Friday, February 22, 2013

Confused or what ?

Its a Freaky Friday

And here we are on another Freaky Friday, well I had a decent nights sleep last night, went to bed about 11.00 and slept to about 7.00 waking once at 3.30 for the bathroom, the body,s aching a bit today after such a busy week so I will be glad when Sunday and Monday comes as it is the only two days of the week that I can have a lie in as I do not have a carer on those days.

Gervase Boarding his Plane
to Belfast
Well after a good seven to eight hours sleep once awake I go and get a coffee and take back to bed to listen to the radio until 8.00 when I get up and take a coffee into the lounge. I settle down to await the carer and get the laptop up and running and check out my emails and Facebook. while I am waiting Gervase sends me a text from Gatwick Airport to say he will soon be boarding his flight to Belfast as he has a meeting there today,

Pauline on the phone
At 9.10 The carer arrives, this is another different one, I last saw her about June last year, so she gets me washed and groomed and is then on her way, I send the morning text to Pauline and then get some porridge for breakfast, I then go out to get the washing up done and then get dressed ready to go and get my Morning paper, when the house phone rings, It is Pauline phoning to say that she is up in Salisbury with gordon and why am I not answering my Mobile, anyway we have a chat and then she is off to the next Ironing job.

Totally confused now
Once we have finished Talking I go and check my mobile and see that I have 3 missed calls from Pauline and 1 from Gervase, so I ring my mobile from my home phone and it vibrates but no ring tone, now I am confused, so I go to the settings and that is all set up OK , so am now totally confused anyway after wasting a lot of time trying to figure it out I eventually discover that there is a slide button on the side of the phone to switch it to silent and I had accidently without knowing I had slid it to the off Position, I think that me and technology are not Compatible LOL.

Sorted it Out
Then if that is not enough I have now lost the sound on my ipad, again after the phone this is all I need on Methotrexate Friday, anyway again I found that I had turned the sound down with the + and - buttons on the side, I have got to be more aware of what I am doing, well at least It used up a bit of time and kept me occupied, but now I need to wait for a delivery between 11.15 and 12.15 before I can go round to get my Paper so I make a coffee and watch a bit of daytime TV.

Meet George
At 11.45 my delivery comes, it is the cat food from the Pet Supermarket which I have delivered here for Gervase and Leanne,s cat George, He is a super cat, but has to have a Hills prescription food as he has a problem with his urinary tract, and it is cheaper to buy it on line than from the Vet, and it is free delivery, I ordered it on Wednesday afternoon and it was delivered today, excellent Service.

Now that the delivery has arrived I get ready and go round to Tesco Express to get my daily Paper, it is very cold out there today so I get the paper and I am soon back indoors in the snug and warm, this cold weather does nothing for the aches and Pains in the muscles so make a nice hot chocolate  and then settle down to read the paper and get the crosswords done, I seem to have a bit of a runny nose today so keep my box of tissues handy, and also take a couple of Paracetamol to help the aches and pains. At 1.30 I decide to get some lunch so have some shiitake mushroom  Gluten free Pate with two slices of toast and it was very tasty so that was good, so now back to watching an episode of  "To the Manor Born"  with Penelope Keith and also an episode of "Ever decreasing circle,s" with the late Richard Briars"  both are sitcoms from the 1970,s and 1980,s

To the Manor Born
Ever Decreasing Circles
Well at 2.45 Pauline phones to say that they are on the way back from Salisbury and are nearing Portsmouth and at 3.00 Gervase phones to say he is out of his meeting and is just about to catch the coach to Belfast Airport, it is a 45 minute journey and his flight back to England is at 5.00 pm so he should arrive back at Gatwick about 6.30 and his train back home is at 7.30 so he should get home about 9.00 pm and then he and Leanne are out to a friends Birthday bash tonight, so it will probably be a long lie in for Gervase tomorrow morning.
Belfast Airport
Once I have finished speaking to Gervase I go for a lie down for an hour as the Methotrexate is kicking in and then at 4.00 I go into the lounge to get this Journal written. well it is now 5.45 and time to get this Journal posted and then see what other apps I can load onto my phone and ipad, I will get to grips with modern day technology, Might even try "Angry Birds" Game but I will probably need stronger Glasses LOL so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.
Angry Birds on the Phone

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