Saturday, February 16, 2013

Starting a New Exercise Regime today

A Reminder to everyone that Rare Disease Day is on the 28th February this year. So please spread the word and make people aware.

Bye Bye
Well here we are at the start of another weekend. and although the day has started dull and cloudy it is expected to brighten up as the day goes on. Had a good nights sleep last night so feeling quite good this morning, despite having to take the Methotrexate Yesterday, so not to many after affects this morning, and also the "Asteroid 2012 DA14" safely passed the earth. although it has been said that there have been reports of traces of Asteroid being found in Beef burgers and Lasagne.

This don't work either
anyway as I am awake at 7.00 and feeling good, I decide to start a new Exercise regime, something I can do every morning for 30 minutes. I will call it "The Franks Pathway to Health" so I go and get a glass of  Cranberry and Blueberry Juice, go and put on a pair of speedo,s, take 5 deep breaths, lie on the bed on my back and wiggle my toes for 30 minutes. I feel absolutely worn out now, so that is that plan scuppered.

Home made Soup
well I get out of bed at 8.00 and make a coffee to take into the lounge to wait for Carol my Carer to arrive, Carol is running late, so while I am waiting I get the remains of yesterdays roast chicken joint and along with some Carrot, Potato, Swede,Red Onion and a couple of slices of back bacon, I put it in the Slow Cooker and set it on low, so tonight I can take it out and puree it down to make a soup for lunch on Sunday and Monday. Waste Not Want Not.

Me coming out of Boots the Chemist.
Anyway Just as I finish getting that sorted out Carol my carer arrives at 9.20, she is pleased that she is only working to noon today and then tomorrow is her day off, also it is her son,s 18th birthday today so she is meeting up with him when she finishes work today, it does not take her long to get my face and neck washed and comb my hair, and then get the cream on to my legs and then she is on her way to her next client. I will be so glad that if one day I get back the mobility and strength in my upper arms to be able t wash my face and neck and comb my hair for myself. perhaps one day, then perhaps not.  at least my leg muscles are hopefully getting stronger as I am walking with the wheelchair or with the stick longer this last two weeks when Pauline and Gervase takes me out shopping and am not having the stiffness and aches in the thigh,s and hips the day after so that is a Positive outcome, it is just that it is a slow progress , but then again my age has probably got something to do with that.

Well once Carol has left I go and get some Gluten free Porridge for Breakfast and have that with a Banana, I then text Pauline and let her know all is ok and go online to check out my emails and Facebook. Pauline phones back about 10.15 to say that she has just got up and Gordon is still in bed "Talk about lazy" anyway. we have a chat and I tell her that my Dentist phoned earlier today when Carol was here and they have had to cancel my appointment for Monday  as My Dentist has had to fly home to Cyprus as his father has been taken ill, so I will need to phone back on Wednesday to make another appointment, anyway once I am off the phone to Pauline I get dressed ready to go round and get my morning paper.

A Bright sunny day 
A Relaxing Morning.
It was a pleasant walk round to the Paper shop to get the daily paper, it is quite Sunny but still a chill in the air, the temperature is about 9C so not to bad for this time of year, anyway once I have the paper I get back home and make a coffee and settle down with the radio to read the paper and do the crossword puzzles by this time it is 11.00 and the road is beginning to get busy with traffic as Portsmouth football club have a home match at Fratton park today and although kick off is not until 3.00 early arrivals are already looking for a parking space on these roads around here.

At 12.30 I get myself a couple of boiled eggs and a slice of toast for lunch and then at 1.30 I go for a cat nap for an hour before getting the washing up done and then taking a coffee into the back Courtyard to enjoy a spot of sunshine and have a chat with the cat from next door who is enjoying a bit of sunbathing on the top of the wall.
the cat from next door enjoying the sunshine 
well taking the Photo I have just discovered that the iphone has also got a face camera "Spooky" well I took this photo by mistake so I thought if I have to suffer it so can all of you so here I am enjoying the sunshine in a unshaven and scruffy state.
My Goodness what a state, Must smarten my self up, but then again  Perhaps not.
well it is now 3.00 and time to get todays journal started, so I go into the lounge with the Laptop and put on the TV and watch a Youtube video via the smart TV link of the Rat pack live on stage in 1965. and it is excellent, and am listening to this as I write this Journal. at 4.30 so I take a break and get the soup out of the slow cooker and blend it down and there is enough for lunch tomorrow and Monday.
Two tubs of Soup for Sunday and Monday Lunch.
Salmon with Parsley and Lemon.
well it is now 5.15 and it is starting to get darker outside now, it has been nice today to be able to sit here with the window open and have the fresh air circulating around the flat, it is certainly a lot better than sitting in a stuffy room with the heating on, so anyway  it will soon be time to get tonight,s dinner ready. tonight it is fresh salmon fillet with Parsley and lemon, and I will have that with some mash Potato. so I am going to get this journal posted, Get a coffee, close the windows check out facebook and then get dinner started, so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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