Friday, February 1, 2013

And another Month Begins.

Here we are then folks and we are into the start of another month,

January was a cold wet and miserable month over here in the UK so hopefully the weather will start to improve as we go through the month of February

The number of readers of this daily journal is increasing on a monthly basis this month the number of visitors was just over 4000, as you can see from the stats for january it was increasing gradually.

 it was not a bad nights sleep last night, I woke up twice to use the toilet and was  soon back to sleep both times anyway I woke up properly at 7.00 so go and make a coffee to take back to bed as I can have a little lie in this morning as Carol my carer will be about an hour later today. so I listen to the local radio for an hour and trying to get my toes working they are very cold to the touch and Painful, I do hate this Raynaud's Phenomenon. anyway I put on a pair of thick wooly socks and that helps anyway at 8.30 I drag myself out of bed and take a coffee into the Lounge and carry on listening to the radio in there.

Carol my Carer.
However I text Pauline to let her know that all is OK, and she phones back to say they have had a few holdups on the way to Salisbury today, anyway all is OK so I make a coffee and log on to facebook to see who is around, I still can't get into "Words with Friends" but no idea why, I can get into the other facebook games I play so no idea what has gone wrong with"Words With Friends" I have tried everything. however at 9.40 Carol my carer arrives, I am her last client today so she has time for a coffee and a chat, and then she gets me washed and groomed and get some diprobase cream massaged into my feet which helps with the Raynauds, at least the pain has gone just very cold toes

Got my Paper "Ooop,s"
Once carol has finished she is off home and I get myself some Porridge for Breakfast and also have a Banana, and then I make a cup of tea and afterwards get myself dressed and ready to go round to the paper shop to get my daily paper. It has stopped raining and the sun is starting to come out so off I go and get the paper, once I have that I get back home  and put out the recycling items into the recycling bins and then make a coffee and settle down to read the paper and do the crossword,s.

Well the morning has gone by very fast so now it is time to get some lunch and take the methotrexate, but what to have for lunch is a different matter, anyway I settle for a nice Bacon Buttey using Gluten free Bread, I lightly toast the bread as it makes it easier for me to swallow, anyway I have that with a nice mug of tea and follow that up with a Alpro gluten Free Soya chocolate mousse, and that went down a treat. afterwards I take the Methotrexate and then go for a lie down for an hour.

Yummy Yummy Methotrexate
I have a lie down until 2.30 and then get into the lounge to put the finishing touches to the site plan for the "The Myositis Hub" website that I will start working on this weekend. I will also link it to its own "Facebook page", and my other website "Myositis in Focus" so once the site plan is completed I start to get todays blog written and posted, I will not be doing much tonight as I will be taking it easy while the methotrexate gets to work, I will only be having a light dinner tonight of a nice fresh Plaice Fillet with Mashed Potato so I will enjoy that and will probably just watch the soaps on the TV and see what I can find on Youtube on the smart TV.

Well I am pleased to say that it seems like sky/BT has sorted out the intermittent broadband in this are (for the time being) so that makes it easier and I am getting the service that I pay for, so as there is not much more happening here tonight, The Raynaud's has now gone from my toes and back t normal so I think a hot water bottle at the bottom of the bed tonight will be a good idea, so until tomorrow I will say Au Revoir and get this Journal Posted.

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