Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another day nearer to Spring.

Global Rare Disease Day Is Tomorrow 

The March Hare.
Yes Folks it is another day nearer to spring and only one more day until the end of February. and hopefully the weather in March will be better than the weather was in February or else I can see the March Hare emigrating to sunnier climate,s. which would not please Alice one little bit as she will be left all alone at her tea party with the mad hatter.
Now you may all be thinking "What has the March Hare, Alice and the Mad Hatter got to do with Frank,s Blog today" well I will tell you.

I Have No Idea Whatsoever

So there you go hope that answers your question, anyway one thing that I do know, and that is that I had a really good nights sleep last night, so am pleased about that. I went down to see Gervase and Leanne last night for a couple of hours and Leanne,s dad "Dave" was there as well so he gave me a lift home about 9.15.I enjoyed spending time with them and it was nice to get out of the house, anyway I had " sawyer: one of there cats wanting to be fussed and stroked most of the time I was there, he is such an affectionate cat and spent most of the evening on the arm of the sofa next to me.
And here is Sawyer
I.B.S. Treatment
I got back home about 9.25 and made a coffee and phoned Pauline to let her know I was back home Ok and also to ask how Gordon was feeling, Gordon was feeling a bit better this evening and is hoping he will be able to go to work tomorrow as Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays are the 3 days that he is busy with his cleaning business, anyway once I had spoken to pauline and drank my coffee I watched the 10.00 News on BBC 1 and then went to bed, I listened to the quiz at 11.00 and then got off to sleep and slept through until 6.30 this morning, which was good and I think the IBS is starting to be helped by the Colpermin capsules.

Getting the morning coffee
well I get up and make a coffee which I take back to bed and listen to the local radio station "Solent Radio" until 8.00 when I get up and make a coffee which I take into the Lounge while I wait for the carer to arrive, While waiting I go on line and check out my emails and also facebook until 9.00 when the carer arrives, still no Carol but I have seen todays carer in August when I had just moved  into the flat,anyway she soon gets me sorted and is on her way. anyway once she has gone I make a coffee and then out of curiosity I check my Care plan Sheets which the carers fill in every day,and found out that I am not getting the care time that I am being charged for.
You must be Joking ?
I do not need a lot doing in the morning,s but because of my lack of Mobility in my upper arms/shoulders I cannot raise my arms far above my shoulders and have any pressure in them to be able to wash my face and neck or to comb my hair, so need someone to do that for me, and also I need help to have Diprobase cream applied to my lower legs from the Knee down and also on my feet. The time allowed and that I am being charged for is 15 minutes a day for five days a week Tuesday through Saturday, (On Sunday and Monday I do not have a carer as I see Gervase on Sundays and Gordon on Mondays)  The last 7 days that I have had the carers come in should amount to 7 x 15 = 1 hour 45 minutes the actual time spent by the carer,s according to there logged in and out times amounts to 1 Hour 07 minutes. This should prove interesting when I get the care bill in for February from Adult Social Care .!!!
It's Freezing out there today
 I will not be ripped of by incompetent civil servants and a flawed NHS System, As I have told others it is my muscles that are weak, not my brain, anyway rant over so once the carer has gone I get some Porridge for breakfast and then text Pauline to let her know all is OK here. Pauline phones back and she is out on the common with Misty, Pauline say,s it is very cold out today and very dull and cloudy, Pauline said that Gordon has gone to work today as he felt a lot better today so anyway once I have finished talking to Pauline I get dressed and then go round to Tesco Express to get my Morning Paper, and Pauline is not wrong, It is bitterly cold out there this morning.

Nice and Snug reading the Daily Newspaper
It does not take me long to get back home and indoors and I turn the heating up a notch and make a nice hot chocolate while I settle down to read the paper and get warm again, which does not take long and then I am reading the paper and listening to the Local radio station. at 1.00 I go for a lie down for 30 minutes or so before heating up some home made soup for lunch The soup was very nice, It was made from the stock and vegetable,s that the lamb was slow cooked in on Monday. and I enjoyed that, so now to settle down to watch an episode of To the manor born on the "Gold" TV channel, before starting to get this blog written at 3.00.
To the Manor born starring Penelope Keith as Audrey Forbes-Hamilton 
I also watched an old episode of the Good life with the late Richard Briars.
The good life with Richard Briars and Penelope Keith as Margo Leadbetter.
It is now 3.30 and at last we can see a bit of sunshine and blue skies, I take a break from the Journal and get my bin bag tied up ready for the refuse collection tomorrow  It is still very cold outside but it is starting to look brighter.
A bit brighter in the back courtyard this afternoon
I then get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner which will be rainbow trout with buttered potato and cauliflower with a white savoury sauce
Rainbow Trout fillets
So it is now 4.15 and I am going to get this Journal posted for today before making a coffee and then settling down to read some more of my P G Wodehouse "What Ho Jeeves" on the ipad before getting dinner cooked at 6.00 and then an evening of TV. so until tomorrow and shopping down at morrisons I will say Cheerio.

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