Saturday, February 9, 2013

Here comes the rain again

Well here we are and it's Saturday again and Guess What ?
Yep it's Raining

It is not just any old rain, this is "British Rain" it is the only thing that our Clueless Chancellor cannot make austerity cuts on, however it looks like we are in for a very wet week ahead of us but according to the 5 day weather forecast it looks like Tuesday will be a dry day for shopping with Pauline.

The 5 day weather Forecast for Portsmouth
Well it was a good nights sleep last night, went to bed about 10.30 Put on the Local radio for the quiz that starts about 10.50 and the next thing I know I have woken at 3,30 for the bathroom and the radio is still on and I have missed the quiz.

On to Facebook
Anyway I get out of bed and in to the kitchen to make a coffee to take into the lounge to wait for Carol my carer to arrive, While I am waiting for carol I get out the laptop  and check my emails and also facebook, then I make another coffee as Carol is later today and does not arrive until 9.30.

Anyway carol is happy that she is finished at lunchtime today, but is not happy about driving around in the rain, it was raining at 3.30 this morning when I woke up for the bathroom and it is still raining at 9.30 and has not stopped at all, and they are forecasting snow for the north east and west of the UK tomorrow but hopefully the south coast will escape the snow an just have the rain, anyway Carol gets me washed and groomed ready for the day and is then on her way.
Is this the way I should really be washed
Pauline, Gordon and Misty. taken last year
Anyway once Carol has gone I go into the kitchen to get some porridge for breakfast and also to get a nice lamb fillet into the slow cooker, It is a long time since I have been able to eat lamb, so I thought I would try doing a piece of lamb in the slow cooker for a few hours and see if I can manage that tonight for dinner, at least I will know how far I have progressed over the last year as a year ago I could not even manage minced lamb. anyway as I am doing that Pauline phones to say that they are going to B&Q later this morning so will come in for a coffee and bring my paper in for me to save me having to go out in the rain to get the paper.

A Banana for lunch
Well once I have had breakfast I go and get the washing up done and watch some TV until about 11.30 when Pauline and Gordon turn up. they come in and have a coffee and we have a chat and they stay about 30 minutes and are then on there way home, I settle back down to read the paper and at 1.30 I have a couple of Toasted Crumpets with Butter for lunch  and also a banana.

Once lunch is over I have a sort out of some old Photographs and then at 2.30 I go for a lie down for an hour before getting the vegetable prepared ready for dinner tonight. I then go into the lounge with a coffee and start to write todays Journal There are two films I am going to watch this afternoon while I am writing the Journal one is "Dear Prudence" and the second is the sequel "Perfectly Prudence" both being shown on Movies 24 TV Channel.
Dear Prudence was a 2009 TV Movie and Perfectly Prudence is a 2011 Tv Movie, Both starring Jane Seymour. I have not seen either of these movies so no idea what they are like.
Dear Prudence 2009
Perfectly Prudence 2011
Well the time is now 5.45 and dinner will be ready at 6.00 So I will need to finish todays journal and get it posted, that is Saturday out of the way so tomorrow the Methotrexate Side effects should be starting to wear off, so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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