Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where do the days go to.

A bad  night last night.
And after a hectic Monday, comes a busy Tuesday, where does the time go, I cannot even find the time in the mornings to play "Words with Friends" "Sorry Christine Nixon Please forgive me Guvner" anyway after yesterday I did not have the best of nights as I new I had overdone things sorting out my wardrobe with Pauline, 2 hours standing and reaching as high as I could really took a toll on me so suffered yesterday evening, through the night and again this morning, so a very interrupted nights sleep last night, kept waking every couple of hours and then dozing off again the ache in my thighs and hips and also in my upper arms was very annoying and uncomfortable, anyway made it through until 8.00  when I got up, made a coffee and went into the lounge to watch the morning news on the TV, and wait for Carol my carer to arrive.

The Cycling Carer today
well The carer arrives at 8.35 and it is not Carol but a young girl who I last saw in August, I have no idea what has happened to Carol. anyway she is a pleasant young lady and very cheerful, so we have a chat about how she is getting on as a carer and she really likes it so she gets me washed and groomed and ready for the day ahead and then is on her merry way on her bicycle.

Todays Breakfast
Once The carer has gone I text pauline and then go and get a nice bowl of Mesa Sunrise Gluten free cereal flakes for breakfast, these are very tasty and make a change from porridge and chocolate stars, and are nice with some sliced banana added, very Tasty, anyway as I am finishing breakfast Pauline phones to say Gordon has taken Misty out for her morning walk and then he will be decorating the bedroom again today so she will be booking a taxi for 10.45 to come and collect me and take me down to the city centre for some shopping, coffee,s and lunch.

The time is now 9.45 so I have about thirty minutes before I need to get ready for when Pauline arrives so I make a coffee and then settle down with the laptop to check my emails and facebook before I get a shave  and get ready for Pauline arrival. I have a few things to do today down town, the main item is to arrange contents insurance on my flat, gervase was insistent that I do this so not only do I have Pauline going on about overdoing things I have Gervase going on about getting insurance, I think I need to join the Foreign Legion to get some peace and quiet LOL, Unless anyone in the USA wants a Good looking Lodger .

Escaping from all the nagging " Don't Overdo things"
Anyway I get my shave and get dressed, and have just finished when I get a text from Pauline to say she is on the way, so I get the wheelchair ready and when Pauline arrives with the taxi they get the wheelchair into the taxi and then we are on our way down town. The Taxi drops us off at the back of Boots the chemist and the first stop is the Nationwide, We go in there and see an advisor and take out a contents insurance which suits my needs and then I want a coffee so we go along the precinct to the express coffee bar and have a nice coffee there.
The Express Mobile coffee bar in the precinct.
Wheelchair bag
(Argos stock Photo}
Once we have had a coffee, Pauline wants to go into the "Pound store" so as it is awkward to get a wheelchair into that store I push the wheelchair along to Argos as I want to get a wheelchair bag for the back of the wheelchair as it will make life a little easier for pauline to push the wheelchair when we have got some shopping. anyway I go in choose the one I want ( Which is not hard as they only sell one type)  pay for it and collect it and then go outside to wait for Pauline, and that is about enough walking for me today after yesterday as my muscles are starting to ache already.
Argos at Commercial road, Portsmouth.
Once Pauline arrives outside Argos we fit the bag to the Back of the wheel chair, and then we make our way up Charlotte street, which runs behind the cascade shopping centre and into the cascades as I need to use the disabled Toilet ( to much coffee today + the cold weather ="I need a wee" )
Charlotte Street looking East
Charlotte street looking west by the Entrance to the Cascades
Jacket Potato with Cheese.
Once we go into the cascades we make Our way straight to the Disabled Toilets and then I need to go in and carry out a bit of Business in Barclays bank before making our way to Wilkinsons in the Arundel street Arcade, we get what we want there and then make our way to the large Tesco store  in Paradise street where we have lunch before getting the shopping, I have a Jacket Potato with Cheese and Pauline has a toasted tea cake, and we both have a coffee, and I enjoyed that.

Now that we have had lunch, we get our shopping and then make our way outside where I phone for a taxi to take us back home, I cannot believe we have been out for 4 hours as it is nearly 3.00 pm and Pauline collected me from home about 10.55 am .

Outside of Tesco, Portsmouth.
The Taxi arrives and we get home just after 3.00, once indoors we get the shopping sorted and put away and then I phone a taxi to take Pauline home, she has taken my Laundry with her ( Bless her) and then I make a coffee and settle down to get this journal written.
It is now 6.00 and I am starting to feel Hungry so I am going to end this here for today and get it posted and say Tatty Bye until tomorrow, and a day of rest.



  1. Hey Frank, is it the prednisone that gives you the sweats then? It is just my back that sweats, I think the sclero closes most of our sweat glands, but I couldn't figure out why I was sweating, but it is not when I work out, but when I am on the computer!

  2. Hi Chris, that is the general consensus, It seems that it is the Prednisolone that seems to bring about the outbreaks of Sweating, I can just be sitting here watching TV or on the laptop and I just break out into a sweat for no reason at all, it is not so bad or so frequent now as when I was on a higher dose of Prednisolone.