to the Morning News on Television.

Todays young Carer.
Well That was a waste of time checking my emails as They were all in the spam folder, not a useful email among them, unless I needed Viagra from Canada, Loans from the USA, or accident compensation from England, and of course I can always find love and marriage in Russia. anyway It is 9.00 am before the carer arrives, and guess what another one I have not seen before, a pleasant enough young lady but could not have been much older than 17 or 18 years of age, and not a clue what she was supposed to be doing. and looked quite puzzled when I presented her with my care plan. Oh well I had to explain what needed doing and she eventually managed to work out how to put te cream on my lower leg,s and feet. and then was on her way. They really are not getting the training that they require or deserve as it is not the girls fault but the company structure and training regime that is at fault.

On the iPad
Once the young carer had left I text Pauline and then get some breakfast, Pauline phones to say that she is on the common with Misty and that she will book a Taxi for 11.00 and will come collect my prescription form from the health centre on the way t me and then we can take the wheel chair and walk to Asda at Fratton to get the shopping and my Medication. Once I have spoken to Pauline I finish breakfast and then wash up, make a coffee and check out the books I downloaded last night onto the ipad. they are excellent.

well at 10.30 I go and have a shave and then get dressed ready for when Pauline gets here . Pauline arrives at about 11.15, so we, get the wheelchair ready and I decide That I will walk pushing the wheelchair for a bit and then Pauline can push me the rest of the way, and once we have done the shopping we can get a Taxi back home, anyway off we go at about 11.30. The weather is not to bad today, a bit nippy but at least it is dry and a little Milder than yesterday, anyway we walk along Goldsmith avenue towards fratton bridge passing the old "Talbot Public House" which has now been turned into flats which is something that has happened to a lot of the large victorian buildings in Portsmouth.
The Old Talbot Public House
anyway we cross over to the other side of Goldsmith Avenue and walk along side the Railway line to Fratton Bridge, The railway line runs along the route of the old Arundel Canal where the Barges and Ships used  to travel along from Langstone Harbour to deliver the goods and Produce to the large Basin  which used to be down at the end of "Lake Road" by the Shopping precinct. The canal was built in 1823 and closed in 1855.

Map of the Canal.

The Railway line running along the bed of the old Canal at Fratton
Well I was very Pleased today as I walked with the wheelchair all the way to Asda from Home, it took 30 minutes but feel really good, so will have to make sure I rest well tomorrow anyway we Look in a couple of Charity shops and then go and have a coffee and a snack in the bridge centre before going into Asda and getting the shopping, we go upstairs first so that Pauline can get some slippers for Gordon and I need a Potato Masher and A Mixing bowl for the kitchen and as usual pauline looks at Clothes.
Don't spend all your money Pauline.
A Happy Checkout Operator at Asda
 we then go downstairs to get the food shopping, I get chicken for tonight, Fish for tomorrow " Freaky Friday" and some beef to make a cottage pie on Saturday plus some other bits and pieces, Pauline gets what she needs and the once we have what we want we pay for it and then collect my Medication from the Pharmacy on the way out to the Taxi to Take us back home.
Once back home Gordon is waiting as He has just got back from Salisbury and he will have a coffee and then Pauline and Gordon will make there way home and I settle down with a coffee and get todays Journal started.

Well that has been a good day today it is now 5.45, I have had a phone call from Gervase to say he is going to be coming in to see me on the way home from work tonight, he will be here about 6.30. So I need to get my dinner started at 6.00 so I will get this Journal Posted and will be back tomorrow with the first daily Journal of March, so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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