Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Designer Saturday Today

There is only 4 more days and then it will be Rare Disease Day 2013
My Morning Coffee
 Hello one and all, it will be a very short Journal today as nothing much has happened here today, I had a restless night last night most of it down to feeling the effects of the Methotrexate, and the Chicken Korma. and it is not much better today ( Roll on Tomorrow when it will start to get back to normal), anyway woke at about 6.30 and then just lay in bed dozing until I got up at 8.00 and took a coffee into the lounge to wait for the carer. 

As usual I get on the laptop to check out facebook and emails and then check the weather forecast for the next 5 days, it is not looking to promising as although it will be dry it is going to be very cold with a cold chill factor as it is a north east wind coming in from Scandinavia Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
A Cold week ahead

Walking the dog
The Carer arrives today at about 9.00 and again it is another one I have not seen before, anyway she has a nice chat and gets me sorted for the day and then she is on her way, so hopefully Carol will be back on Tuesday and at least I now have two days when I do not have a carer so can have a lie in on Sunday and Monday morning. "Yippee" anyway I now text Pauline and let her Know all is Ok and then get some nice hot porridge for Breakfast. Pauline phones about 9.45 to say that she is on the way back from taking misty out for her morning walk.
 Gordon has having his windscreen replaced in his car today as debris fell off of a builders lorry on the motorway the other day and a piece of brick hit Gordon,s windscreen and cracked it. It is being replaced by the mobile fitter so he has parked his car on Gervase,s Forecourt so it is off the road which makes it easier for the fitter.

Raynaud's kicks in
Once I have had a chat with Pauline I get well wrapped up to go and Get my Daily Paper and also some Milk from round Tesco express, It is very bitter out today so wrapped up in a heavy coat, hat, gloves and scarf, and got there and back as fast as my legs and Walking stick would let me, once back indoors it is a hot Chocolate and then settle down in the armchair to read the paper and try and warm my ice cold feet up, the Raynaud's has kicked in with a vengeance. 

Well the rest of the day is spent drinking coffee, playing around with the design packages on the ipad and also sorting out some more old postcards of England c1902. so that is it really, I went for a lie down at 1.00 for an hour and also been working on the cover design for my book "Der-Mato-Myo - WHAT ?" so now I am going to get this journal finished and Posted before getting tonight,s dinner prepared, which will be Smoked Haddock with Bacon and served with Mashed Potato and a cauliflower cheese. so here are the pictures of what I have been working on last night and today.

Methotrexate Effects (Click on image to Enlarge)
Poster (Click image to Enlarge)
Book Cover Design (click on Image to enlarge)
So there we are then folks, I will now get this Journal posted so until tomorrow and a shopping day with Gervase I will say Tatty Bye.

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