Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Busy day at Frankie,s Flat.

Ah the first coffee of the day 
So here we are on another bright and Sunny day here in Portsmouth. again I had a decent nights sleep, and although I woke at 4.30 for the bathroom I then went back to sleep until 7.30, when I went and got a coffee and took back to bed until I got up at 9.00. so that is it for lie ins this week until next Sunday as Carol my carer comes in for the next five mornings.

Misty all ready for her walk, 
however once I am up at 9.00 I get myself some Marmalade on toast for Breakfast and send the obligatory text to Pauline to let her know I am up and breathing, Pauline phones back to say that all is ok with them, it is now about 9.30 and Pauline is just taking misty out on the common for her morning walk and gordon is busy putting the second coat of paint on the chimney breast in the bedroom. Pauline said that gordon will be round this morning at about 11.00 to do the 2 hours cleaning and Pauline will be coming with him as she wants to get my wardrobe sorted and also they will bring Misty to see Me.

A Happy Coffee Bean
so only just over an hour to get myself sorted for when the " Gruesome Twosome " Get here, so Just time to quickly check out facebook and my emails on the ipad and then go and get dressed.  once that is sorted I go and get the washing up from breakfast done and then Pauline phones to say that they have been in B&Q to get some more paint and are on there way round to my place so that is my cue to get the kettle on and make the coffee.

Doing well Gordon
well Gordon and pauline arrive just after 11.00 so we have a coffee and a chat and then while Gordon starts the cleaning, Pauline an I go in to sort out the wardrobe, well actually pauline does all the sorting out, I just decide on what is going and what is being kept, anyway that takes a good hour and I have a large bag of items for Pauline to take to the charity shop and at least the wardrobe looks a lot neater and tidier, and it will make it a lot easier for me to sort out what to wear every day. and it certainly is looking a lot neater.
A Neater looking Wardrobe.
once we are finished I make the coffee,s and we have coffee and biscuits and a chat, before gordon goes in to get the cleaning in the bedroom done, and Pauline and i take a walk round to Tesco Express with Misty to get my Morning Paper and also a small pack of grapes to have with my lunch.
Misty in the back yard

Misty outside of Tesco Express
Livwell Crumpets
Well once we are back from the shop, we have a chat and it is now turned 1.00 so Pauline and Gordon hear home, and I make a coffee and then get some lunch, today I am having a couple of hot toasted Livwell Gluten free crumpets with some cheddar cheese and red grapes, very tasty it was to, once I have finished lunch I get on the laptop to check out facebook and then after washing up I get settled to start todays Daily Journal.

All aches and pain
well I think I have just been on my feet to long today as My thighs and hips are really aching and giving me a few problems so I think I need to go and have a lie down before I think about starting dinner, Pauline did say that she thought I was doing to much today, I really should listen to her.
anyhow it is now 4.50 so I am going to get this Journal posted and then off for a lie down before getting dinner ready, it is braised lamb tonight with Boiled Potato, Sprouts and Broccoli , with a nice gravy followed by apple pie and cream, " Bang goes the Diet" but at least it is all gluten free, so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.


  1. EXCUSE ME???? I casually read "I check out Facebook and emails on the iPAD"; I thought you were just looking at them then did you actually get one or did you have one already and were just looking at another?
    Your closet looks marvellous congrats to Pauling, at least you have plenty of room for a few skeletons now?

  2. Hi Chris, Yes I got one on Sunday. It is easier for checking out facebook and emails in the evening, rather than getting out the laptop, also a lot easier when I am out and about.