Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Nothing to do Wednesday.

I often sit and wonder why, 
And then I look up to the sky
And see the seagulls flying by,
Then one of them poops in my eye

That is how I felt last night, why ? well It was a most peculiar Night really, I went to bed as normal about 10.15 - 10.30, it had been a really good day and I was feeling good. anyway I was listening to the Radio Solent, and must have dropped of to sleep about 11.15, anyway I must have been having a dream about being down southsea sea front watching the seagulls flying around when one of them swooped down and pooped in my Eye, I woke up with a start and it was 3.45, and I had a splitting headache.
A Bad start to the day
What a stupid time to wake up, and could I get back to sleep "NO I could not" anyway went and got a glass of water and took a couple of Paracetamol, went back to bed and carried on listening to the radio as it was still on anyway, to cut a long story short I remember the 7.00 O'Clock news bulletin and the next thing I know it was 8.30. so must have dropped of to sleep just after 7.00, so now it is a mad rush as I need to be up and ready for Carol my carer who will be arriving sometime between 8.45 and 9.15, so make a quick coffee and into the lounge and put on the TV to watch the BBC1 Breakfast News.

Thankfully, Carole arrives at 9.05 which is handy as it has given me time to, have a coffee, at least the headache has disappeared now, and that was one weird dream, however Carol has a busy day ahead of her, so she gets on and gets me washed and groomed ready for the day ahead and then is on her way to her next client, I then text Pauline and then go and get some chocolate stars and a Banana for breakfast. Pauline phones back and she is out on the common with Misty for the morning walk, It is very windy out there today with a cold breeze blowing in off the sea, anyway Pauline said that although the Sun is shinning it is very cold so to wrap up warm when I go out to get my paper.

Off to get my Morning paper.
Once Pauline is off the phone I get dressed and then as it is still sunny outside I take a walk around to the Tesco Express to get my Daily Paper, I have noticed that today I have no aching or painful muscles after my walk to the Bridge Centre yesterday with Pauline., so that is a first normally when I walk for over 15 minutes I suffer the next day but it must have been a good 30 minutes walking yesterday before I had to get into the wheelchair, I find it so much easier walking pushing the wheelchair than walking with a cane and can walk further and for longer so perhaps I should start to think about a Rollator or triwalker.

Todays Lunch
Once back indoors I make a nice hot milky coffee and then settle down in the recliner with the paper and see what is going on in the world, the news is full of the contaminated  meat being used in Burgers, and other processed meals and also the failing of our NHS system in treating and caring for the elderly and Vulnerable people in Hospitals and also the lack of care in care homes and Home Care. The Government has a lot to answer for. anyway I then get the crosswords done and at 1.00 I get myself a nice lunch of Beans on Toast with a couple of rashers of Bacon. All gluten free of course.

Washing the Dishes
Once I had finished Lunch I watched an episode of Only fools and Horses on the TV, Pauline phoned to see that I was Ok and keeping warm so we had a chat and then gervase sent a text to say that  his day working in Bristol went OK and that he would be catching the train home after he had done a tele-conference, then  I went to get the Lunch and Breakfast items washed up before going for a lie down for 30 minutes. That thirty minutes turned in to forty five minutes and then I made a coffee and into the lounge to get todays journal written.

Ok so now the time is getting on, it is 5.00 and I have a busy day ahead tomorrow so I have had a decent rest today so hopefully the walking tomorrow will go as good as yesterday anyway I am now going to get this Journal posted and then settle down to a relaxing evening with the TV and a nice Gluten Free Chicken curry for Dinner. so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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