Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Shopping Tuesday

To the Bathroom
So ................ How did today go, well all in all it went pretty well. I had a better nights sleep last night, but I normally do on a Monday, I think that i probably due to the Folic Acid that I take on a Monday after the Methotrexate on a Friday, Or Maybe not.Who can tell anyway slept through from about 11.30 until 6.30 getting up once to visit the bathroom during the night, Once I was awake I made a coffee and went back to bed to listen to the radio until 8.00 when I made another coffee and went into the lounge to wait for Carol my Carer to arrive.

While I am waiting for Carol I check out facebook and my emails and Carol arrives at 8.45, She has had a good weekend and has a very busy day today as there are a lot of staff on holiday or off sick, and the company are struggling to cover all their clients, anyway it does not take long for Carol to get me sorted for the day ahead and then she is on her way and I text pauline.

After I have sent a text to Pauline I go and get some Porridge for Breakfast, as I am doing that Pauline phones to say she will be booking a Taxi for 10.30 to collect me and we will then go to my doctors appointment at Eastney Health Centre, my appointment is for 10.45, once there we get our number from the receptionist and we are next in to see the GP. we only have to wait about 10 minutes and then we are in  to see Dr Tyrell.

Well it was a good 20 minutes in with the Doctor, I asked and got good answers to a few questions I needed to ask him, and then told him about going gluten free and how it had made a big difference to my Digestion, any way He has agreed to change my Lansoprazole from 1 x 30 mg  once a day in the evening to 1 x 15 mg twice a day, once morning and once evening, also he is in agreement to me adding a 5 mg Prednisolone to the day I do not take any (I have been on 15 mg prednisolone on alternate days and the days I do not take any I have very little energy) so I am back onto 5 mg one day and 15 mg the next and that makes a big difference to me.

Blood Pressure is OK
Doctor Tyrell also checks my Blood pressure and we review my last blood test results, they are all satisfactory for me, my sodium level was down 1 point but that was no concern so he is satisfied that I am maintaining my health, I see my Neurologist at the beginning of March, so I now go and book my appointment for a blood test on the 26th February so that we will have them for my Neurologist appointment. so then I phone for a taxi to take us back home and then we can go shopping.

Once back home the taxi drops us off and we go indoors to get the wheel chair, We have decided to go to Asda at Fratton today so we have decided that I will walk part way pushing the wheel chair and then when my muscles have had enough I will get in the wheelchair and Pauline will push me. It is a nice dry and sunny day today although very cold. so we wrap up warm with hat,s , Gloves and scarves. Gordon has phoned Pauline and he will be up to my flat to do the cleaning for me after he has finished the gloss painting in their Bathroom so we will meet him back there when we have finished the shopping. It was a nice walk along to Fratton road and I almost make it to the bridge centre pushing the wheelchair but just don't quite make it about 100 meter,s short still next time perhaps as I do not want to overdo it today.

Bridge Centre, Fratton Road, Portsmouth.
Anyway once we get to the bridge centre we have a look in a couple of Charity shops and then we have a coffee in the bridge centre Cafe before going into Asda to get the shopping, we have not got to get much today so have a mooch around getting the bits and pieces that Pauline needs and also what I need. we will do a bigger shop on Thursday down at Morrisons.

Rebecca,s Pantry Cafe and Tea room, Bridge Centre, Fratton.
Once we have got the shopping I phone for a taxi and we head back home, it is now 2.00 and Gordon is there, he has finished the cleaning so I make coffee,s and we get the shopping put away, we have a coffee and a chat and then about 2.30 Gordon and Pauline make there way home and I do a couple of slices of Toast and have that with some Gluten Free Pate that I got in Asda today and it was superb. very Tasty. it is a Shiitake Mushroom Pate ( Don't let the name put you off)
An Excellent Gluten Free Pate.
Well that is about it for today folks, A pretty good day all round, a good chat with my Family Doctor (GP) and a decent walk with the wheelchair and a nice pate for lunch and a good chat with Pauline and Gordon, The only downside was shopping in Asda it really does bring out the worst in me with all the rude and obnoxious people shopping in there still Morrisons on Thursday so I am now going to get this jpurnal posted so untill tomorrow Bye Bye.  

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